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Found 250 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'value brand':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Impact Door,7 x 8 ft,Clear/Gray,PVC 012544205087 VALUE BRAND
Red. San. Tee,2 x 2 x 1-1/2 012871027581 VALUE BRAND
1-1/2" Hub PVC DWV Double Sanitary Tee, 1WJR7 012871058127 Value Brand
1-1/2" Hub PVC DWV Wye & 45 Degree Elbow, 1WJX1 012871058530 Value Brand
Pipe, 1-1/2" x 10ft ABS DWV Foam Core 012871642197 VALUE BRAND
Machine Stretch Wrap 20" x 5000 ft., Cast Style, Clear 016203142034 VALUE BRAND
Hand Stretch Wrap 15" x 1000 ft., Blown Style, Purple 016203191537 Value Brand
Hand Stretch Wrap 5" x 650 ft., LLDPE 016203250562 VALUE BRAND
Hand Stretch Wrap 20" x 1000 ft., Cast Style, Green 016203762034 VALUE BRAND
26-0001 Gasket 016977260019 Value Brand
Stainless Steel Cabinet Shelf,48x24 017567074740 VALUE BRAND
Plastic Utility Cart,17inLx27inWx33inH 017567100142 VALUE BRAND
240102 Scoop, Blue, 3 Qt, Poly 022169500146 Value Brand
60-1000 Toilet Repair Parts, Brass, PK2 026607058169 Value Brand
Single Lever Handle, 46-0212 026607058909 Value Brand
Octenol Lure Cartridge,PK6 FLOWTRON MA 1000 - 6 026713810064 Value Brand
12 Easy Touch Drain, 129-007G 032888290075 Value Brand
1" Solvent PVC EZ Span Repair Coupling Sched 40 032888605053 VALUE BRAND
Value Brand, 587-180GR, Black Pipe, Threaded, 1-1/2x18 in 032888994775 0032888994775 Value Brand
Divider, Black, 2-7/32" H, 3-9/64" L, PK6 032903058741 VALUE BRAND
Slotted Angle Kit,12 ft. L,5,Steel,PK5 035441160204 VALUE BRAND
Workbench Top, Wood , BB3672TA 035441850518 Value Brand
Brake Winch with Brake 042899001140 VALUE BRAND
Int Thread Repair Tool,11/16-13/16 In 043099842304 VALUE BRAND
5PW13 Column Protector, For 10 In Column, Yellow 048441000302 Value Brand
1795 Portable Dockplate, 750 lb, 36 x 35 In 048441002474 Value Brand
1710LM Column Protector, For 10 In Column, Grn 048441002542 Value Brand
Refreshment Cart,Cherry/Black 073555896626 VALUE BRAND
54550 Laboratory First Aid Kit, Unitized, 80Pcs 073577545502 Value Brand
Emergency Medical Kit,Orange,Fabric 073577545946 Value Brand
Emergency Medical Kit, 54597 073577545977 Value Brand
Plastic Paint Roller Tray,9",Black,PK24 076670590271 VALUE BRAND
Disposable Underpads, White/Blue , MSC282060LB 080196700502 Value Brand
Cane,Black,29 to 38 In. H,500 lb. Cap. 080196748542 VALUE BRAND
CH HANSON 10016 Stencil Set,Numbers,Brass 081834100166 Value Brand
22170G/14 Jobber Boots, Mens, 14, Pull On, Brn, 1PR 086189018265 Value Brand
3/4"-10 Steel Hot Dip Galvanized Finish Square Nut - Regular, 400 pk. 087302095798 VALUE BRAND
T/C Bolt,7/8-9x1 1/2L,PK190 087302532989 VALUE BRAND
