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Found 250 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'dmi':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
DMI(R) Designer Adjustable Offset-Handle Aluminum Cane, 39in., Copper Swirl 041298000037 DMI
DMI Lightweight Adjustable Cane, Offset Foam Grip, Nautical 041298000044 DMI
DMI(R) Designer Adjustable Offset-Handle Aluminum Cane, 30in. - 39in., Purple Flower 041298000075 DMI
Adjustable Cane,Offset,Purple Flowers 041298000075 DMI
Adjustable Cane,Offset,Aluminum,Spotted 041298000082 DMI
DMI Lightweight Adjustable Foot Cane with Offset Handle in Spotted 041298000082 DMI
DMI(R) Designer Adjustable Offset-Handle Aluminum Cane, 39in., Spotted 041298000082 DMI
DMI(R) Folding Aluminum Shopping Carts, 36in.H x 17in.W x 15in.D, Assorted Colors, Set Of 4 041298000204 DMI
DMI Lightweight Adjustable Foot Cane with Derby Top in Copper Swirl 041298000235 DMI
Folding Cane,Standard,14 in,Copper Swirl 041298000235 DMI
DMI(R) Fancy Adjustable Derby-Top Folding Cane, 37in., Copper 041298000235 DMI
Quad Cane,Small Base,Green,PK2 041298000280 DMI
DMI 802-1333-9912 DMI Adjustable Quad Cane Small Base Green Ice 041298000280 DMi
DMI Lightweight Folding Walker with Easy Two Button Release 041298000310 DMI
Walker,2 Button,Adult,250 lb. Cap 041298000327 DMI
DMI 802-1045-1200 DMI Two-Button Release Aluminum Folding Walker with 5 Non-Swivel Wheels Green 041298000334 DMi
Folding Walker,Two-Button Release,Blk/Br 041298000341 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Aluminum Folding Walkers With 2-Button Release, 38in.H x 25in.W x 13in.D, Copper Swirl, Pack Of 2 041298000341 DMI
DMI(R) Convalescent Gown With Side Tape Ties, Black/White 041298000389 DMI
Patient Protector (12 per Pack), Blue 041298001294 DMI
DMI(R) Patient Clothing Protectors, 17 1/2in. x 32in., Blue, Pack Of 12 041298001294 DMI
DMI(R) Wheelchair Backpack, Black 041298001317 DMI
DMI Wheelchair Back Pack 041298001317 DMI
Wheelchair Back Pack w/Straps,14x19 041298001317 DMI
Rollator,Titanium,Al,6" Wheels 041298001447 DMI
DMI Ultra Lightweight Rollator in Aluminum 041298001447 DMI
DMI(R) Lightweight Extra-Wide Aluminum Folding Rollator With Seat, Titanium 041298001676 DMI
DMI(R) Lightweight Extra-Wide Aluminum Folding Rollator With Seat, Royal Blue 041298001683 DMI
Aluminum Rollator,Burgundy,8" Wheels 041298001690 DMI
Hot/Cold Pack,White,6In x 8-3/4In,PK12 041298002628 DMI
DMI Hot and Kold Reusable Gel CompressReusable Gel Compress- Large 041298002628 DMI
Hot and cold Reusable Gel Compress Small (24 per Pack), White 041298002635 DMI
Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Compress for Neck (12 per Pack), White 041298002642 DMI
Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Compress (12 Small\Large), White 041298002659 DMI
Hot/Cold Pack,White,8In. x 11In.,PK12 041298002659 DMI
DMI 5 ft. Telescoping Wheelchair Ramps 041298002857 DMI
Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp,60inL,PR 041298002857 DMI
DMI 59.5-in L x 4.5-in W Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Run 517-4094-0000 041298002857 DMI
