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Found 118 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'kraft tool':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Sands Level & Tool SL2424 24-Inch Professional Cast Aluminum Level 030553101145 0030553101145 Kraft Tool
Sands Level & Tool SLMA24 24-Inch Professional Mahogany I-Beam Level, Mahogany 030553140014 0030553140014 Kraft Tool
Sands Level & Tool SLMA48 48-Inch Professional Mahogany I-Beam Level, Mahogany 030553140045 0030553140045 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool SLPT9M Utility Do-It-Yourself Magnetic Plastic Torpedo Level 030553160203 0030553160203 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool GG315 Glo Orange Chalk - 5 lbs. 052837006410 0052837006410 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool BL156 Snap-Over Line Twigs Trigs, 14-Pack 765139101560 0765139101560 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool BL210 Skate Wheel Joint Raker 765139102109 0765139102109 Kraft Tool
Hubbard Jointer w/4 Blades 765139102802 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool BL280 Hubbard Jointer with 4 Blades 765139102802 0765139102802 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool BL348 3-3/8" Tenite Plastic Line Blocks (Bagged Pair) 765139103489 0765139103489 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool BL427 13" Soft Horsehair Bricklayer's Brush 765139104271 0765139104271 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool BL526 Jumbo Utility Brush with Red Handle 765139105261 0765139105261 Kraft Tool
Jumbo Utility Brush w/Tam,6-1/2 x 2 765139105261 KRAFT TOOL
Masons Line,500 ft,Braided Nylon,Yellow 765139113426 KRAFT TOOL
Blister Brush 765139302240 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool PL224 Blister Brush with Replaceable Felt Pads and Hardwood Handle 765139302240 0765139302240 Kraft Tool
Felt Pads for Blister Brush 765139302257 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool PL225 Replacement Felt Pads for Blister Brus, 4 x 8-7/8-Inch,Multi 765139302257 0765139302257 Kraft Tool
8-4- Molded Black Rubber Float W-Wd Hdl 765139303957 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool PL398 Molded Black Sponge Rubber Plaster Float with Wood Handle, 10 x 4 x 5/8-Inch 765139303988 Kraft Tool
Pool Trowel,Pro-Form,4-3/8Shank,12x3.5 765139306477 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool BC354 Bonded Braided Nylon Line (Green & Black) - 500' Tube 765139309768 0765139309768 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CF383 Diameter Chamfer Tube Bronze Edger with Wood Handle, 16-Inch 765139320268 0765139320268 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CH400 Color Hardener, Chestnut Brown 765139320336 0765139320336 Kraft Tool
Color Hardner,Chestnut Brown 765139320336 KRAFT TOOL
W. Rose RO3011-1 3/4 Tile Hammer, 1-3/4-Ounce 765139320671 0765139320671 Kraft Tool
Cement Finish Trowel,16x5",Wood Handle 765139320718 KRAFT TOOL
Power Troweler Blade,Finish,6x18 in 765139321845 KRAFT TOOL
Trowel Sharpener 765139327908 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CF064PF ThinLine Pro Magnesium Hand Float with ProForm Handle, 16 x 3-1/8-Inch 765139328103 0765139328103 Kraft Tool
Touch-Up Roller,Flat Face Joint,1/2 765139333398 KRAFT TOOL
SS Walking Seamer/G,10x10 1/2R,3/4D 765139334357 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC030 10"x10" SS Walking Seamer/Groover 1/2"R 3/4"D w/Thread Handle Socket 765139334357 0765139334357 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DC317ASM Pole Sander with Wood Handle, Assembled 765139350883 0765139350883 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DC267 Drywall Corner Roller, 4-Inch 765139351644 0765139351644 Kraft Tool
