Found 42 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'ibm corporation':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
IBM 18P7535 IBM Tape 1/2in.Ctdg 3592 Cleaning Tape 000435074874 Ibm Corporation
IBM 24R0316 Tape 1/2 in. Ctdg 3592 60GB 000435225498 Ibm Corporation
IBM MEDIA 24R1922 Tape LTO Ultrium-3 400GB-800GB 000435437693 Ibm Corporation
IBM 96P1203 Tape LTO Ultrium-3 400GB-800GB WORM 000435626042 Ibm Corporation
IBM Return Program Toner Cartridge For Infoprint 1552 Printer 6000 Page Black 75P6959 000435682420 Ibm Corporation
IBM 21k Return Toner Cartridge 75P6961 000435682444 Ibm Corporation
IBM 41U1680 6-Pack Ultra Capacity Ribbon for IBM 6500 000435911513 Ibm Corporation
IBM 41U1680 Printer Ribbon, Black 000435911513 IBM Corporation
IBM LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge 000435912411 IBM Corporation
IBM 39V1642 Black High Yield Toner Cartridge 000435921925 IBM Corporation
IBM Remanufactured HP CC530A Black Toner Cartridge 016807003229 IBM Corporation
IBM Remanufactured HP 131A (CF210A) Toner Cartridge 016807090182 IBM Corporation
IBM Remanufactured HP 131A (CF211A) Toner Cartridge 016807090205 IBM Corporation
IBM Remanufactured HP 131A (CF212A) Toner Cartridge 016807090229 IBM Corporation
Ibm TG85P7009 High-Yield Toner 6500 Page-Yield Black 016807094685 Ibm Corporation
IBM Remanufactured HP 25X (CF325X) Toner Cartridge 016807132448 IBM Corporation
IBM Remanufactured HP (CF381A) Toner Cartridge 016807132608 IBM Corporation
Ibm 2727263LI 3592 Tape Cartridge Advanced Data JD 10Tb With Label & Initialized 051122298332 Ibm Corporation
IBM 08L6663 Magstar 3570- CXL Format 7-21GB Data Cartridge 051122382994 Ibm Corporation
IBM MEDIA 05H2462 Linear Tape Magstar MP 3570 B Model Fast Access 5GB 051122409318 Ibm Corporation
IBM 05H2462 Magstar 3570- B Format 5-15GB Data Tape Cartridge 051122409318 Ibm Corporation
IBM MEDIA 08L6187 Linear Tape Magstar MP 3570 C Model Fast Access 5GB 051122409332 Ibm Corporation
IBM Infoprint 4000/4100 Fine Filter 1372464 087944096993 Ibm Corporation
IBM 05H4434 Magstar 10 GB/20 GB Tape Media 087944211167 Ibm Corporation
IBM MEDIA 59H2678 Tape 8mm Mammoth AME 1 170m 20-40GB 087944332312 Ibm Corporation
IBM 08L9120 LTO-1 Ultrium 100-200GB Data Tape Cartridge 087944516149 Ibm Corporation
IBM Black Cartridge 087944799245 IBM Corporation
IBM Black Ribbon Cartridge 087944821380 IBM Corporation
IBM 75P4057 Magenta High Yield Toner Cartridge 087944867340 IBM Corporation
IBM 75P6961 Original Toner Cartridge - Black 400211750327 IBM Corporation
IBM 1040301 Ibm Br 4712 Matrix - Lq 1-Black Nylon Ribbon 734646031646 Ibm Corporation
IBM 1040990 Ibm Br 6400 General-Purp - 6-Sd Black Nylon Ribbons 734646072519 Ibm Corporation
Ibm 46X7453 3592 500Gb Econ - Jk Cartridge 747925167943 Ibm Corporation
Ibm 46X7452 3592 4Tb - Jc Cartridge 747925167950 Ibm Corporation
IBM 05H3188 Tape 12 in. Ctdg 3590 Extended 2040GB 765787974110 Ibm Corporation
1/2" CARTRIDGE 2706FT 700GB NATIVE/2.1TB COMPRESSED CAPACITY 883436000796 0883436000796 IBM Corporation
IBM 23R9830 1/2 Data Cartridge 2706ft 700GB Native/2.1TB Compressed Data Capacity 883436000796 Ibm Corporation
IBM 42C1780 Netxtreme II 1000 Exp Dual Prt Adapt 883436025614 Ibm Corporation
IBM 42D0519 450Gb Sas Hot Swap Hard Disk Drive with Tray 883436028226 Ibm Corporation
IBM 46M6065 4Gb Fc Expansion Card Ciov 883436046862 Ibm Corporation
IBM 59Y3952 System X3550 M3 R2 ODD Kit 883436086011 Ibm Corporation
IBM 08L6187 Magstar 3570- C Format 5-15GB Data Tape Cartridge 887944448484 Ibm Corporation