DMI(R) Aluminum Push-Button Crutches, Child, Fit Users 4ft. - 4ft. 6in., Silver, Pack Of 2 041298002932 DMI
DMI Push-Button Adjustable Aluminum Child Crutches 041298002932 Dmi
DMI 23-in 7-Quart Adjustable Bedside Commode 802-1203-0300 041298003229 DMI
DMI White Plastic Freestanding Transfer Bench 522-1734-1900 041298003373 DMI
Commode w/Platform Seat,Steel 041298003397 DMI
DMI Duro-Med Heavy-Duty Steel Commode with Platform Seat 041298003397 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Aluminum Rollator With Seat, 32 1/4in. x 24 1/2in., Burgundy 041298003427 DMI
DMI Gold Fold-Up/Easy Storage Rollator 501-2012-1400 041298003434 DMI
DMI Ultra Lightweight Rollator in Aluminum 041298003434 DMI
DMI Titanium Fold-Up/Easy Storage Rollator 501-2012-4100 041298003441 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Aluminum Rollator With Seat, 32 1/4in. x 24 1/2in., Titanium 041298003441 DMI
DMI(R) Ultra-Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum Folding Hemi Rollator With Seat, 34 1/2in.H x 24in.W x 17in.D, Royal Blue 041298003458 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Aluminum Hemi Rollator With Seat, 31 1/2in. - 4 1/2in. x 24in., Titanium 041298003465 DMI
Rollator w/Basket and Bag,3-Wheel,Brgndy 041298003526 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Aluminum Folding 3-Wheel Rollator Walker, 37in. x 20in., Royal Blue 041298003571 DMI
DMI(R) Classic Adjustable Steel Folding Rollator Walker, 38in.H x 23in.W x 29 1/2in.D, Blue 041298010135 DMI
DMI Universal Walker Ski Glides - 1in Tubings 041298010302 Dmi
Ski Glide Attachment for Walker 041298010319 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Steel Rollator Walker With Backrest, 38 1/2in.H x 25in.W x 29 1/2in.D, Burgundy 041298010487 DMI
Transport Chair,Aluminum,Blue 041298010524 DMI
Walker Rollator w/Wheels and Seat,Blue 041298010531 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Steel Folding Walker With Wheels, 42in.H x 26in.W x 24in.D, Royal Blue 041298010531 DMI
DMI Steel Walker with Wheels and Seat 041298010531 DMI
Folding Walker,Pink w/Fancy Beige 041298010784 DMI
DMI Two-Button Release Folding Walker in Blue/Blue Ice 041298010838 DMI
DMI Blue Fold-Up/Easy Storage Walker 802-1044-0100 041298010838 DMI
DMI Folding Walker Tray with Cup Holders 041298010845 Dmi
DMI(R) Folding Walker Tray With Cup Holders, 16in. x 11in., Gray 041298010845 DMI
Tray Walker,Fold Away,Gray Plastic 041298010845 DMI
Walker Basket,Universal White 041298010852 DMI
DMI Vinyl Cushion 2 in. Round open Front Toilet Seat in White 041298012467 DMI
Toilet Seat,Cushioned,Vinyl,2 041298012467 DMI
Cushion Toilet Seat,Vinyl,4 041298012474 DMI
DMI Vinyl Cushion 4 in. Toilet Seat in White 041298012474 DMI
DMI Vinyl Cushion 4 in. Round Front Toilet Seat in White 041298012474 DMI
Splash Guard Replacement 041298012511 DMI
Cane,Silver,28-1/2 to 40-1/2 In.H,250 lb 041298013020 DMI
DMI(R) Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Offset-Grip Walking Cane, 40in., Black 041298013044 DMI
Adjustable Cane,Offset,33 in.,Black 041298013044 DMI