Floor Scraper, Silver ,Kraft Tool Co., FC506 765139425062 KRAFT TOOL
DW725 - 12- SS Round Bottom EZ-Grip Mud Pan 765139436747 0765139436747 Kraft Tool
Mud Pan,EZ-Grip,12in.,Rounded Corners 765139436747 KRAFT TOOL
Texture Roller,Tree Bark,Frame 765139441000 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool GG600 Self-Leveling Kit 765139442533 0765139442533 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool GG606-01 Double Notch Steel Rake without Handle, 24-Inch 765139445077 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DW812PF Standard Taping Knife with Preform Soft Grip Handle, 12-Inch x 3-Inch, Orange 765139445275 0765139445275 Kraft Tool
Squeegee Trowel, 14 in, Rubber Blade 765139445619 KRAFT TOOL
Drywall Saw,Economy,Steel,For Wallboard 765139445671 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC497-01 Rub Brick Mop without Handle 765139446661 0765139446661 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool Kraft Miter Snips LA355 765139447996 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CC456-01 36-Inch Green Nylex Soft Broom without Handle 765139449174 0765139449174 Kraft Tool
KRAFT TOOL Red 13" Crack Squeegee 765139451979 KRAFT TOOL
Placer Handle,Wood,for Cardinal Alum,60 765139452259 KRAFT TOOL
Hi-Craft HC545 Lift and Carry Panel Mover 765139455144 6998796250386 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool GG848 36" Seal Coat Brush w/Threaded Handle Adapter 765139459890 0765139459890 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool Kraft DW735 8" All Stainless Steel Joint Knife (1per Pack) 765139466928 Kraft Tool
Lid Claw,Plastic,Durable Plastic 765139501100 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool DW181 Decorative Texture Roller, Basket Weave 765139501810 0765139501810 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DW243 Utility Drywall Saw 765139502435 0765139502435 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DW312 Plastic Double Bladed Mud Pan, 12-Inch 765139503128 0765139503128 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DW520 Inside Drywall Corner Tool, 4 x 5-Inch 765139505207 0765139505207 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DW621 Outside Drywall Corner Tool, 4-Inch 765139506211 0765139506211 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool DW712 Heli-Arc Stainless Steel Mud Pan, 12-Inch 765139507126 0765139507126 Kraft Tool
Shaft Mixer w/3 Welded Wheels,24 765139513059 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool DC305 Spiffy Mixer 24-Inch Shaft with 3 Welded Wheels 765139513059 0765139513059 Kraft Tool
DC402 - KC Taper W-Side Web Hdl 765139514025 0765139514025 Kraft Tool
Kraft DC713 30-Inch Hex Shaft Jr Mud Mixer 765139517132 0765139517132 Kraft Tool
Rub Brick,20 Grit,8x3-1/2x3/4 765139602814 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CF374 Deep Bit Bronze Groover with Wood Handle, 8 x 4-1/2-Inch 765139603743 0765139603743 Kraft Tool
Walking Bronze,3/4x1/4",No Handle 765139610055 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC188-01 Wood Concrete Broom, 48-Inch 765139610079 0765139610079 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CC256 36-Inch Performer Wood Concrete Broom 765139612561 0765139612561 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CC295 EZY Tilt Fresno and Broom Adapter for Double Button Handle, Multicolor, One Size 765139612950 0765139612950 Kraft Tool
Blue Powder Coated Al Swaged Bu,6 ft. 765139613384 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC380 9"x12" 1/4"R 3/4"D Walking Power Groover 765139613803 0765139613803 Kraft Tool
