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Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
History of Christian Worship: Part 3, The Feast 727985013862 Ensign Media/Vision Video
Hanna-Barbera Presents Black Beauty (A Family Treasury Collection) 085024061039 0085024061039 Hanna-Barbera / WorldVision Home Video
Torchlighters: The Samuel Morris Story 727985014579 0727985014579 Herald Entertainment/Vision Video
Malibu Beach Babes/Malibu Canyon Nights 3 626633041083 New Vision Video
Dallas Nights Vols 01 & 02 626633041076 New Vision Video/Atlantis Vide
Maria Prean: Life Gets Better and Better 727985014807 Staengle Media/Vision Video
Treasure Map 727985014791 0727985014791 Unusual Films/Vision Video
Mission: God at Work, Faith in Action 727985006659 9781563647857 Vision Video
Femme 778854207493 0778854207493 Vision Films/Video Services Corp.
Polycarp DVD 013964743364 Vision Video
The Best Of Little Children 717339065746 Vision Video
Peter and Paul [VHS] 727985000947 0727985000947 Vision Video
Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace [VHS] 727985003030 9780800632755 Vision Video
Cherub Wings #9: Out of Bounds [VHS] 727985004181 0727985004181 Vision Video
Yeshua/Jesus:Exploring Jewish Roots [VHS] 727985004464 9781563645747 Vision Video
The Joy of Bach [VHS] 727985004525 0727985004525 Vision Video
China Cry DVD 727985004921 Vision Video
Peter & Paul DVD 727985005058 9781563646287 Vision Video
Peter & Paul DVD 727985005058 Vision Video
The Cross and the Switchblade 727985005065 0727985005065 Vision Video
Paul: The Emissary 727985005133 Vision Video
Paul The Emissary DVD 727985005133 Vision Video
Stephen's Test of Faith-DVD 727985005140 Vision Video
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace 727985005157 0727985005157 Vision Video
The Story of the Twelve Apostles 727985005331 Vision Video
Tales from the Madhouse 727985005607 9781563646843 Vision Video
Sue Thomas: Breaking the Sound Barrier - DVD 727985005782 Vision Video
Glory To God Alone: Life Of J.S. Bach 727985005836 9781563647031 Vision Video
A Time for Miracles 727985005850 9781563647079 Vision Video
Little Shepherd 727985005874 Vision Video
Reluctant Saint: Francis of Assisi 727985006048 Vision Video
Three Christmas Classics (Christmas Is / The City That Forgot About Christmas / The Stableboy's Christmas) 727985006109 Vision Video
Pickle Pickin' 727985006116 Vision Video
God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale 727985006185 9781563647376 Vision Video
Bless You, Prison 727985006277 0727985006277 Vision Video
Velveteen Rabbit 727985006369 0727985006369 Vision Video
Diary Of Revival: 1904 Welsh Awakening 727985006406 Vision Video
Role of Pastors and Christians in Civil Government 727985006451 Vision Video
Patrick - All Region DVD 727985006567 Vision Video
Zam Zam: A Missionary Odyssey 727985006581 9781563647789 Vision Video
Run Baby Run 727985006598 Vision Video
Outrageous Keith Deltano - Live! 727985006604 Vision Video
Into His Arms 727985006611 9781563647819 Vision Video
Candle in the Dark 727985006628 Vision Video
John Hus 727985006635 Vision Video
Red Boots for Christmas 727985006642 Vision Video
Beyond the Next Mountain 727985006710 9781563647901 Vision Video
The Tabernacle 727985006727 0727985006727 Vision Video
Seven Churches of Revelation Rediscovered 727985006734 Vision Video
Christianity and Islam 727985006796 Vision Video
The Radicals 727985006901 Vision Video
So Who is This Jesus? 727985006925 Vision Video
Reality 727985006956 Vision Video
Through the Shadowlands 727985006994 Vision Video
The First Christmas 727985007021 Vision Video
In the Arms of Angels 727985007038 Vision Video
Jerusalem, the Covenant City 727985007052 9781563648199 Vision Video
First Fruits 727985007076 9781563648212 Vision Video
One Killer Too Many 727985007106 9781563648243 Vision Video
Cherub Wings #3: Angel Song 727985007137 Vision Video
Galloping Through the Gospels - Extended Version 727985007168 Vision Video
Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide 727985007182 Vision Video
The Walt Lawrence Story 727985007205 9781563648342 Vision Video
Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches 727985007274 9781563648410 Vision Video