Folding Hemi-Walker,Chrome 041298013068 DMI
DMI Ladies Adjustable Folding Foot Cane with Derby Top Handle in Black 041298013136 DMI
DMI Adjustable Quad Cane in Black 041298013365 DMI
DMI 38-in Adjustable Aluminum Quad Medical Walking Cane 802-1333-0200 041298013365 DMI
Cane,Offset,32 in. H,Black,Quad,250 lb. 041298013365 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Reversible Handle Metal Quad Cane, Black/Multicolor 041298013365 DMI
Quad Cane,Adjustable,Black,L 041298013372 DMI
DMI(R) Derby-Handle Acrylic Cane, 37in., Clear 041298013426 DMI
DMI Women's Traditional Foot Cane 041298013501 DMI
DMI 502-1350-6100 DMI Traditional Wood Cane 7/8 Ladies Walnut 36 041298013501 DMi
Cane,Walnut,36 In. H,250 lb. Cap. 041298013501 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Derby Top Aluminum Folding Walking Cane, 40in., Splash 041298013518 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Derby Top Aluminum Folding Walking Cane, 40in., Cyclone Green 041298013556 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Derby-Top Handle Aluminum Walking Cane, 31in. - 40in., Wood Grain 041298013624 DMI
DMI(R) Cane Strap, Black 041298013662 DMI
Cane Strap,Universal 041298013662 DMI
DMI Cane Strap in Black 041298013662 DMI
DMI Ice Grip Cane Attachment 041298013686 DMI
DMI(R) 5-Prong Cane And Crutch Ice Grip Attachment, 4 1/4in., Silver 041298013686 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Derby Top Aluminum Folding Walking Cane, 40in., Blue Ice 041298013709 DMI
Adjustable Cane,Derby-Top,Wood,Blue Ice 041298013709 DMI
DMI(R) Walker And Cane Replacement Tips, #20, 1in., Gray, Pack Of 4 041298013761 DMI
DMI Walker and Cane Replacement in Gray 041298013778 DMI
Crutch Access Kit,Two-ply Cushioning,Brn 041298014102 DMI
DMI(R) Standard Toilet Seat Riser With Arms, White 041298015031 DMI
DMI Standard Toilet Seat Riser with Arms, White 041298015031 DMI
DMI Elongated Toilet Seat Riser with Arms 041298015048 DMI
DMI(R) Hi-Riser Elevated Locking Raised Toilet Seat With Armrests, 5in.H x 18in.W x 16in.D, White 041298015116 DMI
Grab Bar,Chrome Plated,12" L,1-1/2" D 041298015291 DMI
DMI Institutional 12 in. Knurled Grab Bar in Chrome (Grey) 041298015291 DMI
DMI(R) Raised Locking Toilet Seat With Armrests For Round Toilets, 5in.H x 17in.W x 15in.D, White 041298015666 DMI
DMI Plastic Toilet Seat 522-1566-1900 041298015666 DMI
DMI(R) Folding Backless Folding Shower Seat, 16in.H x 18in.W x 11in.D, White 041298017097 DMI
Shower Mat,No-Skid,Cushioned 041298017424 DMI
Rescue Board,24in.L,3/4in.W 041298017592 DMI
DMI Reacher Grabber, Ergonomic Lightweight Reacher Grabber T 041298017646 Dmi
Reacher w/Magnetic Tip,Non-Folding,26 041298017646 DMI
Rescue Board,24in.L,3/4in.W,Maple Wood 041298017653 DMI
Aluminum Reacher w/Magnetic Tip,32 041298017660 DMI
DMI 32 in. Non-Folding Aluminum Reacher 041298017660 DMI
Kinsman Economy Folding Reacher - 26" 041298017684 0041298017684 DMI
DMI(R) Folding Aluminum Reacher With Magnetic Tip, 32in., Black/Silver 041298017691 DMI
DMI Folding Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip 041298017691 DMI
