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Found 60 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'legend video':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Gallery of Sin 2 738388078891 0738388078891 Legend Video
Nymph Fever 7 738388301715 Legend Video
Body Shock 738388305812 Legend Video
Hate a Love Story 738388305874 0738388305874 Legend Video
Image of Sex 738388305881 0738388305881 Legend Video
Psycho Love 738388305904 Legend Video
The News Girl 738388305911 Legend Video
Strange Love 738388305928 Legend Video
Hell or Bust 738388305935 Legend Video
Charlies Little Devils 738388306635 0738388306635 Legend Video
Jade Lo 738388306642 Legend Video
Loose Screw 738388306680 Legend Video
Nymph Fever #5 738388306765 Legend Video
Blind Date 738388306789 Legend Video
Devil Girl 738388306796 0738388306796 Legend Video
Sex Dance Fever 738388307236 Legend Video
Teenland #14 738388307243 0738388307243 Legend Video
B.B.G. Bad Black Girls #21 738388307250 Legend Video
Tales from the Script 738388307717 0738388307717 Legend Video
Pimped By An Angel Vol 2 738388307724 Legend Video
Nymph Fever Vol 6 738388307731 Legend Video
Heaven Sent 738388307755 0738388307755 Legend Video
Fan Fever 738388307762 Legend Video
Devil Girl Vol 2 738388307779 Legend Video
Agency Blue 738388307854 0738388307854 Legend Video
Role Models Vol 2 738388307861 0738388307861 Legend Video
Carnival Of Souls [DVD] 844503000477 Legend Video
Abbott & Costello - Abbott & Costello: The Christmas Show [DVD] 844503000651 Legend Video
Madeline / Princess & The Goblins 844503001108 Legend Video
Little Mermaid 844503001115 Legend Video
Winnie The Pooh / Babes In Toyland 844503001122 Legend Video
Wayne,John - Gold Strike River [DVD] 844503001207 Legend Video
Little Rascals - Classic & Hidden Episodes [DVD] 844503001269 Legend Video
Best of RiffTrax Shorts Volume 1 844503001337 Legend Video
Rifftrax: Planet of Dinosaurs 844503001429 Legend Video
Best of RiffTrax Shorts Volume 2 844503001436 Legend Video
Rifftrax Shorts: Shorts Tacular Shorts Stravaganza 844503001511 Legend Video
Rifftrax Shorts: Wide World of Shorts 844503001528 Legend Video
Rifftrax - Maniac [DVD] 844503001764 Legend Video
Soprano'S: Shooting The Soprano'S [DVD] 844503001856 Legend Video
Rifftrax Shorts - Shortstoberfest [DVD] 844503001863 Legend Video
Rifftrax - Shorts To-Go [DVD] 844503002037 Legend Video
Ultimate Stooges Collection [DVD] 844503002099 Legend Video
Lugosi/Vampira/Johnson/Manlove - Plan 9 From Outer Space [Blu-ray] 844503002136 Legend Video
Ultimate Little Rascals Collection [DVD] 844503002433 Legend Video
Lone Ranger Double -Barelled Feature - Lone Ranger Story/Hi-Yo Silver [DVD] 844503002594 Legend Video
Alfred Hitchcock: Master Of Suspence [DVD] 844503002709 Legend Video
Lucy-Desi: The Milton Berle Lost Special [DVD] 844503002723 Legend Video
Rifftrax: Ghosthouse [DVD] 844503002747 Legend Video
World War Ii [DVD] 844503002785 Legend Video
American Civil War [DVD] 844503002792 Legend Video
Miracle Of Survival: Against All Odds [DVD] 844503002808 Legend Video
Classic Comedy Teams [DVD] 844503002839 Legend Video
Crazy Inventions & Daredevil Stunts [DVD] 844503002846 Legend Video
War Movie Blockbusters [DVD] 844503002853 Legend Video
Santa'S Magic Toy Bag [DVD] 844503002976 Legend Video
John Wayne Story: The Early Years & Later Years [DVD] 844503002983 Legend Video
Valentine'S Day That Almost Wasn'T [DVD] 844503003003 Legend Video
The Art of Scrapbooking: If my husband can scrapbook... so can you! 837101065061 Legendary Video