Found 9 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'smithsonian collect.':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Vol. 1-American Musical Theater 033251036122 0033251036122 Smithsonian Collect.
Vol. 2-American Musical Theater 033251036221 0033251036221 Smithsonian Collect.
Vol. 3-American Musical Theater 033251036320 0033251036320 Smithsonian Collect.
Vol. 4-American Musical Theater 033251036429 0033251036429 Smithsonian Collect.
Sweet Was the Song 033251040525 0033251040525 Smithsonian Collect.
American Songbook Series: George Gershwin 033251048224 Smithsonian Collect.
Harry Warren: American Songbook Series 033251148429 Smithsonian Collect.
American Songbook Series: Kurt Weill 033251148726 Smithsonian Collect.
American Songbook Series: James Van Heusen 033251148825 Smithsonian Collect.