Found 48 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'ka-bar knives':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Ka-bar Knives 4062PK Dozier Folding Hunter Knife Lockback Knife with Pink Handles 000000198721 Ka-Bar Knives
Ka-Bar BK5 Becker Knife and Tool Magnum Camp Knife 617717200052 0617717200052 KA-BAR KNIVES
Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Knife and Tool Eskabar Knife 617717200144 5055598139149 KA-BAR KNIVES
Ka-Bar 2-0014-4 BK14 Becker Knife&Tool Eskabar 617717200144 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 200168 Becker Knife Short Drop Point 617717200168 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar EK44 EK Model 4 Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath 617717201448 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212123 Fighting Knife with Leather Sheath in Black 617717212123 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212147 Fighting Knife with Kydex Sheath in Black 617717212147 KA-BAR Knives
212185 USMC Fighting Knife Leather Sheath in Brown 617717212185 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212185 USMC Fighting Knife Leather Sheath in Brown 617717212185 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 1226 7L Leather Handled Hunters 617717212260 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 1236 Leather Handled Hunters 617717212369 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 2-1236-9 Bowie Stacked Leather Handle 617717212369 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 1245 12-7/8 Tanto Serrated Edge - Black 617717212451 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212482 Cutlass Machete 617717212482 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212499 Kukri Machete 617717212499 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212505 Short USMC Knife 617717212505 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 1251 Short USMC Straight Knife with Leather Sheath 617717212512 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212529 Short USMC Serrated Knife 617717212529 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212543 Short Tanto Knife in Black 617717212543 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212550 Short Knife Tanto Black Leather Sheath Serrated 617717212550 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212598 Short Knife Black Hard Sheath Serrated Edge 617717212598 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212789 Heavy Duty Warthog With Sheath 617717212789 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 212802 Combat Kukri 617717212802 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 212833 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife Serrated 617717212833 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar KA-2-1317-5 Dogs Head Utility Knife 617717213175 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 4018365 7 in. Single Mark Ka-Bar Fixed Knife Blade with Leather Handle 617717213205 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 4020192 2.71 in. TDI Investigator Fixed Blade Nylon Handle Knife 617717214936 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 222115 Kraton Handled Big Brother 617717222115 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 222214 Kraton Handled Mark 1 Straight Edge 617717222214 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 2-3053-0 Desert Mule Folder Serrated 617717230530 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 2-3075-2 Warthog Folder Tanto Serrated 617717230752 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 2-3076-9 Agama Fldr G10 Hdle 617717230769 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 2-3079-0 Tegu Fldr G10 Hdle 617717230790 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 3189 Folding Hunter 617717231896 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 240621 Dozier Folding Hunter Knife 617717240621 KA-BAR Knives
KA-BAR Knives 250170 USMC Fighting Knife Straight Edge 617717250170 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 5019 KA-BAR 5019 Military Knife - 7 in. Blade - Serrated Edge - Clip Point - Steel 617717250194 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 2-5701-8 15-1/8" ZK Knife Series War Sword Knives and Accessories 617717257018 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar Knives 9406 Aluminium Cane Black 617717294068 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 4019172 9916 Attachment System 617717299162 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 5011S KA-BAR 5011S Carrying Case for Knife - Sheath - Plastic 617717350115 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 5-5699BP-9 ZK in.Acheron in. Skeleton Knife 617717556999 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar BK14HNDL Becker Eskabar Black and Orange 617717600142 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar 4016867 BK2 Becker Campanion FDE Handle Hard Black Sheath 617717700026 KA-BAR Knives
Ka-Bar BK14 Becker Knife and Tool Eskabar Knife 745369238199 5055598139149 KA-BAR KNIVES
Ka-Bar Warthog Tanto Folder Plain edge Knife 617717430756 KA-BAR Knives, Inc
KA-BAR BK7 BECKER COMBAT UTILITY KNIFE 617717200076 0617717200076 Ka-Bar Knives, Inc.