Butt Hinge,Full Mortise,Pln Bearing,PK2 190735031667 VALUE BRAND
Luggage/Briefcase Padlock,Brass,Side 190735035870 VALUE BRAND
Standard Keyed Cam Lock, Key C413A 190735036235 VALUE BRAND
Hinge, Surface Mount, 6 X 6 In 190735041628 VALUE BRAND
Hinge, Surface Mount, 4 X 4 In 190735042342 VALUE BRAND
Bolt,Flush,1 In Width 190735044322 VALUE BRAND
1CYZ1A Indoor/Outdoor Convex Mirror, Rect 190735050156 Value Brand
10E848 Alnico Shielded Magnet, 0.14 lb. Pull 190735376683 Value Brand
10E850 Round Base Magnet, 11 lb. Pull 190735376706 Value Brand
10P556 Tarp, Tear Resistant, Canvas, 6x8 ft, Green 190735378144 Value Brand
Tarp,Tear Resistant,Canvas,12x16ft,Green 190735378212 VALUE BRAND
11K755 Braided Connector, 1/2 Comp x 1/2 FIP 190735379462 Value Brand
DC Voltage Analog Panel Meter, 322596 190735383582 Value Brand
Shunt,Switchboard,Out 0-50 mV,In 0-500 A 190735383742 VALUE BRAND
Switchboard Shunt, 12G457 190735383742 Value Brand
12U072 Compound Pad, 8 In, Foam 190735384572 Value Brand
12U078 Buffing Compound, Red, 4 oz. 190735384633 Value Brand
12U089 Polishing Bonnet,6 In,Terry Cloth/Foam 190735384749 Value Brand
12U115 Precious Metal Buffing Kit, 2 Piece 190735384992 Value Brand
12U291 Rope, Nylon, Twisted, .058 In. dia., 525ft L 190735385388 Value Brand
12U296 Rope, Nylon, Twisted, .058In. dia., 1050ft L 190735385432 Value Brand
Padded Folding Chair,Vinyl,Black,300 lb. 190735390702 VALUE BRAND
Frameless Flat Mirror, 14 x 20 In H, Glass G3602347 190735390900 Value Brand
Frameless Flat Mirror,14 x 20 In H,Glass 190735390900 VALUE BRAND
Carbide Bur,Egg,3/16 190735394977 VALUE BRAND
Sillcock,Quarter Turn,Brass,1/2 In 190735398326 VALUE BRAND
Desk Organizer,Letter,6 Compartment,Blk 190735398463 VALUE BRAND
Mobile Computer Cart, Gray Mist , 1DNN9 190735398951 Value Brand
Wheel Chock,30 In W x 6 In H,Black 190735400883 VALUE BRAND
2-5/8" x 5-1/4" Green Paper Wire Tag, Pk1000, 193308 190735401125 Value Brand
2-1/8" x 4-1/4" Fluorescent Green Wire Tag, Pk1000, 1GZL8 190735401354 Value Brand
1KA69 Caster Brake Kit 190735401828 Value Brand
15 ft. Hose and Regulator Assembly, 1MCD5 190735402047 Value Brand
Plastic Pallet,48 L X 40 In W,Blue 190735402078 VALUE BRAND
AL453 Quick Coupling, 3/8 (F) x 22mm 190735402498 Value Brand
Analog Dial Thermometer, 1NFZ6 190735402924 Value Brand
1NWF9 Caster Wheel, 800 lb., 4 D x 2 In. 190735406144 Value Brand
S Trap,22 Gauge,Brass,Pipe Dia 1-1/2 In 190735408100 VALUE BRAND
Sink Trap,Plastic,Pipe Dia 1 1/4 In 190735408704 VALUE BRAND
Basket,Stainless Steel 190735409442 VALUE BRAND
1RCB7 Interlocking Spring Snap Bolt 190735410745 Value Brand
1RCF6 Swivel Eye Pulley, Zinc 190735410929 Value Brand
Fixed Eye Pully,Chrome 190735411025 VALUE BRAND
