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Found 218 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'world wide multi med':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Salt Water Aquarium Vision 191091000106 World Wide Multi Med
Great Forests Of North America 191091197332 0191091197332 World Wide Multi Med
Mini Horses! 191091197349 0191091197349 World Wide Multi Med
Killer Clowns 191091210796 0191091210796 World Wide Multi Med
Great Churches and Cathedrals 191091226636 World Wide Multi Med
Space: The Final Frontier 191091226643 World Wide Multi Med
Fishing Adventure: Outdoor Life 191091299142 0191091299142 World Wide Multi Med
Death Penalty: Executions on Death Row 191091299159 World Wide Multi Med
Horror Factory VI: Sadistic Killers Psycopaths 191091299166 World Wide Multi Med
Inside The Dark Room 191091363522 World Wide Multi Med
Grindhouse Gutmunchers 191091363539 World Wide Multi Med
Zombies: The Aftermath 191091363546 0191091363546 World Wide Multi Med
Golf: The World's Greatest Game 191091380093 World Wide Multi Med
Death Cam 1 191091380109 0191091380109 World Wide Multi Med
Clown Panic! 191091380116 0191091380116 World Wide Multi Med
Fly Over America! 191091393987 0191091393987 World Wide Multi Med
Psychopaths, Maniacs And Lunatics: Sinful Female Hostages 191091393994 World Wide Multi Med
Real Vampires And Demons From Beyond 191091394007 World Wide Multi Med
Bad Ass Babes 2 191091410370 World Wide Multi Med
Midnight Scream Show: The Horror Within 191091410387 World Wide Multi Med
Wildlife Of North America! 191091410394 0191091410394 World Wide Multi Med
Halloween Nightmares Vol. 1 191091426487 0191091426487 World Wide Multi Med
Kidnapped By Doctors: Female Hostages 191091431122 World Wide Multi Med
Halloween Around The World 191091431467 World Wide Multi Med
Aliens And Witches From The Dark Realms 191091452561 World Wide Multi Med
Christmas Fireplace Vision 191091467626 World Wide Multi Med
Occult Secrets Of The Lost Realms Revealed 191091467633 0191091467633 World Wide Multi Med
American Slasher 798304398304 0798304398304 World Wide Multi Med
Possession Of Sophie Love, The 885444482489 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Canada's Most Haunted 4: Paranormal Horrors Of The True North 885444705083 0885444705083 World Wide Multi Med
All Gods Saints 885444705090 0885444705090 World Wide Multi Med
Doomsday Earth 2012: Apocalypse Rising 885444917943 0885444917943 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
UFOs And The Extraterrestrial Threat: Battlefield Earth 885444917974 0885444917974 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Girls Next Door UK: Babes, Bombshells and Hotties 885444989391 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Killer Stories: Crimes Of Torture And Horror 886470052714 0886470052714 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Photographer: Inside The Mind Of A Psycho 886470118366 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Snuff Film: Death On Camera 886470118373 0886470118373 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Unexplained Explained: Ghostly Paranormal Activity 886470178100 0886470178100 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
UFOs Have Landed On Planet Earth: Final Countdown To Alien Invasion 886470194360 0886470194360 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Tuck Bushman And The Legend Of Piddledown Dale 886470195213 0886470195213 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Porcelain Man 886470224265 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism 886470232130 0886470232130 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
2012 Mayan Prophecy Revealed 886470304042 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Freemasonry and The Knights Templar: Legacy Of Secrecy 886470306725 0886470306725 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Naked Trip: On The Run From The Mafia 886470307647 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Ancient Extraterrestrials: Aliens And UFOs Before The Dawn Of Time 886470347872 0886470347872 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Paris France, The City Of Magic: A Dream Vacation Tour 886470373130 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Glitter Goddess: Queen Of The Sunset Strip 886470377688 0886470377688 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Deadly Detour: The Goat Man Murders (DVD) 886470396948 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
