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Found 7 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'rizzoli':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Ralph Lauren 000847837432 Rizzoli
Chlo Sevigny 000847845109 Rizzoli
Dreaming Small: Intimate Interiors 884485063978 9780847842315 Rizzoli
The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox 884730624954 9780847833542 Rizzoli
A Place in the Sun: Green Living and the Solar Home 884733379394 9780847842292 Rizzoli
America's Great Hiking Trails: Appalachian, Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, North Country, Ice Age, Potomac Heritage, Florida, Natchez Trace, Arizona, Pacific Northwest, New England 884801357026 0884801357026 Rizzoli
The Age of Elegance: Interiors by Alex Papachristidis 884968687899 0884968687899 Rizzoli