Price alerts!

UPCZilla Price Alerts can help you if you are doing Amazon/eBay arbitrage, or just looking out for a bargain. These discounts (collected over the last 24 hours) are not compiled anywhere else, our own price tracker has found them!

If you still use RSS feeds you can subscribe to this feed using RSS. By default this feed address will pull ALL the price alerts we have found in the last 24 hours. If you want to limit this (the feed will load a little faster if it doesn’t have to display 100 or more results) you can also do this, e.g.:, to limit the feed to the last X results, where the /X can be any number up to 100.

We can’t claim 100% accuracy here – sometimes products are listed wrongly, the prices are what we are supplied by the sellers, so if something seems wrong, tell them!