DMI(R) Ergonomic Lightweight Reacher Grabber With Rotating Claw And Magnet, 18in., Black 041298017776 DMI
Ergonomic Reachr w/Rotatng Jaw,Plstc,18 041298017776 DMI
DMI Shower Seat in White 041298018025 DMI
DMI Safety Step Stool with Handle 041298019022 Dmi
Bed Board,60inLx48inWx3/4inH,Brown,Wood 041298019527 DMI
DMI(R) Folding Bed Board, 48in.H x 60in.W x 3/4in.D, Brown 041298019527 DMI
DMI 37-in Steel Bed Rails 551-1962-0600 041298019626 DMI
DMI(R) Alternating Pressure Replacement Pad, Tan 041298019824 DMI
Step Exerciser,13-3/16inLx17inH, 041298020059 DMI
DMI(R) Mini Stepper Exerciser, 13in.H x 16 1/4in.W x 5 3/8in.D, Black/Silver 041298020059 DMI
Traction Set,20 lb.,Foam/Vinyl 041298020141 DMI
DMI(R) Replacement Water Bag For Traction Sets, 20 Lb, Clear 041298020189 DMI
Water Bag,20 lb.,Vinyl 041298020189 DMI
DMI(R) Replacement Head Halter, Red/White 041298020202 DMI
Head Halter,Regular,Foam 041298020202 DMI
DMI Standard Overdoor Exercise Pulley Set with Handles 041298020301 DMI
DMI Over the Door Shoulder Arm Exercise Pulley Set 041298020301 Dmi
Door Pulley Exercise Set,Metal,Blue 041298020301 DMI
DMI Compact Overdoor Exercise Pulley Set with Wood Handles 041298020356 DMI
Door Pulley Exercise Set,Metal,White 041298020356 DMI
DMI KOOLpress Reusable Large Cold Compress Cold Pack (Case of 3) 041298030171 DMI
DMI(R) KOOLpress Neck Contour Compress, 23in. x 7in., Blue 041298030188 DMI
DMI 802-3018-0100 DMI KOOLpress Neck Contour Compress 041298030188 DMi
DMI KOOLpress Reusable Neck Contour Cold Compress Cold Pack (Pack of 3) 041298030188 DMI
DMI(R) KOOLpress(R) Reusable Cold Compresses, 7 1/2in. x 11in., Blue, Case Of 3 041298030201 DMI
DMI Deluxe Heavy-Duty Over Bed Tilt-Top Tables 041298040545 DMI
DMI(R) Deluxe Heavy-Duty Tilt-Top Overbed Table, 46in.H x 30in.W x 15in.D, Brown 041298040545 DMI
DMI(R) Wheelchair Tray, Acrylic, 24in.H x 20in.W x 1/2in.D, Clear 041298050001 DMI
Autoclavable Bedpan,Blue,Plastic 041298050704 DMI
DMI(R) Deluxe Smooth Contoured Bedpan, 7 Qt, Teal 041298050704 DMI
DMI(R) Portable Plastic Male Urinal With Cover, 1 Qt, Clear 041298050759 DMI
DMI(R) Call Bell, 4 3/4in., Silver/Black 041298054016 DMI
Dmi 4-3/4" x 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" Steel/Wood Call Bell Silver 640-5401-0000 041298054016 DMi
Call Bell,Slvr,Steel/Wood 041298054016 DMI
DMI Long Handle Call Bell 041298054016 DMI
Nail Nipper, Silver, Latex Free 041298054061 DMI
DMI Nail Clippers Cutter Trimmer Nipper with Safety Lock, Stainless Steel, Silver 041298054061 DMI
DMI(R) Nail Nipper, 5in., Silver 041298054061 DMI
DMI Clothing Protector 041298060147 DMI
DMI(R) Cotton Physical Therapy Gait Belt With Handles, 50in., Off-White 041298060284 DMI
Gait Belt,50in.L,2in.W,Fleece 041298060284 DMI
DMI Professional Men's Large White/Tan Fleece Ambulation Gait Belts 041298060284 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Bib Mealtime Clothing Protector, Adult, Rose Print 041298060291 DMI
DMI Posture Perfect 041298062233 DMI
DMI(R) Adjustable Posture Perfect Support Brace, One Size, White 041298062233 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Cast And Bandage Protector, Arm, 8in. x 29in., Blue 041298065609 DMI
