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Found 65 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'vaxcel':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Vaxcel AL-VLU001BN Avalon 1 Light Vanity Light, Brushed Nickel Finish 884656600209 0884656600209 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Nine Light Chandelier AS-CHS009PT Nine Light Chandelier 884656600254 0884656600254 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Bella 3L Vanity Light Brushed Nickel - BL-VLD003BN 884656601275 Vaxcel
Vaxcel BL-VLU001BN Bella 1 Light Vanity Light, Brushed Nickel Finish 884656601299 0884656601299 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CC35916SN Mont Blanc Flush Mount, 16", Satin Nickel Finish 884656602647 0884656602647 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CH30307OBB Standford 7 Light Chandelier, Oil Burnished Bronze Finish 884656603705 0884656603705 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CH38805OL Vine 5 Light Chandelier, Oil Shale Finish 884656604658 0884656604658 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CL-VLD002CH Cologne 2 Light Vanity Light, Chrome Finish 884656605044 0884656605044 Vaxcel
Vaxcel USA CLVLD003CH Cologne 3 Light Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture in Chrome, Glass 884656605051 0884656605051 Vaxcel
Vaxcel PD35413BN Monrovia 3 Light Island Light, 43.75" x 11.25" x 20.25", Brushed Nickel Finish 884656608243 0884656608243 Vaxcel
Vaxcel PD5027OBB Da Vinci 3 Light Mini Pendant, Oil Burnished Bronze Finish 884656608878 0884656608878 Vaxcel
Vaxcel WL35121OBB Standford 1 Light Wall Light, Oil Burnished Bronze Finish 884656611038 0884656611038 Vaxcel
Vaxcel WS35461BN Monrovia Wall Sconce, 10", Brushed Nickel Finish 884656611205 0884656611205 Vaxcel
Vaxcel WS38865OL Vine Wall Sconce, 10", Oil Shale Finish 884656611304 0884656611304 Vaxcel
Vaxcel One Light Outdoor Pendant OD37276BBZ One Light Outdoor Pendant 884656640779 0884656640779 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Lighting OW14693ST Mission - 10" Outdoor Wall Sconce, Stainless Steel Finish with Tiffany Glass 884656641400 0884656641400 Vaxcel
Vaxcel OW37263BBZ Mission 6-Inch Outdoor Wall Light, Burnished Bronze 884656641981 0884656641981 Vaxcel
Vaxcel PD30118SN Milano Mini Pendant with Aurora Borealis Glass, 4", Satin Nickel Finish 884656680201 0884656680201 Vaxcel
Vaxcel FN52265WP Log Cabin Ceiling Fan, 52", Weathered Patina Finish 884656690071 0884656690071 Vaxcel
Vaxcel LK34225OR Ceiling Fan Light Kit, Oil Rubbed Bronze 884656691436 0884656691436 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CR-VLU001CH Carlisle - One Light Bath Bar, Chrome Finish with Frosted Opal Glass 884656692051 0884656692051 Vaxcel
Vaxcel USA CRVLU001CH Carlisle 1 Light Transitional Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture in Chrome, Glass 884656692051 0884656692051 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CR-VLU003CH Carlisle 3 Light Vanity Light, Chrome Finish 884656692082 0884656692082 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CTOWD080BBZ 3 Light Chatham LED Outdoor Sconce, Gold 884656725117 0884656725117 Vaxcel
Vaxcel CC56811SN Loft Flush Mount, 11", Satin Nickel Finish 884656725513 0884656725513 Vaxcel
Vaxcel P0008 Milano Silver Pendant, 7", Satin Nickel Finish 884656726497 0884656726497 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0019 Pier Mount Adapter 5-3/4", Oil Rubbed Bronze 884656726848 0884656726848 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0038 Pier Mount Adapter 5-3/4", Royal Bronze 884656726855 0884656726855 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0021 Prairieview 9-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze 884656726947 0884656726947 Vaxcel
