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Found 195 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'intermatic':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Intermatic K4121C 120-Volt Stem Mount Thermal Photocontrol 007827500201 0007827500201 Intermatic
Intermatic FD6HW 6-Hour Spring-Loaded Auto-off Wall Timer for Fans and Lights, White 013147061735 0013147061735 Intermatic
Intermatic Raintight Outdoor Timer HB11R 15 AMP Portable Heavy-duty Outdoor Timer 049022388529 0049022388529 Intermatic
Heavy-Duty Contractor Grade Time Switch 078275000018 Intermatic
Intermatic T104 Electromechanical Timer, 208-277 V, 40 A, 1-23 Hr, 1-12 Cycles Per Day 078275000025 0078275000025 Intermatic
Intermatic T103 Mechanical Time Switch, Gray 078275000049 0078275000049 Intermatic
T100 Series 24 Hour Dial 078275000049 Intermatic
Intermatic T101R 120-Volt SPST 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch with Outdoor Case, Color 078275000056 7241870602540 Intermatic
Electromechanical Timer,24 hr. 078275000056 INTERMATIC
Intermatic T104R 208-277-Volt DPST 24 Hour Mechanical Time Switch with Outdoor Case 078275000124 0078275000124 Intermatic
"Intermatic T104-20 Water Heater," 078275000131 Intermatic
"Intermatic T104P Nema 3R Plastic Case 208277 V Dpst Gray Case," 078275000162 Intermatic
Intermatic 601514 24 Hour Time Switch 078275000162 Intermatic
Electromechanical Timer,24 Hour,Dpst 078275000162 INTERMATIC
Time Clock 24 Hour Dpst 208-277V N-3 Intermatic Inc Misc. Office Supplies T104P 078275000162 Intermatic
Intermatic 601513 24 Hour Time Switch 125 Volts 078275000223 Intermatic
Intermatic T101M Mechanical Timer Mechanism 078275000230 0078275000230 Intermatic
Intermatic T101M Timer Mechnism 125V 078275000230 0078275000230 Intermatic
Intermatic 40-Amp 1-Outlet Mechanical Residential Hardwired Lighting Timer T104M 078275000261 Intermatic
Dial Timer Mechanism 078275000261 INTERMATIC
Intermatic K4221C 120-Volt Stem and Swivel Mount Thermal Photocontrol, Gray 078275002029 0078275002029 Intermatic
K4221C 120V 50/60HZ 1800W INTIN SWIVEL MOUNT 078275002029 Intermatic
Intermatic K4221C 120-Volt Stem and Swivel Mount Thermal Photocontrol 078275002029 Intermatic
"Intermatic K4221C K4200 Series Thermal Photo Control 120 Volt AC, Cadmium Sulfide, Sensor," 078275002029 Intermatic
Intermatic K4321C 120-Volt Fixed Position Thermal Photocontrol with Wall Plate 078275002036 Intermatic
Intermatic LX10610T25 Malibu 10 Pack Low-Voltage Plastic Lights with 44-Watt Power Pack and 50-Foot Cable, Black 078275003774 0078275003774 Intermatic
INTERMATIC E1020C Timer,Wall Switch 078275004207 Intermatic
Intermatic FD60MC 60-Minute Spring-Loaded In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch for Fans and Lights, Ivory 078275005051 0078275005051 Intermatic
Intermatic FD12HC 12-Hour Spring-Loaded Wall Timer for Lights and Fans, Ivory 078275005075 0078275005075 Intermatic
Spring Wound Auto-Off Timer Intermatic Timers FF12HC 078275005259 078275005259 Intermatic
Intermatic FF12HC Spring Wound Auto-Off Timer 078275005259 0078275005259 Intermatic
Intermatic FF30MC 30-Minute Spring Wound Countdown Wall Timer, Brushed Metal 078275005303 0078275005303 Intermatic
Intermatic 7-Amp Mechanical Residential Hardwired down Lighting Timer FF30MC 078275005303 Intermatic
Intermatic WH21 250V Electric Water Heater Timer 078275007024 Intermatic
Wh40 Timer Dpst Water HTR 078275007406 0078275007406 Intermatic
Intermatic NE2C Night Eye Dual Photo Cell 078275008137 0078275008137 Intermatic
Intermatic EJ341C Programmable 24-Hour Security Timer 078275008410 0078275008410 Intermatic
Intermatic HB88RC Digital Two Receptacle Programmable Outdoor Timer, Black 078275009424 0078275089426 Intermatic