1RCK6 Fixed Eye Double Pulley, Zinc 190735411094 Value Brand
Forced Cup Plunger,Rubber,Cup Size 4In. ZORO SELECT 1RLV7 190735411421 Value Brand
Cabinet Components,Doors,Sides,Back Only 190735412114 VALUE BRAND
Doors, Sides and Back, Sand , 1UFB5 190735412138 Value Brand
1UFN4 Painting Mitt 190735412367 Value Brand
Wire Utility Pull,Brass,4 In L 190735415740 VALUE BRAND
1WDR4 Shelving Standard, Steel 190735417003 Value Brand
Cabinet Knob,Round,Ceramic,PK5 190735418949 VALUE BRAND
Paint Brush,2in.,9-1/2in. ZORO SELECT 1XRJ6 190735419304 Value Brand
High Voltage stencil 190735422731 VALUE BRAND
20Y596 Hand Stamp, 1/16 In, Combo Set 190735423288 Value Brand
Consumer Microwave Oven, Black , 21HE87 190735423592 Value Brand
22NY03 Collapsible Barrier, 48 In. H 190735428597 Value Brand
23Y084 3In Vinyl SelfAdhesive Block LetterSet 190735431221 Value Brand
Hydraulic Reservoir,10 Gal Cap 190735436745 VALUE BRAND
29NH37 Lag Bolts, 6in.L, 7/8in.W, 7/8in.H, Steel 190735438923 Value Brand
Supply Stop,Multi Turn,125 psi,1/2 in. 190735439425 VALUE BRAND
Coin Cell,2016,Lithium,3V 190735441244 VALUE BRAND
2CZB7 Heating Tip, Size 3H, Propane 190735441640 Value Brand
Magnetic Contact,Recessed Mount 190735442487 VALUE BRAND
Dunnage Bag 36" x 24" 28 mil, Includes Air Valve 190735442999 VALUE BRAND
Socket Mounting Base,Double,L 7-1/2 In 190735444009 VALUE BRAND
Drafting Chair, Fabric Burgundy 190735454893 VALUE BRAND
Towel Bar,Chrome,18In 190735455449 VALUE BRAND
Stapler,20 Sheet,Black 190735456149 VALUE BRAND
2ZTW6 Flexible Vacuum Hose, 1 1/2 In X 36 Ft 190735458556 Value Brand
Flexible Vacuum Hose, 1 1/2 In X 36 Ft 190735458556 VALUE BRAND
30LX11 Structural Pipe Fitting, Pipe Size 2in 190735459089 Value Brand
30LX17 Structural Pipe Fitting, Pipe Size 2in 190735459140 Value Brand
30PV43 Soap Dispenser, Electronic, 1/2 NPSM 190735460641 Value Brand
Plug-In Transformer,Electronic,Plastic 190735460719 VALUE BRAND
19-11/16" Carpet Tile, Olive , 31HL88 190735462355 Value Brand
Drawer Slide,Side Mount,28in L.,PK2 190735464649 VALUE BRAND
GGS_31340 Key Control Cabinet, Capacity 80 Keys 190735465271 Value Brand
GGS_31342 Key Control Cabinet, Capacity 240 Keys 190735465295 Value Brand
Tear Tab w/Gasket Plastic Pail Lid, Red , 34A257 190735467336 Value Brand
Water/Gas Shutoff Wrench,Steel 190735467619 VALUE BRAND
Tube Cutter,Manual,Up to 1 In 190735467657 VALUE BRAND
Handle Set,7 In 190735467930 VALUE BRAND
35HV70 Magnetic Mount Hook, 120 lb., 3in.L 190735470497 Value Brand
Shelving Unit, Red , 36G524 190735474945 Value Brand
Fixed Staple Hasp,Zinc Plated,1-1/2inL G0690658 190735476581 Value Brand
Support Brace,Max H 150In 190735476772 VALUE BRAND
Support Brace,Max H36In 190735476789 VALUE BRAND