Fresno Trowel,30x5",All-Angle Bracket 765139614138 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC493 All-Angle Small Thread Broom Adapter, Multi, One Size 765139614930 0765139614930 Kraft Tool
Blue Steel Float,No Bracket,72x12 765139615784 KRAFT TOOL
Steel Clevis,Wood Handle,54 765139616569 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC665 Fresno to Broom Thread Bracket 765139616651 0765139616651 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CC666 Fresno or Broom Button Bracket, Multi, One Size 765139616668 0765139616668 Kraft Tool
Walking Bronze,3/4x3/8",No Handle 765139619508 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool CC166-01 Wood Concrete Broom, 36-Inch, Multi, One Size 765139619676 0765139619676 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CC165-01 Wood Concrete Broom, 24-Inch, Multi, One Size 765139619683 0765139619683 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool, RO116-11, Brick Trowel, Narrow London, 4-3/4 x 11 in 765139700190 0765139700190 Kraft Tool
Pointing Trowel,5-1/2in L,Steel 765139904222 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool GG422 Pointing Trowel with Wood Handle, 5-1/2-Inch 765139904222 0765139904222 Kraft Tool
Kraft WL069 EZ-Kneeler Kneeboard 765139910698 0765139910698 Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool CH550 Color Hardener, Brick Red 765139997644 0765139997644 Kraft Tool
Color Hardner,Brick Red 765139997644 KRAFT TOOL
Color Hardner,Cream Beige 765139997705 KRAFT TOOL
Color Hardner,Nutmeg Tan 765139997712 KRAFT TOOL
Color Hardner,Medium Gray 765139997729 KRAFT TOOL
Kraft Tool DW180 Decorative Texture Roller, Crow's Foot 799198426951 5899406108503 Kraft Tool
5/8" x 3/4" Brick Jointer 765139102628 Kraft Tool Co.
Felt Pads (Pair) For Blister Brush 765139302257 KRAFT TOOL CO.
Molded Rubber Float,10inx4in,Wood Handle 765139303988 KRAFT TOOL CO.
6" x 11" Tile Cutter with #400 Carbide Wheel 765139331080 Kraft Tool Co.
9-1/2" x 4" Tile Grouter's Float with Wood Handle 765139331424 Kraft Tool Co.
2 Replacement Blades for Grout Saw (ST147) 765139331622 Kraft Tool Co.
Kraft Tool Co. 72 in. x 1-3 4 in. Anodized Aluminum Swaged Button Handle 765139334227 Kraft Tool Co.
7 In. Floor/Form Scraper 765139345728 KRAFT TOOL CO.
Pole Sander - Wood Handle (Assembled) 765139350883 Kraft Tool Co.
4 in. Drywall Corner Roller 765139351644 Kraft Tool Co.
13 in. x 5 in. Elite Series Five Star Golden Stainless Steel Plaster Trowel with Leather Handle 765139436655 Kraft Tool Co.
Grout Cleaning Brush 765139443318 Kraft Tool Co.
Soffit Square 765139445572 Kraft Tool Co.
Kraft Tool Co. Rub Brick Mop without Handle 765139446661 Kraft Tool Co.
Kraft Tool Co. Fresno Big D Weight - 5 lb. 765139449341 Kraft Tool Co.
Glass Mosaic Cutter with Wrench 765139450316 Kraft Tool Co.
Kraft Tool Co. 72 in. x 1-3/4 in. Orange Powder Coated Aluminum Handle with Swaged Button 765139451399 Kraft Tool Co.
Lift N Carry Panel Mover 765139455144 Kraft Tool Co.
Taper,Drywall,27-7/16in. L x 2-1/8in. W 765139514025 KRAFT TOOL CO.
Kraft Tool Co. 24 in. Shaft Stainless Steel Jiffy Mixer 765139514094 Kraft Tool Co.
Glitter Gun 765139516159 Kraft Tool Co.
Kraft Tool Co. 10 in. x 2 in. Duck Bill Brick Trowel with Wood Handle 765139904444 Kraft Tool Co.
Kraft GG630 56-Inch Heavy-Duty Big John Pry Bar 765139906301 0765139906301 Kraft Tool Co.
Miter Snip 765139447996 Kraft Tool Company
Kraft Tools Tile Hammer 1-3/4 oz. 765139320671 Kraft Tools
Kraft Tools Grout Scrubber Sponge 765139331530 Kraft Tools
Kraft Tools Miter Snips 765139447996 Kraft Tools
Kraft Tools Rubber Mallet 765139518092 Kraft Tools