Found 6 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'popsicle':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Popsicle Original Orange, Cherry, Grape Ice Pops 18ct 29.7oz 077567001542 Popsicle
Popsicle Ice Pops Orange, Cherry, Grape - 29.7 oz 077567001542 Popsicle
Popsicle Sugar Free Ice Pops Orange, Cherry, Grape - 29.7 oz 077567001566 Popsicle
Popsicle Original Fudgsicle No Sugar Added Fudge Pops 18ct 29.7oz 077567001580 Popsicle
Popsicle Original Fruit Twister Made with Real Fruit & Milk 6ct 16.2oz 077567002181 Popsicle
Rainbow Pop 3.5floz (12 Count) 077567085191 0077567085191 Popsicle