Drum Heater,Elect,6.5A,115V,L54 3/4In 190735476871 VALUE BRAND
Compression Connector, Rain Tight, 3LP69 190735479346 Value Brand
Set Screw Coupling, 3LV08 190735480144 Value Brand
3TPE5 Wire Cart, 4 Shelf, L48 x W18 x H67 In. 190735482582 Value Brand
Roof 190735496992 VALUE BRAND
Entry Roller 190735497791 VALUE BRAND
General Purpose Dolly,30x18,Carpeted 190735499825 VALUE BRAND
Outdoor Umbrella Base, Round, Blue 190735510773 VALUE BRAND
4HXC3 Vertical E-Track, Zinc Plated Finish 190735510858 Value Brand
DMM Bead Temp Probe,Type K,-40 to 500 F 190735511886 VALUE BRAND
Evaporative Cooling Pad, 4KAZ7 190735512555 Value Brand
4LVG6 Fence Post, 72 In. 190735514368 Value Brand
4LW11 Coin Cell, 2032, Lithium, 3V 190735514948 Value Brand
Liquid Level Sensor 190735515006 VALUE BRAND
Diffuser,3-Cone,Duct Size 8",White 190735516331 VALUE BRAND
4NDR9 Anti-Siphon Control Valve, 3/4 In, FNPT 190735516652 Value Brand
4PDJ4 Core Remover Tool, w/ 6 Cores 190735517895 Value Brand
12ft Chain Swag Light Kit Brushed Steel 190735519332 VALUE BRAND
Detachable Harp,8 In BR Pewter Finish ZORO SELECT 4TGU6 190735519516 Value Brand
6 In Zinc-Plated Nipples 1/4-IP,PK2 190735519585 VALUE BRAND
Panel Mount Pressure Gauge, 4UA59 190735520444 Value Brand
2-7/8" x 5-3/4" Fluorescent Green Wire Tag, Includes 12" Wire, Pk1000, 4WLA7 190735521854 Value Brand
4WMH7 Safety Rail, SS, 33x10 190735522080 Value Brand
4WML1 Towel Ring, Polished Chrome, 6 In 190735522295 Value Brand
Soft Carrying Case, 4WPG4 190735522578 Value Brand
Carrying Case,Soft,Nylon,7.7x1.2x3.8 In 190735522677 VALUE BRAND
4WPH7 Carrying Case, Soft, Nylon, 2.0x4.0x10.0In 190735522691 Value Brand
Soft Carrying Case, 4WPH8 190735522707 Value Brand
4WRD4 Modular Test Probes, Bus Bar 190735523063 Value Brand
4YKA6 Braided Connector, 1/2 COMPx1/2 FIPx20 L 190735523742 Value Brand
Mobile Service Bench,22 In. L,36 In. W 190735524022 VALUE BRAND
Push On Hose Barb, Hose Inside Diameter 1/4 Inch 190735524206 Value Brand
Outlet Strip,6 Outlet,White 190735524244 VALUE BRAND
Battery,Sealed Lead Acid,4V,9Ah,Faston 190735524862 VALUE BRAND
Battery, Black , 5EFH5 190735525128 Value Brand
Alum Ramp Plate,Cap750Lb,Checker Plate 190735527252 VALUE BRAND
5KZK7 Corner Guard, Silver, 1x48in, Hardware FR 190735528648 Value Brand
Corner Guard,Silver,1x48in,Hardware FR 190735528648 VALUE BRAND
Weatherstrip,D,Black,Length 200 Ft.. 190735529256 VALUE BRAND
5TPD3 Single Rod Pegboard Hook, 6 In, PK10 190735531655 Value Brand
5ULN7 Dbl Pulley Block,Wire Rope,800 lb. Cap. 190735533604 Value Brand
Digital Sound Level Meter, 5URG3 190735533659 Value Brand
Pivot Wall Rack, Requires 12 Clamps, Sheet Capacity 1200 190735534212 VALUE BRAND
Guard Rail,L92In,Bolt-On 190735534403 VALUE BRAND