Grasping For The Wind 727985007281 Vision Video
History Of Christianity - With Printed Material 727985007304 Vision Video
Your Child 6-12 727985007328 9781563648465 Vision Video
Fanny Crosby Story 727985007366 Vision Video
St. Paul in Greece 727985007373 Vision Video
Yali Story 727985007380 0727985007380 Vision Video
Four Chaplains 727985007403 9781563648526 Vision Video
Solomon's Temple 727985007410 Vision Video
Sex, Love And Relationships (Abridged) 727985007434 Vision Video
Jesus for Kids 727985007496 Vision Video
Parents of Teens: Here's What You Need to Know 727985007502 Vision Video
We Shall Not Be Moved 727985007533 9781563648618 Vision Video
Untold Stories Of Columbine 727985007540 9781563648625 Vision Video
Hanged On A Twisted Cross 727985007557 Vision Video
In The Winner's Circle 727985007618 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 2: Gratitude Attitude 727985007625 Vision Video
People Who Met Jesus 2 727985007632 0727985007632 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 4: Follow the Leader 727985007663 Vision Video
The Changing Face of Worship - The Church In A Postmodern World 727985007670 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 5: Heaven's Troopers 727985007724 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 6: Never Outta Sight 727985007731 0727985007731 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 7: Moldy Gold 727985007748 Vision Video
Dangerous Journey 727985007779 Vision Video
Hidden Heroes 727985007793 0727985007793 Vision Video
Indonesia: Island Jihad 727985007809 0727985007809 Vision Video
Valor 727985007830 0727985007830 Vision Video
Prisoners Of Hope 727985007847 Vision Video
Youth Adventure Series: Intruder 727985007915 0727985007915 Vision Video
Sex Love and Relationships PDF Curriculum 727985007922 Vision Video
Reformation Overview PDF Curriculum 727985007939 Vision Video
History of Christianity PDF Curriculum 727985007946 0727985007946 Vision Video
Discovering the Bible 727985007953 0727985007953 Vision Video
Joan of Arc: Child of War, Soldier of God 727985007991 0727985007991 Vision Video
Test Of Time - With PDFs 727985008004 0727985008004 Vision Video
Bartholomew's Gift 727985008011 0727985008011 Vision Video
Blind Courage: Unique Genius of Jan Zizka 727985008028 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 11: Shine Your Light 727985008035 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 12: The King's Castle 727985008042 0727985008042 Vision Video
Cherub Wings 13: Bold and Brave 727985008059 Vision Video
Torchlighters: William Tyndale 727985008073 0727985008073 Vision Video
Jesus The New Way PDF Curriculum 727985008110 Vision Video
Nativity: Art and Spirit of the Creche 727985008127 Vision Video
Roger Williams: Freedom's Forgotten Hero 727985008134 Vision Video
Yeshua: Exploring the Jewish Roots of Jesus 727985008141 0727985008141 Vision Video
Francis and Clare of Assisi 727985008158 0727985008158 Vision Video
Spirit of Assisi 727985008165 Vision Video
Assisi in Silence 727985008172 0727985008172 Vision Video
Journey of the Heart: Henri Nouwen 727985008189 0727985008189 Vision Video
Ten Commandments (with Adrian Snell) 727985008196 0727985008196 Vision Video
Scottish Covenanters 727985008202 Vision Video
Till My Last Breath 727985008219 0727985008219 Vision Video
Trial and Testimony of the Early Church PDF Curriculum 727985008233 0727985008233 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: Teresa of Avila 727985008240 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: Julian of Norwich 727985008257 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: Augustine of Hippo 727985008264 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: Hildegard of Bingen 727985008271 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: Dante Alighieri 727985008288 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: Ignatius Loyola 727985008295 Vision Video
Pioneers of the Spirit: William Blake 727985008301 Vision Video
The Prince Of Peace 727985008318 Vision Video
Rosary for Little Children 727985008349 Vision Video
Christmas for Little Children 727985008356 0727985008356 Vision Video
Footsteps of Goliath 727985008387 0727985008387 Vision Video
