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Found 19 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'japanbargain':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
JapanBargain, Sushi Press Maker Rectangular Wooden Oshizushi Box Sushi Mold Oshizushihako, 8.5 inch x 2.75 inch 012027613361 0720061020181 JapanBargain
JapanBargain, Japanese Iwachu Cast Iron Cricket Wind Chimes, Nambu Cast Iron Windchimes Made in Japan 614577035510 0614577035510 JapanBargain
JapanBargain S-3092 Japanese Microwavable Water Mug, 12 oz., Chocolate Color 614577123118 JapanBargain
JapanBargain S-1630, Sushi Nori Kan Seaweed Container Black Half Sheet 614577732228 JapanBargain
JapanBargain 1598x8, Kabob Skewers Cocktail Picks Yakitori Grill Skewers Bamboo Paddle Skewers for Appetizers Fruits Fondue BBQ Outdoor Grilling 800pcs, 7 inch 719363550250 0719363550250 JapanBargain
JapanBargain 2346x12-A Brand Asian/Chinese Green Melamine Ladle Style Soup Spoons 719363551127 0719363551127 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Brand 5 Piece Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set Multi Color Design (MNT) 719363553237 JapanBargain
JapanBargain 5 Piece Chopsticks Gift Set 5 Colors Happy Bunny Rabbit 719363553589 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Brand 5 Pair Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set Crane Design Black 719363553602 0719363553602 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Japaneses Stainless Steel Vegetable Cookie Cutters Food Molds Set 719363553718 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Solid Bamboo Dinner Spoons - 10 Piece 719363556474 JapanBargain
JapanBargain 6 Piece Bamboo Flatware Set Knife Fork and Spoon 719363556481 JapanBargain
JapanBargain S-3676+3793-P1, 1 x Sushi Rolling Kit, 2 x Rolling Mats, 1 x Rice Paddle, 1 x Spreader, Green 719363556504 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Brand Black/Red Melamine Miso Soup Rice Bowl 4.75-inch 719363557013 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Cast Iron Teapot, Black Cherry Blossom, 8 oz. 719363557273 JapanBargain
JapanBargain, Ramen Bowl Japanese Large Plastic Soup Bowl for Udon Pho Noodle Poke Cereal Bowl Microwave and Dishwasher Safe Made in Japan, 38 oz 719363558720 0719363558720 JapanBargain
JapanBargain 3221, Universal Replacement Knobs for Cooking Pan Pot Lid Knob, Set of 2, Black 744096771009 0744096771009 JapanBargain
JapanBargain Japanese Laundry Wash Basin with Washboard 1690 791769395352 JapanBargain
JapanBargain 4631, Japanese Dobin Mushi Soup Pot Soup Teapot Cooking Pot Set Made in Japan, Tokusa Style, 10.8 ounce 899377002188 0899377002188 JapanBargain