Intermatic WG1570-10D 125V 60-Hertz Replacement Time Clock Motor for T100, T170, T100R201, T1400, T100-20 and WH Series 078275020115 0078275020115 Intermatic
Intermatic ML88T 88-Watt Power Pack with Timer and Ground Shield 078275023338 0078275023338 Intermatic
Intermatic PX100 120V To 12V Transformer 078275024090 Intermatic
Intermatic T101P3 Time Switch 078275026285 0078275026285 Intermatic
Intermatic T101R3 Timer Switch in Metal Enclosure, Color 078275026308 0078275026308 Intermatic
110V Time Clock 078275026308 Intermatic
Intermatic RC2123PT On/Off High Low with Timer Air Switch 078275029026 0078275029026 Intermatic
"Intermatic K4141C K4100 Series Thermal Photo Control 120 Volt AC, Cadmium Sulfide, Sensor," 078275029583 Intermatic
Intermatic K4123C 208-277-Volt Stem Mount Position Thermal Photocontrol 078275029590 Intermatic
Intermatic NE200C Par Lamp Photo Control. 078275031807 0078275031807 Intermatic
Freeze Protector 078275040571 Intermatic
Intermatic CL115 Malibu Outdoor One-Light 20-Watt Submersible Light with 20-Foot Cable 078275041523 0078275041523 Intermatic
Intermatic Electric Steel Water Heater Timer EH10 078275042896 Intermatic
Electronic Timer,24 hr/7 Days,SPST 078275042896 INTERMATIC
Intermatic 601571 Electronic 7-Day Water Heater Timer Switch EH10 078275042896 Intermatic
Intermatic T40000R4 Timer Switch Load Center W/Gcfi in Outdoor Enclosure 078275043077 0078275043077 Intermatic
Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer 078275043466 0078275043466 Intermatic
Replacement Mechanism for PF1102 078275047082 Intermatic
"Intermatic TN311C Heavy Duty Grounded Timer 15 Amp," 078275047518 Intermatic
Intermatic T10604R Control Center 078275048522 0078275048522 Intermatic
Intermatic WG733-14D 208/240/277V Time Clock Motor, Color 078275054301 7544580372520 Intermatic
Intermatic HB31R All Weather, Outdoor Timer. Heavy Duty-15 Amp. Rain Tight Plastic Case 078275054370 0078275001428 Intermatic
Intermatic TN711C Security Timer 078275055674 0078275055674 Intermatic
Intermatic Digital Wall Switch Timer SS7C 078275056732 0078275056732 Intermatic
Intermatic K4223C 277-Volt Stem and Swivel Mount Position Thermal Photocontrol 078275056954 Intermatic
Intermatic RC6F 1-1/2-Inch Air Button 150-Foot Range 078275065536 5448095686122 Intermatic
Universal Air 078275065536 Intermatic
Intermatic ML12210 Malibu 100-Foot 12/2-Guage Low Voltage Cable 078275067158 0078275067158 Intermatic
Intermatic PA600 Pool/Spa Emergency Shut Off Switch 078275067257 0078275067257 Intermatic
"Intermatic PA600 Pump ShutOff Switch," 078275067257 Intermatic
Emergency Shut-Off Switch 078275067257 Intermatic
Intermatic P1261P Two-Circuit Portable Outdoor Timer 078275067530 Intermatic
Intermatic 300-Watt 120-Volt Landscape Lighting Transformer PX300S 078275067578 Intermatic
Intermatic RC613R Radio Receiver, Heavy Duty, Color 078275067660 0078275067660 Intermatic
Intermatic ML121RT Low Voltage 121-Watt Power Pack with Timer, Black 078275068162 0078275068162 Intermatic
Intermatic HB61RC Digital Outdoor Timer Photo Control 078275069008 0078275069008 Intermatic
"Intermatic FD60MAC Auto-Off Timer," 078275072930 Intermatic
Intermatic Pf1202T Multi Circuit Freeze Protection 2 Time Switch 078275073593 0078275073593 Intermatic
Insulator T110 Series - Single 078275073661 Intermatic
"Intermatic FD2HW Intermatic, 2-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer, White," 078275073975 Intermatic
Intermatic FD2HW 2-Hour Spring-Loaded Automatic shut-off Wall Timer for Fans and Lights with Hold, White 078275073975 7102263448605 Intermatic
Intermatic FF4H 4-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer, Brushed Metal Finish 078275074026 0078275074026 Intermatic