The Story of Amy Carmichael and the Dohnavur Fellowship 727985008400 Vision Video
St. Clare of Assisi and The Poor Clares 727985008424 Vision Video
Just in Time for Christmas 727985008479 Vision Video
His Last Words: Fulton J. Sheen 727985008486 Vision Video
Power of Forgiveness: Story of Karla Faye Tucker 727985008523 0727985008523 Vision Video
Juggler of Notre Dame 727985008530 Vision Video
Story of the Selfish Giant 727985008592 Vision Video
A Distant Thunder 727985008608 0727985008608 Vision Video
Parables of Jesus 727985008677 Vision Video
Paul, Apostle of Grace 727985008691 Vision Video
Rwanda: Living Forgiveness 727985008707 Vision Video
Fulton J. Sheen: Good Friday Special 727985008783 Vision Video
Setting the Record Straight 727985008851 Vision Video
Jacob's Ladder, Episodes 10 & 11: Saul and David 727985009124 0727985009124 Vision Video
From Aardvark To Zucchini: Alphabet Of Prayers 727985009155 0727985009155 Vision Video
Bedbug Bible Gang: God's Little Heroes 727985009254 0727985009254 Vision Video
Bedbug Bible Gang: Friendly Friends! 727985009285 0727985009285 Vision Video
Robber of the Cruel Streets 727985009391 Vision Video
A Place Called Home 727985009650 Vision Video
Faith & Science: What is the Evidence for/against the Existence of God? 727985010311 Vision Video
Advent Calendar on DVD 727985010533 0727985010533 Vision Video
I Was Wrong 727985010892 Vision Video
Reflections On Psalm 23 For People With Cancer 727985010939 Vision Video
Saints: Gospel Artists 727985011233 0727985011233 Vision Video
Journey Of Light 727985011240 Vision Video
Opus Dei: Decoding God's Work 727985011257 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: Joy To the World 727985011332 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: Not To Bee 727985011349 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: Riding For A Fall 727985011356 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: A Lot To Swallow 727985011363 Vision Video
Affectionately Yours, Screwtape: The Devil and C.S. Lewis 727985011677 0727985011677 Vision Video
Sandfloor Cathedral and Audio CD 727985011752 0727985011752 Vision Video
Apostles' Creed - Abridged Version 727985011769 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: The Battle 727985011783 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: The Rebel 727985011790 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: Construction Woes 727985011967 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: It's The Pits 727985011974 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: What's A Manna With You? 727985011981 0727985011981 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: Keep The Trust 727985011998 0727985011998 Vision Video
Bugtime Adventures: Scare Tactics 727985012001 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: The Gift 727985012018 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: The Storm 727985012025 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: The Lion's Den 727985012032 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: Beyond the Manger 727985012049 Vision Video
Storyteller Cafe: The Secret Plan 727985012056 Vision Video
Path of Jesus 727985012087 Vision Video
Celtic Hymns DVD And Audio CD 727985012094 Vision Video
To God Be The Glory DVD And Audio CD 727985012100 0727985012100 Vision Video
Eucharist For Little Children 727985012131 Vision Video
A Heart Set Free: Charles Wesley 727985012438 Vision Video
Torchlighters: Gladys Aylward 727985012445 0727985012445 Vision Video
Journey Into The Amazon 727985012520 Vision Video
From Aardvark To Zucchini: Part 1, A-M 727985012537 Vision Video
Bedbug Bible Gang: Following God 727985012551 Vision Video
Passion Of Christ According To St. Francis 727985012568 Vision Video
Christianity And Islam - With PDFs 727985012582 Vision Video
Ben Ketting And Children Of Light DVD And Audio CD 727985012599 Vision Video
Reflections On The Lord's Prayer For People With Cancer 727985012605 Vision Video
Cabin 6 727985012612 Vision Video
Integrative Medicine 727985012629 0727985012629 Vision Video
From Aardvark To Zucchini: Season 2, N-Z 727985012636 0727985012636 Vision Video