5WTP4 Tarp, Canvas, 8 x 20Ft 190735534915 Value Brand
Tarp,Canvas,8 x 20Ft 190735534915 VALUE BRAND
Mesh Tarp, Green , 5WUC3 190735535769 Value Brand
Hand Operated Bag Sealer,Table Top ,16In 190735537503 VALUE BRAND
Hard Hat Rack 190735542484 VALUE BRAND
Assembly,Spray,Plastic 190735543962 VALUE BRAND
15 Magnetic Vent Cover, 305201 190735544228 Value Brand
Street Elbow 90 Degree, 6XC50 190735545171 Value Brand
6YE32 Round Hole Pegboard, Pk2 190735546802 Value Brand
Clear Cover, 138538 190735546987 Value Brand
Indoor Convex Mirror, 9KYX9 190735547687 Value Brand
Stacking Chair Fabric Charcoal 190735547724 VALUE BRAND
Value Brand Size Men's One Size Fits Most Size Men's One Size Fits Most CottonA 190735547755 Value Brand
5PTC2 Measuring Pipette, GradeA, Glass, 10mL, Pk12 190735559338 Value Brand
5YHK9 Dropping Bottle, Clear Glass, 60 mL, Pk 12 190735560587 Value Brand
Environmental Sampling Bottle, Lab Safety Supply, 6FAH6 190735561737 Value Brand
VALUE BRAND LED 8 Lumens Industrial Silver Inspection Light 190735871591 VALUE BRAND
Rivet Nut Gunw/Mandrels,8-32,10-24,10-32 190735873618 VALUE BRAND
Nut Rivet Gun,Metric,M3,M4,M5,M6 190735873625 VALUE BRAND
1/2" FNPT Black Malleable Iron Tee, 5P478 190735907597 Value Brand
1-1/2" MNPT x CTS Hub CPVC Adapter Sched SDR-11 ZORO SELECT 2GKA7 190735910191 Value Brand
1-1/4" FNPT Black Malleable Iron Tee, 5P481 190735911938 Value Brand
Magnetic Clip,0.7 oz.,3 Lb,1 In Dia 190735942987 Value Brand
3066 Burn Aid Gel, Packet, 1/8 oz., PK 25 347682306601 Value Brand
Adhesive Tape, White, Tri-Cut, 5 yd. L 347682611019 VALUE BRAND
Sterile Gauze,Sterile,Gauze 347682622015 VALUE BRAND
3" Non-Adherent Pad, 3JME4 347682642334 Value Brand
Folding Chair Dolly, 1300 lb. Load Capacity, Holds 84 Chairs 604747105846 VALUE BRAND
Wire Bender,Up to 1/8 In 614121003231 VALUE BRAND
Metal Asst,Cut-Offs,Various Sizes/Shapes 614121007475 VALUE BRAND
Solid Air Freshener Refill, 0000101-1 620293000015 Value Brand
Sponge Air Freshener Tub, Size 4 lb. ZORO SELECT 0000101-3 620293000091 Value Brand
MPB759 Bolt, Carriage, Chrome, 7/16-14x1, Pk5 632393178167 Value Brand
MPB763 Bolt, Carriage, Chrome, 7/16-14x3, Pk5 632393178204 Value Brand
#10-24 Brass Chrome Plated Finish Acorn Nuts, 25 pk., CPB071 632393588850 Value Brand
#10-32 Grade 2 Steel Chrome Plated Finish Flat Top Acorn Nuts, 5 pk., MPB3770 632393609784 Value Brand
8" x 4" Gusseted Poly Bag, 1.25 mil, Pk1000 654866000652 VALUE BRAND
15F-2030 Lay Flat Poly Bag, LDPE, 30InL, 20InW, PK500 654866001963 Value Brand
85" x 51" Pallet Cover, 2 mil, Pk50, 2EWJ3 654866003905 Value Brand
2EWG7 Double Drawstring Bag, 18x15", PK1000 654866011276 Value Brand