UFO Encounters: The Real X Files 886470581405 0886470581405 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Exit 101: Halloween Party Massacre 886470621774 0886470621774 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Exit 101: Halloween Party Massacre (DVD) 886470621774 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Terror Of Dracula 886470621781 0886470621781 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Prophecies And Predictions: Nostradamus, UFO's, 2012 And Beyond 886470625482 0886470625482 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Awesome Killer Audition: It's Murder Being A Star 886470654826 0886470654826 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Ghost Encounters: Paranormal Activity Abounds 886470701025 0886470701025 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Virgin Murders 886470724246 0886470724246 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Dark Passions Of A Sexual Serial Killer 886470724253 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Demon Exorcism: The Devil Inside Maxwell Bastas 886470797790 0886470797790 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Roswell UFO Crash: Deathbed Confessions 886470872923 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Zombie Lover 886470944583 0886470944583 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Paranormal Apparition: Revenge From Beyond The Grave 886470944590 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Abducted: Kidnapped And Brutalized 886470944606 0886470944606 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Sex, Lies And Depravity 886470945474 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
An Irish Vampire In Hollywood 886470945481 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Alien Encounters Of The 4th Kind 886470945498 0886470945498 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Skull Forest 887936159640 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Family Property: Backwoods Killing Spree 887936159657 0887936159657 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Devil's Farm 887936159664 0887936159664 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Unwelcome Strangers 887936161933 0887936161933 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Psychophony: An Experiment In Evil 887936619083 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Serial Killer's Revenge, A 887936632563 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Secrets Of Witchcraft And The Occult 887936665486 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
More Sex, Lies And Depravity 887936665509 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Psychopathic Tendencies: Sick Twisted, Perverse And Sadistic Tales! 887936700187 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Flesh Of The Living 887936700194 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 887936723674 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
15 Murders: Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer 887936737831 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Dark Satanic Magick 887936753886 0887936753886 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Ninja: Prophecy Of Death 887936755590 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Vengeance Is A .44 Magnum 887936783609 0887936783609 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Before Atlantis: The Land That Time Forgot 887936790249 0887936790249 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Serial Killer Slaughter Fest: Stalkers, Slashers And Psychos 887936790256 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Psychopaths: Sex With Hostages The Ultimate Collection 887936807572 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Paranormal South West: Eye Of The Phoenix 887936807596 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Midnight Matinee Psycho 887936832512 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Sherlock Holmes And The Shadow Watchers 887936857157 0887936857157 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Psychopathic Maniacs: Tales Of Depravity, Sadism, Horror And Gore 887936895081 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Vault Of Victims, A 887936898419 0887936898419 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Zombie Isle 887936919183 0887936919183 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Secrets Of The Freemasons: Inside The Sacred Order 887936919190 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Tormented Female Hostages 887936920103 0887936920103 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Torture Factory: Depraved Female Hostages 887936993312 0887936993312 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
A Killer Conversation 889290011916 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Kung Fu Grindhouse Theatre 889290018137 WORLD WIDE MULTI MED
Aliens and UFOs: Forbidden Origins 889290044570 World Wide Multi Med
Acute Psychosis: Highway To Hell 889290045751 World Wide Multi Med
Paranormal Portals: Haunted Hotels, Inns And Grills 889290050779 World Wide Multi Med
Joe Show, The 889290064936 World Wide Multi Med
Daisy Derkins: Dog Sitter Of The Damned 889290064943 World Wide Multi Med