Intermatic ML300RTW Malibu 300-Watt Power Pack with Timer and Ground Shield 078275076648 7123290544603 Intermatic
Intermatic CL1 Malibu One-Light Outdoor Cast Metal Floodlight with 50-Watt Halogen Bi-Pin Bulb 078275078925 0078275078925 Intermatic
Intermatic T21001R 60-Amps Pool/Spa Control Panel T101M, Color 078275083455 0078275083455 Intermatic
Intermatic T21004R 60-Amps Pool/Spa Control Panel T104M DPST, Color 078275083462 0078275083462 Intermatic
Intermatic HA06C Indoor Wall Switch 078275083929 0078275083929 Intermatic
Intermatic CS17K Malibu Outdoor One-Light Mission Walk Light with 11-Watt Bulb, Antique Copper 078275084124 0078275084124 Intermatic
PE Digital Control 078275086579 Intermatic
Digital Control Center 078275086593 Intermatic
Bulb 4w Red Wdg Base 2pk 078275087156 0078275087156 Intermatic
Intermatic ML20WH2C Malibu 20-Watt Halogen Bi-Pin, 2 Pack 078275087224 0078275087224 Intermatic
Intermatic P4243ME 2-Circuit and Valve Actuator Controller for Pool/Spa Combinations 078275089303 0078275089303 Intermatic
Intermatic P4243ME Pool and Spa Valve/Pump Switch 078275089303 Intermatic
3-Circuit Pump/Valve Actuator Mechanism 078275089303 Intermatic
Intermatic EI500WC In-Wall Electronic Timer, White 078275089693 0078275089693 Intermatic
Digital PE Control with Freeze Probe 078275091979 Intermatic
Intermatic Hardwired Programmable Pool Filter Timer PE153 078275092358 Intermatic
Intermatic PE153P Timer, 120/240V 3-Circuit Digital Timer in Rainproof Enclosure 078275092396 Intermatic
Digital Time Clock Plastic Enclosure 078275092396 Intermatic
15 Amp In-Wall Digital Auto Shut-Off Timer, White 078275095199 Intermatic
Intermatic EI210W Electronic Auto-Off Timer 10/20/30/60 Minutes, White 078275095236 0078275095236 Intermatic
Intermatic PE650 Transceiver 078275096875 0078275096875 Intermatic
Auto Shut Off Timer,Almond,1/4 HP 078275100572 INTERMATIC
"Intermatic EI400LAC Digital Auto-Off Timer Light Almond," 078275101395 Intermatic
Intermatic EI600WC 7-Day Electronic In-Wall Timer, White 078275101418 Intermatic
Intermatic Indoor and Outdoor Mechanical Timer Switch 40 amps 208-277 volts Gray 078275104280 Intermatic
15-Amp Decorator Auto-off In-Wall Digital Timer, White 078275105218 Intermatic
"Intermatic EI205 EI200 Series Decorator Electronic Auto-Off Timer Switch 5/15/30/45/60 min, Ivory, SPST, 120 Volt AC," 078275108455 Intermatic
"Intermatic EI215 Decorator Electronic Timer With No Hold 15/30/60 min 24-Hour, Ivory, SPST, 120 Volt AC," 078275108486 Intermatic
"Intermatic ET1725C 7-Day Electronic Timer Switch 1 min to 23 Hour 59 min, Gray, SPST/DPST, 120/208/240/277 Volt AC," 078275109865 Intermatic
Intermatic ET1125C 24-Hour 30-Amp Electronic Time Switch, 120-277 VAC, NEMA 1 078275109957 0078275109957 Intermatic
Intermatic ET1125C 24-Hour 30-Amp Electronic Time Switch, 120-277 VAC, NEMA 1, 2-Circuit/30-Amp Rating 078275109957 0078275109957 Intermatic
Intermatic ET1105CPD82 24-Hour 30-Amp SPST Electronic Time Switch, Clock Voltage 120-277 VAC, NEMA 3R Plastic Cover, 1-Circuit/30-Amp Rating, Gray 078275112186 0078275112186 Intermatic
Electronic Timer,24 hr,SPST 078275112186 INTERMATIC
Intermatic TN300CL 10 Amp Indoor Mechanical Timer, White 078275113527 0078275113527 Intermatic
Intermatic CA8700 InTouch USB Controller 078275114166 Intermatic
"Intermatic FM1D50-24U 24-Hour/7-Day Electronic Timer Switch 1 min, Gray, SPDT, 24 Volt AC/DC," 078275116207 Intermatic
Dual Time Clock One T104M in Dual Mech Outdoor Enclosure 078275116801 Intermatic
Intermatic T10004R Pool/Spa Control Center 1 T104M, Color 078275116801 0078275116801 Intermatic
Intermatic T40004RT3 Pool Panel with Transformer 300-Watt 078275118133 0078275118133 Intermatic
Intermatic WG1573-10D 60-Hertz Replacement Clock Motor for T100, T170, T100R201, T1400, T100-20 and WH Series, Gray 078275119246 7129984800246 Intermatic
