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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Seymour Mfg. WE-52 Double Wheel Lawn Edger 017849695212 Seymour Mfg.
4Ft Replacement Handle SEYMOUR MFG CO Handles DG100H 031365010021 031365010021 Seymour Mfg.
Seymour Mfg. 287475 Snow Shovel 18 In. Wood Handle 031365123721 Seymour Mfg.
Seymour Blue Snow Shovel Poly Scoop, 18" X 13-1/2" With 44" Wood Handle 031365123721 0031365123721 SEYMOUR MFG.
Seymour 90 Series Bow Rake, Welded 14 Tine, Economy Grade, 48" Wood Handle 031365125084 0031365125084 SEYMOUR MFG.
Seymour 20 Series Garden Hoe Professional Grade, 54" Wood Handle 031365126029 SEYMOUR MFG.
Seymour Steel Leaf Rake With 24" Head, 24 Tine And 54" Wood Handle 031365128030 0031365128030 SEYMOUR MFG.