Hebrews In Ancient America 889290070838 World Wide Multi Med
Requiem For Bobby Fischer, A 889290087195 World Wide Multi Med
Aliens And UFOs: Legend Of Planet X 889290087201 World Wide Multi Med
All Sinners Night 889290087812 World Wide Multi Med
Snuff Reel: When Death Becomes Art 889290100849 World Wide Multi Med
Canada's Most Haunted: Paranormal Encounters In The Great White North 889290100856 World Wide Multi Med
Great Castles Of Europe 889290105899 World Wide Multi Med
Aliens And Ufos: Dark Secrets Of Mars 889290134202 World Wide Multi Med
Orbs: They Are Among Us 889290135193 World Wide Multi Med
Conspiracy Of Lies: Flight 370 To 911 889290136374 World Wide Multi Med
False Reality, A 889290154477 World Wide Multi Med
A World Ruled By Evil 889290156679 0889290156679 World Wide Multi Med
Scream Machine 889290176349 World Wide Multi Med
Aliens And UFOs: Ancient Alien Evidence 889290176356 World Wide Multi Med
Haunted North America: Witches Ghosts And Demons 889290180414 World Wide Multi Med
Supernatural Man, The 889290206350 0889290206350 World Wide Multi Med
Canada's Most Haunted 2: More Paranormal Encounters In The Great White North 889290207708 0889290207708 World Wide Multi Med
Half Breed: Rise Of The Nephilim 889290232229 0889290232229 World Wide Multi Med
Species Hunters And The Secret Symbol 889290232236 World Wide Multi Med
Conspiracy Chronicles: The Illuminati 889290294913 World Wide Multi Med
Voices From The Grave 889290392466 0889290392466 World Wide Multi Med
Grindhouse Horror Show 889290392879 World Wide Multi Med
They Came From The Ether 889290426918 0889290426918 World Wide Multi Med
Bad Ass Bitches 889290427465 World Wide Multi Med
Conspiracy Chronicles: Beyond The Veil Of Deception 889290435132 World Wide Multi Med
Survival: The New Millennium 889290442444 0889290442444 World Wide Multi Med
Half-life Horror From Hell Or Irradiated Satan Rocks The World! 889290442468 World Wide Multi Med
4 MILFs vs. Zombies 889290480507 0889290480507 World Wide Multi Med
Sci-Fi Babes 889290486967 World Wide Multi Med
Grosshouse 889290500748 World Wide Multi Med
Cannibal Attack: Real Zombies In America 889290511638 World Wide Multi Med
Grindhouse Horror Show Vol. 2 889290610164 World Wide Multi Med
Zombie Beast Of The Confederacy 889290730381 0889290730381 World Wide Multi Med
Psychopaths: Backwoods Babes On The Run 889290811448 World Wide Multi Med
Bad Ass Babes 889290897275 World Wide Multi Med
Canada's Most Haunted 3: Paranormal Terror In North America 889290897299 World Wide Multi Med
American Freakshow 889290929648 0889290929648 World Wide Multi Med
Angels, Reiki and Healing: Empower Yourself with Spirit 883629717845 World Wide Multi Media
Auras and Chakras: Prepare to be Energized 883629717852 World Wide Multi Media
Jesus in England: The Missing Years of Christ 883629717869 World Wide Multi Media
Clive Prince: The Man of the Mysteries 883629717876 World Wide Multi Media
Reincarnation: Will We Come Back? 883629717883 World Wide Multi Media
The Lincoln Da Vinci Code and Jesus Didnt Exist 883629717906 0883629717906 World Wide Multi Media
2012: Is It The End of the World? 883629717913 World Wide Multi Media
The Esoteric World: Ancient Worship of Bees, Sex in the Bible, Archeology, The God Gwyn 883629717920 World Wide Multi Media
Royston Cave of the Knights Templar and the Lost Book of Enoch 883629717937 World Wide Multi Media
Palmistry: The Secret Is In Your Hand 883629717944 World Wide Multi Media
Nick Pope: Summer of the Saucers 883629717999 World Wide Multi Media
Transpersonal Awakening: Enlightenment and the Kundalini 883629718019 0883629718019 World Wide Multi Media
Censorship and the New World Order 883629718026 World Wide Multi Media
Now That's Weird - UFO's 883629722115 World Wide Multi Media
Now That's Weird - 2012 Apocalypse 883629724751 World Wide Multi Media
The Holy Grail: Bloodlines and Secrets 883629724768 World Wide Multi Media
Superconsciousness: The Peak Experience 883629724843 World Wide Multi Media
Cagliostro: Madman or Mystic? 883629730417 World Wide Multi Media
Psychics and Star Children: Who Are We Trying to Fool? 883629731698 0883629731698 World Wide Multi Media
The Sphinx: The Amazing Secret of Egypt's Great Enigma 883629731735 World Wide Multi Media
Evolution is Wrong: Darwinism Exposed 883629731889 World Wide Multi Media
Love is the Best Medicine 883629731902 World Wide Multi Media
Mysteries: Vampires, Oak Island, Time Machines, Psychics and Much More 883629732350 World Wide Multi Media
Aliens, UFO's and Mutilations: Are We Next? 883629732367 World Wide Multi Media
The Crop Circle Man: The Incredible Tales of a Crop Circle Maker 883629733135 0883629733135 World Wide Multi Media
How to Become a Psychic: Everyone Has the Power 883629735108 0883629735108 World Wide Multi Media
Who Killed Diana? The Evidence 883629735139 0883629735139 World Wide Multi Media