Torchlighters: The Richard Wurmbrand Story 727985012643 0727985012643 Vision Video
Searching Generation: The Spiritual Life of Twenty-Somethings 727985012650 Vision Video
Book By Book: Leviticus 727985012681 0727985012681 Vision Video
Cyrus Call 727985012698 Vision Video
Integrative Medicine: Cancer And Nutrition 727985012728 Vision Video
Journey From Tragedy To Hope 727985012735 Vision Video
Lives of the Apostles Paul and Peter 727985012742 Vision Video
Uganda: Ready To Forgive 727985012759 0727985012759 Vision Video
Mission On Everest: A Divine Appointment 727985012766 Vision Video
Bedbug Bible Gang: Plants And Animals 727985012773 Vision Video
Bedbug Bible Gang: Kids, Friends And Songs 727985012780 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #1: Colossal Tales 727985012797 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #2: Topsy Turvy 727985012803 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #3: No Prize Surprise 727985012810 Vision Video
Cherub Wings #14: Little Heroes 727985012827 Vision Video
Advent Calendar On DVD 2: Christmas Carols Edition 727985012834 Vision Video
Trappist 727985012858 0727985012858 Vision Video
The Census and the Star 727985012865 0727985012865 Vision Video
Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman With A Great God 727985012896 0727985012896 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #4: Litterbug 727985012902 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #5: Buggy Bigbucks 727985012919 Vision Video
Breakthrough: The Story of James O. Fraser 727985012926 Vision Video
Plain Talk about Alzheimer's Disease 727985012957 Vision Video
Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand 727985012964 Vision Video
Encounters with John Wesley 727985012971 Vision Video
Wholesome Heroes With Rick Sowash: Johnny Appleseed 727985012988 0727985012988 Vision Video
The Fall of Jericho 727985012995 0727985012995 Vision Video
Ashes to Glory: An Easter Devotional on DVD 727985013008 Vision Video
Pope Benedict XVI: A Profile on the Life of Joseph Ratzinger 727985013046 0727985013046 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #6: Ultrabug 727985013053 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #7: Bug-A-Boo 727985013060 Vision Video
Apostles' Creed - Full-length Version 727985013084 Vision Video
Passion of Saint Perpetua: Martyr of The Faith 727985013121 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #8: Batter Chatter 727985013145 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #9: Buggy Breakup 727985013152 Vision Video
Storybook: Series 1 727985013213 Vision Video
The Big Question 727985013275 Vision Video
Forgiving the Unforgivable 727985013282 Vision Video
Points of Light 727985013299 Vision Video
Sanctuary: Teaching Aids 727985013374 0727985013374 Vision Video
Adventures in Retirement 727985013381 0727985013381 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #10: Cheater Critters 727985013398 0727985013398 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #11: Royal Trouble 727985013404 Vision Video
Our People: The Remarkable Story of William and Catherine Booth and The Salvation Army 727985013428 Vision Video
Book By Book: Esther 727985013435 Vision Video
Book By Book: 2 Corinthians 727985013442 Vision Video
C. H. Spurgeon: The People's Preacher 727985013459 0727985013459 Vision Video
Carlos Caterpillar #12: Hocus Bogus 727985013473 Vision Video
Worship Africa Volume 3 727985013480 0727985013480 Vision Video
The Path of the Wind 727985013510 Vision Video
Saving Face 727985013527 Vision Video
Storybook: Series 2 727985013534 Vision Video
Road to Emmaus 727985013541 Vision Video
The Call to Business 727985013558 Vision Video
Long Road Back 727985013565 Vision Video
Franz Jagerstatter: A Man Of Conscience 727985013572 Vision Video
In Spite of Darkness 727985013589 Vision Video
The Apostle Collection: Peter and Paul / A.D. / The Story of the Twelve Apostles / Paul the Emissary 727985013626 0727985013626 Vision Video
Classic Christian Drama 727985013633 0727985013633 Vision Video
The Holy City and a Garden 727985013640 Vision Video
A History of Christian Worship: Part 1, The Word 727985013671 Vision Video
The Challenge of Islam 727985013688 Vision Video