Intermatic WG1573-10D 60-Hertz Replacement Clock Motor for T100, T170, T100R201, T1400, T100-20 and WH Series 078275119246 Intermatic
Intermatic 143T145A Timer Replacement Relay Assembly 24V Dc Coil for P4243Me Valve/Pump Switch 078275123748 0078275123748 Intermatic
Intermatic WH40 Timer, 7.75 x 5 x 3 inches, Gray 078275123878 0078275007406 Intermatic
Intermatic Electric Water Heater Timer WH40DL3 078275123878 Intermatic
Mechanism with Heat Delay 220V 078275124202 Intermatic
Intermatic T30401R Pool/Spa Control Panel T104M/T101M, Color 078275124301 0078275124301 Intermatic
Intermatic T32404R Control Panel 078275124332 0078275124332 Intermatic
Intermatic T30004R Pool/Spa Control Panel 1 T104M DPST, Color 078275124356 0078275124356 Intermatic
Intermatic CT2000 20-Amps 4800-Watt Percentage Cycle Timer 078275124363 0078275124363 Intermatic
"Intermatic CT2000 Electronic Timer Switch SPDT, 120/240 Volt AC," 078275124363 Intermatic
Intermatic CT2000 20 AMP Percentage Cycle Timer 078275124363 Intermatic
Intermatic IG1240RC3 Whole Home Type-1 or 2 Surge Protection Device 078275124394 0733353341550 Intermatic
Intermatic PE653RC MultiWave Z-Wave Wireless Pool/Spa Control System 078275124738 Intermatic
Intermatic PE653RC MultiWave Z-wave Pool/Spa/Home Control 078275124738 Intermatic
Intermatic PE653RC Wireless Control System for Variable Speed and Two-Speed Pumps 078275124738 0078275124738 Intermatic
Multiwave Wireless 5 Circuit Pool and Spa Variable Speed Receiver 078275124738 Intermatic
60 Amp Variable speed and two speed control system 078275125018 Intermatic
Valve Actuator Control Mechanism (Dual Voltage Input) 078275125032 Intermatic
"Intermatic DTAV40 Auto Defrost Control 15 min Increments, 1 x SPDT, 1 x SPST, 120 - 240 Volt AC," 078275125162 Intermatic
Intermatic PE953 MultiWave Wireless Hand-Held Transceiver 078275127586 Intermatic
Intermatic 15-Amp 2-Outlet Mechanical Residential Plug-in Lighting Timer TN311 078275127890 Intermatic
15AMP Timer 078275127890 Intermatic
While In Use Weatherproof Cover, Intermatic, WP1010MXD 078275130135 Intermatic
"Intermatic EJ351 In-Wall Security Timer 120 Volt AC, 24 Hour," 078275135178 Intermatic
Electronic Timer,24 hr,SPST-NO INTERMATIC EP100C 078275143654 Intermatic
Intermatic 15-Amp 6-Outlet Mechanical Residential Hardwired Lighting Timer HB1116K 078275145450 Intermatic
Intermatic 15-Amp 6-Outlet Mechanical Residential Lighting Timer HB1116K 078275145450 Intermatic
Intermatic HB11K Outdoor Portable Timer 078275146228 Intermatic
"Intermatic ET2725CP 365/7-Day Timer Switch 2xSPST, Electronic Control in Type 1 Steel Enclosure," 078275148161 Intermatic
Electronic Timer,7/365 Days,30A 078275148161 INTERMATIC
Intermatic Smart Guard; Commercial/Residential Indoor Whole House Surge Protector IG2240-IMSK 078275148697 Intermatic
Smart Guard Whole Home Surge Protector, Metal Mounting Kit 078275148697 Intermatic
1-Gang Horizontal or Vertical Weatherproof Extra-Duty While in Use Cover (6 per Pack), Clear/Plastic 078275149755 Intermatic
Electromechanical Timer,24 Hour,Dpst 078275173019 INTERMATIC
Intermatic FF6H 6-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer, Plastic with Brushed Metal Effect 078275184183 0078275184183 Intermatic
Intermatic FF36H 6-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer, Brushed Metal 078275184268 Intermatic
"Intermatic FF36H 6-Hour Commercial Auto-Off Timer, SPDT," 078275184268 Intermatic
Intermatic WH21 Electric Water Heater Timer, Color 078275318359 0078275318359 Intermatic
Intermatic E1010 24-Hour 15-Amps Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer, Color 078275440005 7241870765351 Intermatic