Andrew Collins: On Psychics, UFO's, the Paranormal, Holy Grail and Much More 883629736150 0883629736150 World Wide Multi Media
Lloyd Pye: Where Did We Come From? Aliens, UFOs and our Origins 883629736181 World Wide Multi Media
New World Order: The Battle For Your Mind and The Truth to UFO's Featuring Reflections on William Cooper 883629738420 World Wide Multi Media
Credit Crunch: The Real Reason We're in A Mess 883629748948 World Wide Multi Media
Secret Societies and Spirituality: Templars, Freemasons and the Path 883629751764 World Wide Multi Media
Earth Energy: The Secrets of the Stonebuilders 883629753331 World Wide Multi Media
Money: A System Failure 883629754123 World Wide Multi Media
Drugs: What Are They Doing to Our Children? 883629754130 World Wide Multi Media
Moments of Peace: Where the Path Leads 883629755533 World Wide Multi Media
Freeman: How to Escape the System 883629757841 0883629757841 World Wide Multi Media
The Esoteric and the Exoteric: Science and the Occult 883629787510 World Wide Multi Media
The Hermetic Tradition: Thoth, Pythagoras, The Third Force, Life After Death and More 883629787732 0883629787732 World Wide Multi Media
Orion and the Pyramids: Secrets of the Ancient Egyptians 883629788098 World Wide Multi Media
Signs in the Sky: Prophecies in the Stars 883629788111 World Wide Multi Media
The Invisible College: Rosicrucians, Mandala's and Ancient Mystery Religions 883629997605 World Wide Multi Media
UFO's and ET's: Men In Black, Aliens and Flying Saucers 883629997650 0883629997650 World Wide Multi Media
Conspiracy Theories: Big Brother's Sinister Plot to Dominate Mankind 883629997667 World Wide Multi Media
Transhumanism: Robots, Cyborgs and Artificial Intelligence 883629997674 0883629997674 World Wide Multi Media
Pat Mills The Creator of 2000AD 883629998725 World Wide Multi Media
Energy Therapy and the Kundalini: Experience the Illuminating World of the Energy Within 883629999173 World Wide Multi Media
Two Faced Moon: Who Got There First? 883629999210 0883629999210 World Wide Multi Media
Terrorism In The UK: The 4th Bomb 883629999357 0883629999357 World Wide Multi Media
Crop Circles What Do They Mean? 883629999364 World Wide Multi Media
King Arthur: The Legend of the Holy Grail 883629999395 0883629999395 World Wide Multi Media
End Times and the Mayan Prophecies: 2012 Explained 885444018138 0885444018138 World Wide Multi Media
The Three Wise Men: Signs of the Christ 885444018145 0885444018145 World Wide Multi Media
Jesus in the Stars: Tracing the Christ Story in the Constellations 885444018398 0885444018398 World Wide Multi Media
Alchemy: Secrets of the Philosopher's Stone, Chemistry and The Mysteries of the Mind 885444020353 World Wide Multi Media
New Jerusalem: Sacred Geometry, Freemasons and the Creation of Heaven on Earth 885444046131 World Wide Multi Media
Redemption: The Hermetic Tradition of the Returning Messiah 885444046148 World Wide Multi Media
Volkswagon UK: The White Noise VW Festival 885444358432 0885444358432 World Wide Multi Media
2012 & the Shift: Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing 885444614620 World Wide Multi Media
By The Devil's Hand: The 666 Killer 886470168897 0886470168897 World Wide Multi Media
The Curse of Blanchard Hill 886470273195 World Wide Multi Media
Indemnity: Rage Of A Jealous Vampire 886470273218 World Wide Multi Media
Dark Measures: Gang Warfare 886470480968 World Wide Multi Media
Little Big Boy: The Death Stalker Murders 886470499021 WORLD WIDE MULTI MEDIA
Scotland's Secret Bunker: An Amazing Journey into the Paranormal 883629738451 0883629738451 World Wide Multi Media/Ghostcircle
Real Jesus: Legacy Of Deception 885444917967 World Wide Multimedia
Paranormal Planet: Psychics And The Supernatural 885444917981 World Wide Multimedia
To Live And Die In Hollywood 886470538652 0886470538652 World Wide Multimedia
Zombie Genocide: Legion Of The Damned 886470676897 0886470676897 World Wide Multimedia
Darkest Corner Of Paradise 886470882564 World Wide Multimedia
Boys Behind Bars 887936648830 World Wide Multimedia
Welcome To My Darkside: Women In Horror 887936938764 0887936938764 World Wide Multimedia
Paranormal Nightmares: Tales Of Possession, Horror And Gore 887936940699 World Wide Multimedia
Santa's Sickest: Tales Of Terror, Torture, Murder And Gore 887936940705 World Wide Multimedia
Psychopaths: Sex With Hostages 886470052974 Worldwide Multimedia
Season In Hell: Evil Farmhouse Torture 886470273201 Worldwide Multimedia
An Unholy Exorcism: The Devil Inside 886470437061 0886470437061 Worldwide Multimedia
Psychos in the Woods: A Killing Frenzy Unleashed 886470478927 0886470478927 Worldwide Multimedia
Below Ground: Demon Holocaust 886470478934 Worldwide Multimedia
Theatre Of The Deranged 886470487974 0886470487974 Worldwide Multimedia
Treasure Chest of Horrors 886470499007 0886470499007 Worldwide Multimedia