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Found 33 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'tedco':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Tedco Light Crystal Prism - 2.5" TEDX0010 TEDCO 043067000101 TEDCO
Light Crystal Prism - 4.5 inches 043067000118 Tedco
Light Crystal Prism 043067000118 TEDCO
Fun Rocks Science Kit - Metallic Minerals 043067000736 Tedco
Tedco Rocks of US New Ingenuity, Creativity, Analytical Skills 043067000736 Tedco
Tedcotoys 2-Color Liquid Timer 043067009012 0043067009012 TEDCO
Color Mix Timer 043067009012 TEDCO
TEDCO Discovery Pak 043067012005 0043067012005 Tedco
Discovery Pak With Gyroscope, Prism, And Magnets 043067012005 TEDCO
Tedcotoys Kids Preschool Daycare Plasma Ball Lamp 6" Educational Toys 043067012074 TEDCO
Large Plasma Ball 043067012074 Tedco
Solar Balloon 043067800107 Tedco
Tornado Tubes, assorted colors. 043067807885 TEDCO
Tornado Tube - Assorted Colors 043067807885 0043067807885 TEDCO
SunArt Paper Kit - 4 x 6 inches 043067880505 Tedco
(NEW) SunArt Paper 5x7; UV Sensitive Rayograph Paper Kit by TedCo 043067880512 TEDCO
SunArt Paper Kit - 5 x 7 inches 043067880512 Tedco
SunArt Paper Kit - 8 x 10 inches 043067880529 Tedco
Tedcotoys Kids Preschool Daycare Sunart Greeting Card Kit 043067880536 TEDCO
Smart Phone Microscope 043067978172 TEDCO
Tornado Tube - Assorted Colors 051168025558 TEDCO
Ein-O Science Mech Science Discovery Tank 095706023446 0095706023446 Tedco
Volcano Science Kit 095706026270 TEDCO
Bio Signs Human Anatomy - Brain & Skull 095706203930 0696748227030 Tedco
Game - Tedco Wild Science - Brain & Skull Learning Toys 32370BS 095706203930 TEDCO
Bio Signs Human Anatomy - Teeth & Gums 095706204371 0095706204371 Tedco
Tedco Toys 32370-TEE Bio Signs Teeth And Gums Anatomy Model 095706204371 0095706204371 Tedco
Originial TEDCO Gyroscope Twin Pak 534262270357 Tedco
Gyro Wheel 671739100882 Tedco
Tedco Blocks & Marbles Master Set, Truly A Learning Toy Ages 4 And Up 20600 New 691205491337 TEDCO
Ein-O Science Wild Magnets 746923739862 Tedco
(Set of 2) Tedco Solar Engine Radiometer Sphere - Bright Light Bulbs (Set of 2) 848296033575 Tedco
Radiometer 885939698852 0885951729442 Tedco