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Found 72 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'film chest':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
4/20 Massacre (aka 420 Massacre) [DVD] 720260654163 0720260654163 Film Chest
Blu-Ray Twin Pack: Dementia 13 & The Terror 851169003162 0851169003162 Film Chest
50's TV Classics: Collector's Edition 874757032498 Film Chest
The Lost World DVDTee (XL) 874757032993 0874757032993 Film Chest
Federal Men 3-Disc Set (16 Episodes) 874757047096 Film Chest
John Wayne: Bigger Than Life 874757048291 0874757048291 Film Chest
Pitfall 874757048390 Film Chest
Best of Film Noir Vol. 1 874757048499 0874757048499 Film Chest
Best of Film Noir Vol. 2 874757048598 0874757048598 Film Chest
Roger Corman's Horror Classics Vol. 1 874757048796 Film Chest
The Adventures of Champion (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757048994 Film Chest
The Bat (1959) 874757049090 0874757049090 Film Chest
Silent Night, Bloody Night (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049199 0874757049199 Film Chest
Bloodlust (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049298 Film Chest
The Bigamist (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049397 Film Chest
Hollow Triumph (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049496 0874757049496 Film Chest
Best of Film Noir Vol. 1&2 (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049595 0874757049595 Film Chest
Best of Film Noir Vol. 1&2 (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049595 0874757049595 Film Chest
The Strange Woman (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049793 Film Chest
The Black Book (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757049991 Film Chest
Detour (Digitally Restored Version) [DVD] (1945) 874757050195 Film Chest
At War With the Army (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757050294 Film Chest
Fear in the Night (Film Chest Digitally Restored Version) 874757050393 Film Chest
Quicksand (Film Chest Digitally Restored Version) 874757050492 Film Chest
A Woman in Flames (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757050799 0874757050799 Film Chest
In Search of Ancient Mysteries 874757050898 Film Chest
The Killer Shrews (Digitally Transferred) 874757050997 Film Chest
Don't Look in the Basement (Digitally Remastered) 874757051093 0874757051093 Film Chest
DVD Twin Pack: Hollow Triumph & The Bigamist 874757051192 Film Chest
Victory at Sea: The Feature Film (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757051390 0874757051390 Film Chest
One Step Beyond 6 DVD Collector's Set (70 Episodes) 874757051499 0874757051499 Film Chest
Classic Western 3-Pack 874757051697 Film Chest
Amazing Space: An Audio/Visual Meditation on the Cosmos (3 Disc Set - Blu-Ray + DVD + CD) 874757051796 0874757051796 Film Chest
They Call It Murder (Film Chest Restored Version) 874757051895 0874757051895 Film Chest
Rock 'n Rhythm 2-Disc Collector's Set 874757051994 0874757051994 Film Chest
The Barkleys & The Houndcats 2-Disc Collector's Set 874757052090 0874757052090 Film Chest
Dark Film Mysteries (3-Disc Film Noir Collector's Set) 874757052199 Film Chest
Bloody Wednesday 874757052496 0874757052496 Film Chest
The Classic Age of Fantasy (3-Disc Collector's Set) 874757052595 Film Chest
12 Sci-Fi Cult Classics on 3 DVDs 874757052694 0874757052694 Film Chest
Vampires 874757052793 0874757052793 Film Chest
The Golden Age of Musicals (5 Disc Collector's Set) 874757052892 0874757052892 Film Chest
Hell Hunters [DVD] 874757052991 0874757052991 Film Chest
Betty White 4-Disc Collector's Set (41 Episodes) 874757064093 Film Chest
Decoy: The Only Package with ALL 39 Episodes Available! 874757064192 Film Chest
Dark Film Mysteries II (Film Noir Collector's Set) 874757064291 0874757064291 Film Chest
Deadline: The Complete 39 Episode Series! 874757064796 0874757064796 Film Chest
Dementia 13 (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack) 851169003056 0851169003056 Film Chest Company
Blu-Ray Twin Pack: Kansas City Confidential & The Stranger 851169003124 0851169003124 Film Chest Company
Roy Rogers - Springtime in the Sierras (Restored in Original Color) 874757032597 0874757032597 Film Chest Company
People Are Funny (16 Episodes on 3 Discs) 874757046594 0874757046594 Film Chest Company
Liberace TV Classics 874757048895 0874757048895 Film Chest Company
Liberace-Tv Classics [DVD] 874757048895 Film Chest Media Group
Desert Victory 874757040295 Filmchest
Fat Spy 874757040394 Filmchest
Great American West of John Ford 874757040493 Filmchest
Killers From Space 874757040592 Filmchest
Buster Keaton: Li'l Abner / 874757040899 0874757040899 Filmchest
Buster Keaton: Li'l Abner 874757040899 0874757040899 Filmchest
Man Who Cheated Himself 874757040998 0874757040998 Filmchest
Marines Are Coming 874757041094 Filmchest
Memphis Belle 874757041193 Filmchest
Report From the Aleutians 874757041797 Filmchest
Thunderbolt / 874757042091 0874757042091 Filmchest
To the Shores of Iwo Jima 874757042190 0874757042190 Filmchest
True Glory 874757042299 0874757042299 Filmchest
Tunisian Victory 874757042398 0874757042398 Filmchest
Charles Dickens the Christmas Carol 874757042497 Filmchest
Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia 874757042695 0874757042695 Filmchest
Prelude to War 874757043098 Filmchest
Danny Thomas Show: Road to Lebanon 874757043197 0874757043197 Filmchest