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Found 25 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'stabila inc.':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Stabila 05500TR Water-Proof Dust-Proof Rotation-Laser Kit 089634055006 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 11995 Compact Magnetic Pocket Level Pro w/ Holster 089634119951 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 30025 6-Pocket Jamber Construction Level Carrying Case 089634300250 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 30045 Plate Level case made specifically to hold the Stabila 33610 Plate 089634300458 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 33000 Easy Installation Plate Level Maintenance Kit 089634330004 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 35610 Extendable (6 to 10 Ft.) Plate to Plate Level 089634356103 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 37432 Heavy Duty 32-Inch Type 196 Construction Level 089634374329 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 37478 Heavy Duty 78-Inch Type 196 Construction Level 089634374787 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 196 Level Set Kit - 78"/48"/32"/24"/16" Torpedo & Case 089634784968 Stabila Inc.
Stabila Die-Cast Magnetic Torpedo with Rare Earth Torpedo & Pocket Level 636156008531 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 25360 Die Cast Magnetic V-Groove Torpedo with Case and Pocket Level 636156009002 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 29148 The Measuring Stick 48" Level with 3 Layout Scales w/ 5-Pocket Case 636156026504 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 3 Level Magnetic Pro-Set w/ 6-Pocket Jamber Construction Level Carrying Case 636156026528 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 37524 Heavy Duty 59"/24" Type 196 Construction Level Set w/ Case 636156027471 Stabila Inc.
Stabila Type 106T Extendable Plate Level (35712) and Plate Level Case 636156027648 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 37432 Heavy Duty 32-Inch Type 196 Construction Level w/ Case 636156027792 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 3-Level Magnetic Pro-Set with 6-Pocket Carrying Case 636156033328 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 29224 Magnetic 24 Inch Level w/ 6 Pocket Case 646791357482 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 35610 Extendable 6 to 10 Foot Plate Level w/ Case 646791358649 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 37448 Certified Professional Accuracy 48 Inch level w/ Case 646791358663 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 37532 Heavy Duty 78-Inch/32-Inch Construction Level Set & Carrying Case 646791396719 Stabila Inc.
Stabila 11995 Magnetic Pocket Level PRO with Holster 089634119951 Stabila, Inc.
Stabila 30025 Jamber Level Case 089634300250 Stabila, Inc.
Stabila 41096 Type 300 R Beam Level - Yellow - 96" 089634410966 0089634410966 Stabila, Inc.
Stabila 16-Inch builders level, Magnetic, High Strength Frame, Accuracy w/ 6-Pocket Jamber Case 636156028294 Stabila, Inc.