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Found 59 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'thexton':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Thexton THE319 Cooler Line Plug 000872100464 Thexton
TEST LITE WIREHAWK 001910644834 Thexton
Thexton THE106 Anti-Freeze Tester 008721001061 0008721001061 Thexton
Thexton Cold-Chek Disc-Type Anti-Freeze Tester - THX106 008721001061 Thexton
Wirehawk Circuit Tester 008721001214 Thexton
Thexton THE121 Circuit Tester 008721001214 0523161027261 Thexton
212 Power Steering Fluid Bleeder 008721002129 Thexton
Thexton Boost Adapter Set (THX-311) 008721003119 0008721003119 Thexton
PLUG STOPPERS (THX-312) 008721003126 0008721003126 Thexton
Thexton THE312 Plug-All Stopper 008721003126 0008721003126 Thexton
Stoppers Plug-All 008721003126 Thexton
Thexton PLUG STOPPERS (THX-312) 008721003126 0008721003126 Thexton
Thexton 350 Carburetor Adjusting Tool 008721003508 0702582610034 Thexton
Adj Tool Carb Gm 008721003508 Thexton
Thexton THE365 Emergency Brake Tool 008721003652 0008721003652 Thexton
Thexton 383 Power Steering Belt Tightener 008721003836 0008721003836 Thexton
Tens Tool Belt P/S 008721003836 Thexton
Jumper Wire Set Gm Micro/Metri-Pak 008721003928 Thexton
THROTTLE PEDAL DEPRESSOR (THX-393) 008721003935 Thexton
Thexton THE418 Right Angle Grease Gun Adapter 008721004185 Thexton
Thexton THE418 Grease Coupler 008721004185 0008721004185 Thexton
Thexton 423 Universal Radiator Petcock Socket 008721004239 0008721004239 Thexton
Soc 7/8 1/4D Ext Trx 008721004239 Thexton
Hood Prop Universal Clamp 008721004307 Thexton
Thexton THE430 Hood/Tailgate Prop 008721004307 0008721004307 Thexton
Thexton THE432 Universal Thread Gauge 008721004321 Thexton
Thexton THE471 Lube Tube 008721004710 0008721004710 Thexton
Thexton Radiator Petcock Socket Kit (THX-485) 008721004857 0008721004857 Thexton
Petcock Socket Set 008721004857 Thexton
Thexton THE485 Petcock Socket Set 008721004857 0008721004857 Thexton
Back Probe Kit 008721004901 Thexton
Spark Plug Starter Kit 008721004925 Thexton
GM CCC Wire Terminal Release Tool Kit 008721004932 Thexton
Deutsch Terminal Removal Tools for 16 gauge wire 008721005830 Thexton
Thexton THE588 Deutsch Terminal Removal Kit 008721005885 Thexton
Thexton THE604 Battery Filler Tool 008721006042 0008721006042 Thexton
Thexton 419X GM Engine Moving Tool 008721041906 6935743344255 Thexton
Extended Back Probe Kit 008721490971 Thexton
Assorted Back Probe Pin Kit 008721490995 Thexton
Master Cylinder Plug Kit 008721803979 Thexton
Universal Radiator Petcock Socket 012303447185 Thexton
Thexton (THX423) Universal Radiator Petcock Socket 012303447185 Thexton
Cold-Chek? Professional Anti-Freeze Tester 013222097833 THEXTON
Universal Hood Prop 013317022511 Thexton
90 Degree Electrical Back Probe Kit 013317022863 Thexton
Side Terminal Charge and Boost Adapters-2pack 013317052761 0013317052761 Thexton
Plug-All Vacuum and Fuel Line Stoppers-2pack 013317052778 Thexton
Transmission Cooler Line Plugs-2pack 013317052792 0013317052792 Thexton
Universal Emergency Brake Tool-2pack 013317052815 Thexton
Wire Insertion Tool-2pack 013317052839 Thexton
Radiator Petcock Socket Set-2pack 013317052860 0013317052860 Thexton
Thexton 490 Back Probe Kit 042138839954 Thexton
GM ENGINE MOVING TOOOL W/ADAPTER 080850304640 0080850304640 Thexton
Emergency Brake Cable Release Tool-2pack 642008151119 Thexton
Thexton TX131A 96- Newer Ford in.terface Harness 647367386899 Thexton
Thexton Battery Parasitic Drain Test Adapter - THX431 777780969123 0777780969123 Thexton
Thexton THX492 Spark Plug Starter Kit 777781006919 0777781006919 Thexton
Thexton THE418 Grease Coupler 782645834003 0008721004185 Thexton
Thexton TX356 Heater Core Backflush Tool 802090112027 Thexton