Found 59 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'peoples':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Rtv0.45Ct TW 10Kwg P 012502578994 Peoples
Men's Citizen CZ Smart Heart Rate Strap Watch with Black Dial (Model: 013205148262 Peoples
Ladies' Citizen Eco-Drive Silhouette Crystal Accent Watch with Pink 013205149450 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 025929122909 Peoples
Clr0.50Cttw 14Kwg RD 029175039431 Peoples
Enhanced Champagne and White Diamond Accent Maple Leaf Ring in 073310437156 Peoples
Pre-Owned Dept 16 086486671583 Peoples
Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse 0.23 CT. T.w. Enhanced Black and White 191245168478 Peoples
10Kyg 0.50Cttw Ring 191523858855 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 191523858855 Peoples
10Kyg 1.00Cttw RG 191523858855 Peoples
10K YG OV Saph/dia L 191523858893 Peoples
10K YG Emerald/Dia L 191523858893 Peoples
10K YG Emerald/dia L 193444773781 Peoples
0.18 CT. T.w. Marquise Composite Diamond Frame Promise Ring in 10K 194354108380 Peoples
0.04 CT. T.w. Diamond "mama" Shark Necklace in 10K White Gold 17" 196389087562 Peoples
10Kyg 1.00Cttw RG 602537580798 Peoples
10K YG Emerald/dia L 602567584506 Peoples
1.25Cttw WG 3ST PR 609385512742 Peoples
Cutout Name with Dove Bar Necklace (1 Line) 610370119259 Peoples
10Kyw 0.59Cttw Ring 615986031186 Peoples
Disney Treasures Toy Story 0.065 CT. T.w. Diamond Jessie Pendant in 618480686074 Peoples
Oval Lab-Created Opal and Baguette Diamond Accent Three Stone Ring in 643906570699 Peoples
925/10Kpg 0.10Cttw R 663126055196 Peoples
1.00 CT. T.w. Diamond Flower Cluster Bracelet in 14K White Gold 670367934135 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 671254135062 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 671254397026 Peoples
10Kyg 1.00Cttw RG 671254397026 Peoples
10K YG OV Saph/dia L 671254397026 Peoples
10Kyg 1.00Cttw RG 671254400528 Peoples
Vera Wang Love Heirloom Collection 0.95 CT. T.w. Diamond Flower Petal 688575179446 Peoples
Clr0.75Cttw 10Kyg RD 725184302138 Peoples
Hallmark Diamonds Family Diamond Accent Paw Stud Earrings in Sterling 751349255728 Peoples
10Kyw 0.59Cttw Ring 758218451786 Peoples
1.00 CT. T.w. Diamond J-Hoop Earrings in 14K White Gold (H/si2) 780997687285 Peoples
0.146 CT. T.w. Diamond Lattice Vintage-Style Band in 10K Rose Gold 782042668089 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 782862902462 Peoples
Clr0.75Cttw 10Kyg RD 801509142334 Peoples
0.95Cttw WG PPF PR 801509151039 Peoples
10Kyg 1.00Cttw RG 805586168515 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 805586168522 Peoples
.50Ctw YG Endls Ladd 805586168539 Peoples
10K YG OV Saph/dia L 805586168539 Peoples
10K YG OV Saph/Dia L 805586168560 Peoples
Clr0.75Cttw 10Kyg RD 807298016573 Peoples
0.065 CT. T.w. Diamond "M A M A" Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver 810002936227 Peoples
Gemstone Heart-Shaped Cage Ring (1-10 Stones) 818008048302 Peoples
Clr0.75Cttw 10Kyg RD 818718011771 Peoples
Mother's Birthstone Triple Tiered Hearts Ring (3 Stones) 840002491501 Peoples
8.0mm Lab-Created Blue and White Sapphire Frame Ring in Sterling 840087303249 Peoples
Le Vian Morganite and 0.22 CT. T.w. Diamond Pendant in 14K Strawberry 848762033221 Peoples
0.40Ct WG RD CAN I2 853845007884 Peoples
0.40Cttwenhbludia 883248463208 Peoples
Lab-Created Blue and White Sapphire Twist Ring in Sterling Silver 883957061979 Peoples
Men's Movado Bold Strap Watch with Black Dial (Model: 3600601) 885997323598 Peoples
10Krg SM Qtz/.37Cttw 888473957751 Peoples
10Krg SM Qtz/.37Cttw 888473957768 Peoples
Ladies' Casio G-Shock Blue Resin Strap Watch with Rose-Tone Dial 889232215976 Peoples
0.33Cttw Strl Slvr 923292105058 Peoples