2EWG8 Drawstring Bag, 14 x 9-1/2in, PK1000 654866011283 Value Brand
F20912 Reclosable Bag, 9 In. W, PK 1000 654866012389 Value Brand
Reclosable Poly Bag Zipper Seal 12" x 9", 2 mil, Clear, Pk1000 654866012389 VALUE BRAND
F40304H Reclosable Bag, 4 In L, Zipper Seal, PK1000 654866012624 Value Brand
F40305 Reclosable Bag, Zipper Seal, 3 In W, PK1000 654866012648 Value Brand
8" Wire In Plastic Twist Ties, Pk10000 654866016684 VALUE BRAND
5-1/2" x 3" Polypropylene Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.5 mil, Pk10000, 3CTY7 654866016790 Value Brand
8-1/4" x 4-3/4" Polypropylene Lay Flat Poly Bag, 1.5 mil, Pk2000, 5DTK9 654866016820 Value Brand
2" x 2150 ft. Poly Tubing, 2 mil, FDA, 2EWL1 654866018763 Value Brand
2" x 1075 ft. Poly Tubing, 4 mil, FDA, 139819 654866018794 Value Brand
4" x 2900 ft. Poly Tubing, 1.5 mil, Amine Free, 5CPZ0 654866018893 Value Brand
5" x 2150 ft. Poly Tubing, 2 mil, FDA, 228920 654866018978 Value Brand
5" x 1075 ft. Poly Tubing, 4 mil, FDA, 2EWN1 654866018992 Value Brand
12" x 725 ft. Poly Tubing, 6 mil, FDA, 2EWP7 654866019326 Value Brand
18" x 725 ft. Poly Tubing, 6 mil, Amine Free, 5CRE1 654866019548 Value Brand
3CUA2 Reclosable Bag,24 In. L,14 In. W,PK 250 654866033858 Value Brand
Reclosable Poly Bag Zipper Seal 24" x 14", 4 mil, Clear, Pk250 ZORO SELECT 3CUA2 654866033858 Value Brand
Filter,Micron Filter,HEPA 663695301670 VALUE BRAND
Screw Cap,Wood,Red Oak,9/16In,Pk52 663807283054 VALUE BRAND
Sunscreen,Bottle,8 oz. 666080847685 VALUE BRAND
ESD Bottle, Blue , 3XJV7 666080848149 Value Brand
Water Heater Stand, 30 In 671119303346 VALUE BRAND
Platform Lift,750 lb. 678655634767 VALUE BRAND
Duct Tool,15 In L,High Carbon Steel ZORO SELECT FDC3 686046529295 Value Brand
B6280 Fire Blanket, Wool 690830262800 Value Brand
D-KIT Dock Seal Patch Kit 691215013543 Value Brand
L-1818-4 Dock Bumper, 18 x 4 x 18 In, Rubber 691215024990 Value Brand
LEG-D General Purpose Dolly, 200 lb. 691215061346 Value Brand
BKT-SS-325 SS Bucket, Cap 3.25 Gal, With Handle 691215067997 Value Brand
Bar 699244140742 VALUE BRAND
Bracket,Closure 699244220482 VALUE BRAND
Platform Truck,1500lb,72in x 36in 714334033961 VALUE BRAND
High Deck Portable Table,2 Shelves 714334052863 VALUE BRAND
Literature Rack 20 Compartments, 13-1/8"W x 4"D Tan 714334411752 VALUE BRAND
3/4"-10 Steel Hot Dip Galvanized Finish Square Nut - Regular, 25 pk. ZORO SELECT 1XB10 715005432694 Value Brand
3YCA1 Tow Hook, Three-Hole, 44500 Lb, PR1 724920016322 Value Brand
PTO Cable,EZ Glide,96 In BUYERS PRODUCTS R38DR3X08 724920036153 Value Brand
3VPY6 Truck Light Mounting Cabinet 724920065030 Value Brand
Truck and Trailer Light Box 724920084710 VALUE BRAND
4NFD7 Finish Nail, 10d x 3 In L, Pk 620 726047102094 Value Brand