Cast and Bandage Protector,Waterproof,L 041298065623 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Cast And Bandage Protector, Arm, 10in. x 29in., Blue 041298065623 DMI
Cast/Bandage Protector,Foot/Ankle,White 041298065791 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Leg Cast Protector, 23in. Adult Short, Clear 041298065838 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Cast And Bandage Protector, Pediatric Medium Arm, 18in., Clear 041298065852 DMI
Cast/Bandage Protector,Large Arm 041298065869 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Cast And Bandage Protector, Pediatric Medium Leg, 18in., Clear 041298065876 DMI
Cast/Bandage Protector,Medium Leg 041298065876 DMI
Cast/Bandage Protector,Large Leg 041298065883 DMI
DMI(R) Deluxe Pediatric Cast And Bandage Protector, 31in., Clear 041298065883 DMI
DMI(R) Super-Absorbent Disposable Liners, One Size, White, Pack Of 25 041298070245 DMI
Disposable Liners Pads,4-1/2 x 14",PK25 041298070405 DMI
DMI(R) Waterproof Furniture And Bed Protector Pad With Straps, 28in. x 36in., Green 041298070467 DMI
Pad Positioning Aid,Standard,28inLx36inW 041298070467 DMI
Reusable Underpad,Birdseye Cotton 041298070528 DMI
Mattress Underpad,Standard,30inLx36inW 041298070535 DMI
DMI Quilted Reusable Underpad 041298070580 DMI
DMI(R) 4-Ply Vinyl Reusable Incontinence Draw Sheet, 36in. x 40in., Green 041298070641 DMI
DMI(R) Extra-Absorbent Disposable Underpads, 23in. x 36in., Light Blue, 20 Underpads Per Bag, Case Of 6 Bags 041298070962 DMI
Ring Cushion,18"L x 15"W Foam Red 041298076209 DMI
DMI Gel Foam Comfort Seat Cushion 041298076377 Dmi
DMI(R) Stress-Ease Hypoallergenic Orthopedic Bed Pillow, 17in. x 22in., White 041298079040 DMI
DMI(R) Inflatable Vinyl Neck Cushion, 14in.H x 12in.W x 3in.D, Gray 041298079101 DMI
DMI Full Roll Lumbar Support 041298079125 DMI
Pillow,19inLx24inW,Wht,Water 041298079187 DMI
DMI(R) Duro-Rest Hypoallergenic Water Pillow, 24in. x 19in., White 041298079187 DMI
Crscent Pillow,12inLx14inW,Plystr Fiber 041298079330 DMI
Bed Pad,76inLx33inW,Blue,Foam 041298079453 DMI
DMI Convoluted Bed Pad 041298079491 DMI
Bed Pad,78inLx56inW,Blue,Foam 041298079491 DMI
DMI(R) Convoluted Foam Mattress Topper, Queen, Blue 041298079491 DMI
DMI(R) Convoluted Foam Bed Pad Mattress Topper, King Size, 72in.H x 80in.W x 2in.D, Blue 041298079507 DMI
DMI(R) Contoured Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion, 18in.H x 16in.W x 2in.D, Black 041298079569 DMI
DMI(R) Knee-Ease Hypoallergenic Wedge Pillow, 7in.H x 4in.W x 5in.D, White 041298079804 DMI
Knee Ease Pillow,Standard,7inLx4inW 041298079804 DMI
Bed Pad,72inLx33inW,2in Thick,Foam 041298080022 DMI
Bed Pad,72inLx33inW,3in Thick,Foam 041298080039 DMI
DMI(R) Inflatable Ring Donut Seat Cushion, Rubber, 18in., Red 041298080077 DMI
Ring Cushion, 18"L x 18"W Rubber RedRd 041298080077 DMI
DMI(R) Rest Pillow Hypoallergenic Neck Pillow With Print Cover, 24in. x 18in., Rosebud 041298080091 DMI
DMI(R) Duro-Gel II(TM) Deluxe Gel Foam Cushion With Straps, 2 1/2in.H x 16in.W x 16in.D, Black 041298080107 DMI