vaxcel t0021 prairieview 9inch outdoor ceiling light, oil rubbed bronze 884656726947 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Prairieview 9" Outdoor Ceiling Light Oil Rubbed Bronze - T0021 884656726947 Vaxcel
Vaxcel W0045 Elba 3 Light Wall Light, New Bronze Finish 884656727876 0884656727876 Vaxcel
Vaxcel H0051 Lorimer 3 Light Chandelier, Venetian Bronze Finish 884656728316 0884656728316 Vaxcel
Vaxcel H0035 Alicia 3 Light Chandelier, Mini, Gold Flake Bronze Finish 884656728705 0884656728705 Vaxcel
Vaxcel H0057 Novara 4 Light Chandelier, Aged Walnut Finish 884656728798 0884656728798 Vaxcel
Vaxcel H0081 Claret 3-Light Chandelier, Venetian Bronze 884656730906 0884656730906 Vaxcel
Vaxcel W0123 Glendale 3 Light Vanity Light, Sienna Bronze Finish 884656732269 0884656732269 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Veranda 21" Ceiling Fan , New Bronze - F0029 884656732573 Vaxcel
Vaxcel One Light Outdoor Wall Sconce T0168 One Light Outdoor Wall Sconce 884656734966 0884656734966 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0173 Kappa Smart Lighting Adjustable Low Level LED Motion Sensor Security Light, White Finish 884656735369 0884656735369 Vaxcel
Vaxcel W0189 Huntley 2 Light Vanity Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 884656735512 0884656735512 Vaxcel
Vaxcel W0190 Huntley 3 Light Vanity Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 884656735529 0884656735529 Vaxcel
Vaxcel W0191 Huntley 4 Light Vanity Light, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish 884656735536 0884656735536 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0184 Yellowstone Smart Lighting Wall Light, 8", Burnished Bronze Finish 884656736045 0884656736045 Vaxcel
Vaxcel P0174 Milano Mini Pendant Toffee Swirl Glass, Satin Nickel Finish 884656736212 0884656736212 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0213 Exterior Wall Mount 884656737202 0884656737202 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0194 One Light Wall Sconce 884656737912 0884656737912 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0196 One Light Wall Sconce 884656737936 0884656737936 Vaxcel
Vaxcel T0265 One Light Outdoor Pendant 884656737943 0884656737943 Vaxcel
Vaxcel P0170 One Light Mini Pendant 884656738001 0884656738001 Vaxcel
Harwich Gray Motion Sensor Dusk to Dawn Coastal Outdoor Wall Light 884656739343 0884656739343 VAXCEL
Vaxcel T0325 5" Outdoor Wall Light 884656739701 0884656739701 Vaxcel
Vaxcel 2277RR Extension Downrod 884656740523 0884656740523 Vaxcel
Vaxcel 2255KK Extension Downrod 884656740585 0884656740585 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Wrightwood 12" Outdoor Flush Mount 884656741469 0884656741469 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Nottingham Dualux 7" Outdoor Wall Light 884656741896 0884656741896 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Dorado Outdoor 9" Wall Light 884656742350 0884656742350 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Dorado Dualux 12" Outdoor Wall Light 884656743043 0884656743043 Vaxcel
Vaxcel Logan Outdoor 6-1/2" LED Wall Light Painted Satin Nickel 884656743876 0884656743876 Vaxcel
VAXCEL Industrial Cage Pendant Light - Bronze Geometric Wire Cage Hanging Light Fixture Edison Bulb Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island Ideal in Farmhouse, Vintage and Industrial Decor 884656745214 0884656745214 VAXCEL
Vaxcel Hyde Park 7-1/2" Outdoor Wall Light 884656745252 0884656745252 Vaxcel
Clark 1 Light Satin Nickel Bathroom Wall Sconce White Glass 884656746969 0884656746969 Vaxcel
Vaxcel One Light Outdoor Wall Light NH-OWD080OR One Light Outdoor Wall Light 884656800326 0884656800326 Vaxcel
Vaxcel SP53566SN Como 6 Light Swing Track Bar, Satin Nickel Finish 884656900071 0884656900071 Vaxcel
Vaxcel SP53566DB Como 6 Light Swing Track Bar, Dark Bronze Finish 884656900163 0884656900163 Vaxcel