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Found 66 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'dm merchandising':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Bling Earbuds Case Pack 24 012303808962 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising - Pink Petite Princess Crown Necklace in Figural Gift Box - 2 Pack, Pink & Purple 641171511027 DM Merchandising
Various Animal Pendants Gift Boxed in a Hinged Animal Figurine Box (Turtle Pendant Necklace) 722950101445 0722950101445 DM Merchandising
Circle of Friends Pendant, Turtle 722950101445 DM Merchandising
Grandmother Love Forever Silver Bracelet Gift Boxed 722950110904 0722950110904 DM Merchandising
Dm Merchandising 210904 Bracelet Expressively Yours Grandmother 722950110904 DM Merchandising
Expressively Yours Bracelet Love Grandmother Forever 722950110904 0722950110904 DM Merchandising
211161 Bracelet Expressively Yours Sister 722950111161 DM Merchandising
217545 Bracelet Expressively Yours Teacher 722950117545 DM Merchandising
Expressively Yours Bracelet Teacher, 8" 722950117545 0645789979903 DM Merchandising
Christmas Light Up Punch Pens 722950117668 0722950117668 DM Merchandising
Amber Yellow and Silver 36" Beaded Badge Holder Lanyard w/ Breakaway Neck 722950127544 DM Merchandising
Circle of Friends Pendant, Panda Bear 722950135327 0722950135327 DM Merchandising
DM Princess Pendant Necklace in Tiara Crown Shaped Gift Box - Purple 722950139455 0722950139455 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising - Petite Princess Crown Necklace in Figural Gift Box (1 Pack of Pink) 722950142196 0722950142196 DM Merchandising
Wings and Wishes Angel Tac Pin, Angel for Cat Lover 722950144770 0072201103033 DM Merchandising
Initially Yours Hammered Silver-Tone Pendant INITIAL B 722950159750 0722950159750 DM Merchandising
Gift Boxed Multi-Color Butterfly Necklace 722950193556 DM Merchandising
Grandma Heart Necklace 722950200650 DM Merchandising
Alora Patent Foldable Flats with Carrying Case, Black, Large 722950211373 0722950211373 DM Merchandising
Precious As Pearls Cross Necklace Religious Pendant with Gift Box, Assorted 722950211984 0722950211984 DM Merchandising
Tweezer Tech Tweezers 722950224526 0722950224526 DM Merchandising
Fashion Smart Womens Pill and Vitamin Travel Pill Box Organizer 722950229385 DM Merchandising
In Reach 3 Pack Reading Glasses (1.50) 722950230725 0722950230725 DM Merchandising
Glow Sticks (100 Pieces) 722950235126 DM MERCHANDISING
D.M. Merchandising Inc 24 Packs 7 Day Plas Pill Box 722950250891 Dm Merchandising
#1 Mom Heart Keychain 722950252567 DM Merchandising
Lash Tech Eye Lash Curler Case Pack 48 722950257760 DM Merchandising
Sidekicks Foldable Ballet Flats with Carrying Case, X-Large, Black 722950262191 0722950262191 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising 1894065 Halloween Boo Bands44; Case of 48 722950262832 0722950262832 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising Inc. Boo Bands Knitted Headbands 722950262832 0722950262832 Dm Merchandising
Party Numbers Light-Up Candle Holder,# 7 Novelty 722950271704 0722950271704 DM Merchandising
Optical Magnifying Necklace (2X) Set of 2 722950276969 0722950276969 DM Merchandising
It's My Year Child's Number Pendant, 8th Birthday 722950277430 0722950277430 DM Merchandising
Glitter Holiday Bulb Earrings 722950279632 DM Merchandising
Grandmother Definition Necklace 722950279755 0722950279755 DM Merchandising
Holiday Light Bulb Pen 722950279984 DM Merchandising
Women's Zipped Daily Pill and Vitamin Organizer: Aztec 722950288467 DM Merchandising
TempaMate Women's Insulted Tote Bag, Pink Black and White Geometric, One Size 722950290330 0722950290330 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising 2183824 Halloween Jumbo Flashing Necklace 722950291962 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising 2133657 Foldable Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag - Case of 48 722950291979 DM Merchandising
DM Merchandising 2133656 Ghoulish Glow Wand - Case of 48 722950292501 DM Merchandising
Ugly Sweater Reindeer Antlers 722950293829 DM Merchandising
Night Scout DM Merchandising Inc Rechargeable LED Beanie (Black) 722950314821 0722950314821 DM Merchandising
Hello Mello Carefree Threads Hooded Top, Long Sleeve with Tote Bag (Mint, Medium 8-10) 722950316498 0722950316498 Dm Merchandising
Diamond Girl Solitaire Pen (Silver) 722950319406 0722950319406 DM Merchandising
DDI 2338664 Nature's Friends Children's Monkey Pendant Case of 18 722950320419 DM Merchandising
DDI 2345830 Rechargeable Pocket Fan Case of 12 722950338100 DM Merchandising
Dm Merchandising 2345830 Rechargeable Pocket Fan - Case of 12 722950338100 0722950338100 DM Merchandising
DDI 2347337 Light Sweep Portable Uv-C Sanitizing Wand Case of 6 722950343555 DM Merchandising
It's My Year Glow Stick Tube Pack (100-Piece), Multicolor (ULT-GLO) 748579446682 0748579446682 DM Merchandising
Fashion Smart Womens Pill and Vitamin Travel Pill Box Organizer by Fashion Smart 794168577084 DM Merchandising
D.M. Merchandising Flashing Holiday Bulb Necklace 8 Flashing Lights 722950249703 0722950249703 DM MERCHANDISING INC
Stocking%2bCap%2bKids%2bMulti 722950309667 0722950309667 Dm Merchandising Inc
Two Left Feet Women's Standard Holiday Leggings, Treemendous Small/Medium 722950309858 0722950309858 DM Merchandising Inc.
Two Left Feet Women's Standard Halloween Leggings, As Shown, L/XL 722950311356 0722950311356 DM Merchandising Inc.
12Ct Assorted Glow Sticks 722950278628 0722950278628 DM MERCHANDISING, INC
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Tac Pin 722950087138 0722950087138 DM Merchandising, Inc.
Pink Ribbon Shoe Laces 722950180624 DM Merchandising, Inc.
Pink Ribbon Bottle Holder 722950212707 DM Merchandising, Inc.
Pink Ribbon Rhinestone Pendant 722950231869 DM Merchandising, Inc.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Wine Bottle Cover 722950250709 DM Merchandising, Inc.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Beer Bottle Cover 722950265253 DM Merchandising, Inc.
Pink Ribbon Stylus Pen 722950266359 DM Merchandising, Inc.
KINGFISH 089708467223 0089708467223 GDM, INC. / GRATEFUL DEAD Merchandising, Inc.