Mattress Pad,Standard,36inLx80inW 041298080602 DMI
DMI(R) Elevating Leg Rest Cushion, 17in.H x 10in.W x 7in.D, Blue 041298080800 DMI
DMI(R) Elevating Foam Leg-Rest Cushion Pillow, 28in.H x 10in.W x 7in.D, Blue 041298080817 DMI
Elevating Leg Rest,Bl,28inLx7inH 041298080817 DMI
Hair Rinser,Wht,Plastic,Contains Latex 041298080848 DMI
DMI(R) Soft Comforting Heel Protector Pillows, Blue, Pack Of 2 041298080886 DMI
DMI(R) Long-Handled Metal No-Bend Shoe Horn, 24in., Chrome 041298081128 DMI
DMI Long Handle Shoe Horn, Grays 041298081128 DMI
DMI Hand Exercise Squeeze Ball 041298081760 Dmi
DMI Folding Shopping Cart, Black 041298082132 DMI
DMI 802-1044-0100 DMI Two-Button Release Aluminum Folding Walker with Rubber Tips Blue 041298098027 DMi
DMI(R) Lightweight Adjustable Aluminum/Steel Folding Walker With 2-Button Release, 42in.H x 26in.W x 24in.D, Blue 041298098027 DMI
DMI Single Release Aluminum Folding Walker with 5 in. Non-Swivel Wheels in Silver 041298101574 DMI
HealthSmart Green Walker Coaster Glides 041298103202 Dmi
DMI(R) Portable Male Urinal Bottle With Snap-On Cover, 10 1/2in.H x 4in.W x 3in.D, Clear 041298106715 DMI
DMI(R) Universal Plastic Insert For Walker Baskets, Clear 041298108511 DMI
Instant Cold Pack,White,6 x 8.25In,PK24 041298112105 DMI
Ice Kold Instant Ice Compress, White 041298112105 DMI
Heat Pack Instant Heat Compress, White 041298113010 DMI
DMI(R) Econo-Blanket Emergency Blanket, 54in. x 80in., Yellow 041298113102 DMI
Body Shower Massager,Hand-Held 041298115830 DMI
DMI Cane Replacement Offset Hand Grip in Black 041298130314 DMI
Hand Grip Only for 1303/1309 Canes 041298130314 DMI
DMI Designer Folding Cane in Cyclone Blue 041298136910 DMI
Folding Cane,Standard,14inH,Green,Single 041298136958 DMI
DMI(R) Fancy Adjustable Derby-Top Folding Cane, 37in., Green Cyclone 041298136958 DMI
Walker Tips w/Metal Insrts,3/4",Blk,Pair 041298138310 DMI
DMI Walker Replacement Tips with Metal Insert in Black 041298138310 DMI
Crutches,Adult Tall,Aluminum,PR 041298143413 DMI
DMI(R) Push-Button Aluminum Crutches, Tall, Silver, Fits Users 5ft.10in.-6ft.6in. 041298143413 DMI
Crutches,Adult,Aluminum,PR 041298143512 DMI
DMI(R) Aluminum Push-Button Crutches, Adult, Fit Users 5ft. 2in. - 5ft. 10in., Silver, Pack Of 2 041298143512 DMI
Crutches,Youth,Aluminum,PR, Min. Qty 2 041298143611 DMI
DMI Push-Button Aluminum Crutches 041298143611 DMI
DMI Push-button Aluminum Crutches 041298188025 DMI
DMI Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion 041298199434 DMI
DMI Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion, 1 3/8in.H x 15in.W x 15in.D, Ivory 041298199434 DMI
DMI(R) Mini Exercise Bike, 13 1/2in.H x 16in.W x 11 5/8in.D, Black 041298200369 DMI
DMI Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame, Adjustable, Silver 041298202813 0885217770027 DMI
Blanket Support,Adjustable,Metal 041298202813 DMI
DMI Adjustable Blanket Lift Bar Support Frame for Arthritis, Gout, Surgery Recovery Relief, Silver 041298202813 0885217770027 DMI
Instant Cold Pack,White,PK50 041298212126 DMI
Back Support,XL,Hook-and-Loop,Black 041298222316 DMI