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Found 90 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'shein':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
1pair Silicone Airpods Anti-slip Cover 012036121239 SHEIN
1pc Flower Decor Car Seat Back Hook 012036127699 SHEIN
1 pice Tablier motif slogan 012036915111 SHEIN
Fermalibri in metallo semplice 1 pezzo 012036982489 SHEIN
1pc Solid Dough Scraper 012036982489 SHEIN
Bow Decor Bath Hairband 1pc 012036982571 SHEIN
Fluffy Claw Charm Keychain 028553070875 SHEIN
6pcs Turtle Leaf Shaped Coaster 030955169026 SHEIN
1pc Adjustable Filter Faucet 034449023931 SHEIN
4pcs Bamboo Handle Cutlery Set 035886410612 SHEIN
1pc Two Tone Pet Nail Grinder 040102657009 SHEIN
1 pice Moule gteau rond 051153478536 SHEIN
1pc Wall Mounted Garbage Bag Storage Box 065030883191 SHEIN
Kitchen Wall Mounted Trash Can 071691413226 SHEIN
1pc Ombre Powder Brush 072785139572 SHEIN
1pc Dental Water Jet 073950106986 SHEIN
1pc Clear Food Storage Box 081492631323 SHEIN
1pc Multifunction Colander 084100002591 SHEIN
1pc Dot Print Anti-slip Closestool Mat 086093547127 SHEIN
1roll Kitchen Oil-proof Sticker 094706095415 SHEIN
Newly Reformulated - COLOR MUCH Bouncy Cream Single-SILENCE 098796001219 SHEIN
1pc Rotatable Jewelry Storage Rack 190515601714 SHEIN
16pcs Laptop Dust Plug 190735931158 SHEIN
Butterfly Wall Sticker 190982396601 SHEIN
1pc Wall Mounted Towel Holder 192503766528 SHEIN
1 pice Bote de crayons collant sous le bureau 192503767587 SHEIN
1 pieza clip de alimento de acero inoxidable 192503768249 SHEIN
1 pice Bote de rangement pour bijoux transparent 192503768249 SHEIN
1pc Wooden Rectangle Plate 192551280281 SHEIN
Baby Dancer Decor Hair Clip 194030226070 SHEIN
Leopard Pattern Borg Collar Ribbed Knit Knot Front Crop Jacket 194922096613 SHEIN
Solid Stand Collar Lettuce Trim Ribbed Knit Top 194922096613 SHEIN
1pc Paw Print Dog Bathing Massage Glove 194990161596 SHEIN
Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headset 196103808961 SHEIN
1pc Wall Mount Mop Hook 196392616278 SHEIN
1pc Faux Pearl Curtain Tie Back 196392656038 SHEIN
1pc Cabinet Hanging Hook 196392656038 SHEIN
1pc Automatic Toothpaste Squeezer 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Double Grid Food Container 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Cartoon Design Dry Hair Cap 400001968468 SHEIN
6rolls Balloon Decorative Tape Strip 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Swan Shaped Toothbrush Storage Rack 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Pastry Rolling Wheel Cutter 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Portable Pill Storage Bag 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Geometric Print Line Placemat 400001968468 SHEIN
1pc Bra Wash Bag 400001968499 SHEIN
Funda de cojn grfica con letra 1 pieza 400001968529 SHEIN
3pcs DIY Decorative Paper Flower Ball 400001968529 SHEIN
1pc Cartoon Quilt Storage Bag 400001968529 SHEIN
Funda de iPhones con patrn de cielo 400333921841 SHEIN
1pc Geometric Pattern Lumbar Pillowcase Without Filler 617914153182 SHEIN
1 rouleau Corde de chanvre avec dtail feuille DIY 617914153182 SHEIN
1pc Rotatable Faucet Filter 663370141904 SHEIN
1pc Multifunction Bath Brush 665231120165 SHEIN
1pc Solid Mop Rack 698833061079 SHEIN
Random Coffee Design Wall Hook 2pcs 709012202999 SHEIN
1pc Hanging LED Light Bulb 712758994738 SHEIN
1pc Egg Slicer Cutter 722286427011 SHEIN
1pc Wood Grain Humidifier 722286427042 SHEIN
1pc Solid Art Palette 722286427103 SHEIN
50sheets Solid Card stock Paper 722286427110 SHEIN
1pc Stainless Steel Coffee Powder Presser 722286427127 SHEIN
1pc Lattice Pattern Leather Airpods Case 722286427127 SHEIN
52sheets Loose Leaf Daily Schedule Memo Pad 722286427172 SHEIN
1pc Sun & Moon Wall Art Print Without Frame 722286427172 SHEIN
1pc Suction Cup Design Sponge Storage Rack 722286427172 SHEIN
1pc Marble Pattern Print Placemat 722286427172 SHEIN
4pcs Fork & Spoon & & Knife Set 722286427172 SHEIN
1 pice Tablier motif slogan 722286427226 SHEIN
Stainless Steel Watchband For Xiaomi 745839115302 SHEIN
1sheet Cartoon Planet Sticker For Apple Pencil 1st 754473602314 SHEIN
1 pezzo cestello portaoggetti con motivo marmo 765942273355 SHEIN
4pcs Flower Relief Dinnerware Set 773738921571 SHEIN
1pc Abstract Flower Pattern Ceramic Tile Sticker 797410590862 SHEIN
1pc Flower Decor Car Seat Back Hook 805845760863 SHEIN
1pc Flower Embroidered Curtain 805845761716 SHEIN
Bedside Hanging Storage Bag 1pc 805845761716 SHEIN
1pc Bedside Hanging Storage Bag 805845764090 SHEIN
Bouteille en verre imprim lettre 1 pice 805845764113 SHEIN
1 pieza colador de pelo de drenaje de piso 809161180107 SHEIN
1pc Ice Cream Shaped Random Color Pet Bath Brush 810006111330 SHEIN
1pc Cat Flea Removal Comb 812729007778 SHEIN
1pc Kitchen Wooden Spoon 818247013666 SHEIN
1pc Wall Mounted Cloud Shaped Remote Control Rack 819598029603 SHEIN
Cosmetic Pattern Double-sided Mini Makeup Mirror 853470007532 SHEIN
1pair Cat Grooming Massage Glove 865850000460 SHEIN
1pc Long Handle Bath Brush 877547003982 SHEIN
100pcs Comfortable Dental Toothpick 885176231119 SHEIN
4pcs Stainless Steel Straw & Cleaning Brush & Storage Bag 6pcs 885991014973 SHEIN
Marble Print iPhone Case 889654154051 SHEIN