"Intermatic K4021 K4000 Series Fixed Position Mount Photocontrol 120 Volt AC, Cadmium Sulfide Sensor," 078275530003 Intermatic
"Intermatic K4121 K4100 Series Stem Mount Photocontrol 120 Volt AC, Cadmium Sulfide Sensor," 078275530065 Intermatic
Intermatic T8800 Series 0-Station Indoor/Outdoor T8805P101D89 078275700758 Intermatic
Intermatic T8805P101C Mechanical Cycle and Irrigation Timer Switch with 14 Day Skipper 078275700758 0078275700758 INTERMATIC
"Intermatic T8805P101C Time Switch 15 Amp, 125 Volt Motor, 120 Volt Output, 24 Hour, DPST, Yellow Dial," 078275700758 Intermatic
Fireman Switch 078275701137 Intermatic
Intermatic 2T2485GA Pool/Spa Metal Enclosure Timer, Color 078275701595 0078275701595 Intermatic
40 Amp Control Panel with 220V Timer and 100W Transformer 078275755031 Intermatic
Intermatic Insulator for Double-Pole Timer Switches, Item # 124T1952 for use in T100 Series Intermatic Timers (T103, T104, T105, T173, T174, T175, T176, T185, WH40), Timer Controls Accessories 078275800236 0753610463139 Intermatic
Intermatic NE1C Screw-In Photo Control, Single Cell. 078341941283 0078341941283 Intermatic
110V Time Clock 080013000105 Intermatic
Intermatic K4023C 208-277-Volt Fixed Position Thermal Photocontrol 094700428264 0078275029576 Intermatic
Intermatic T10404R Electromechanical Timer, Swim Pool 094701222861 0078275117105 Intermatic
Vibration Hour Meter, Vertical Mount 094706202028 Intermatic
Electromechanical Timer,24-Hour,SPDT 614573121019 INTERMATIC
Electromechanical Timer,24-Hour,SPDT 614573121200 INTERMATIC
Electromechanical Timer,7-Day,SPDT,21A 614573122016 INTERMATIC
Intermatic K4021C 120-Volt Fixed Position Thermal Photocontrol 659051344320 Intermatic
Intermatic 156T1978A Time Switch Trippers for T100 Series Timers 710525824578 5509005546377 Intermatic
Intermatic WH40 Electric Water Heater Timer, Gray, 7.75 x 5 x 3 inches 715335407058 0078275007406 Intermatic
Intermatic P1121 Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer 15 Amp/1 HP for Pumps, Aerators, Heaters, Holiday Decorations and Landscape Lighting 716080043775 0732454875162 Intermatic
Intermatic T30401R Pool/Spa Control Panel T104M/T101M by Intermatic 733353574842 0733353574842 Intermatic
Intermatic TMHDT101 T101 24 Hour Dial Timer 735090346355 0783324975789 Intermatic
Intermatic ST01 7 Day Programmable In Wall Digital Timer Switch for Lights and Appliances, Astronomic, Self Adjusting, Heavy Duty,White 782247194857 7241870897014 Intermatic
Intermatic T101P3 125V Intermatic Timer Spst 40 Amps 782750262852 Intermatic
Intermatic EH10 Timer 784497717664 0095801757376 Intermatic
Intermatic TN811C Programmable Lamp and Appliance Timer, White 785577061424 0078275047532 Intermatic
Intermatic 156T1950A Trippers for T1900, T2000, C880, R8800, T8800 Series Timers (Pack of 12), Color 785577375224 0078275211339 Intermatic
Intermatic Pool Timer Motor for T101M 110 Volts WG1570-10D by Intermatic 789610254224 0789610254224 Intermatic
Intermatic Pool Timer Motor for T104M 220 Volts WG1573-10D 789610254231 0789610231331 Intermatic
Intermatic T101M 24-Hour Mechanical Timer SPST Mechanism 789610254255 0080013000112 Intermatic
Intermatic WG1573-10D 60-Hertz Replacement Clock Motor for T100, T170, T100R201, T1400, T100-20 and WH Series 793134125779 0793134125779 Intermatic
Intermatic P1131 Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Pump Timer with Twist Lock Plug and Receptacle, Black 796299867492 0078275060982 Intermatic
Intermatic FD60MWC 60-Minute Spring-Wound In-Wall Countdown Timer Switch for Auto-Off control of Fans and Lights, White 885791985763 5889332928276 Intermatic
Intermatic 156PA13714A 3/4" Nonmetallic Pool/Spa Hub Kit 999999999993 Intermatic
Photocontrol,Locking,120 to 277VAC 999999999993 INTERMATIC