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Found 29 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'concord foods':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Concord Foods Candy Apple Kit, 5 oz 041409000017 0041409000017 Concord Foods
Concord foods Coleslaw Mix, 2.5 OZ Pouch 041409002011 0041409002011 Concord Foods
Concord Foods, Onion Ring Batter Mix, Tempura Style, 5.2oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002141 0041409002141 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Onion Ring Batter Mix, 5.2-ounce pouch (5 total servings per pouch) 041409002141 0041409002141 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Mushroom Batter Mix - Tempura Style (Pack of 2) 5.2 oz Packets 041409002158 0041409002158 Concord Foods
Strawberry Smoothie Mix / Concord Foods /2 oz (Pack of 6) 041409002165 0041409002165 Concord Foods
Concord foods Pineapple Smoothie Mix, 2 OZ Package 041409002172 0041409002172 Concord Foods
Concord Foods, Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Cheese Mix, 1.75oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002226 0041409002226 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix, Original, 1.25-Ounce Pouches (VALUE Pack of 18 Pouches) 041409002233 0041409002233 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Roasted Potato Bacon & Chive Seasoning Mix 1.25oz Package (VALUE Case of 18 Packages) 041409002240 0041409002240 Concord Foods
Concord foods Mashed Potato Garlic & Herb Seasoning Mix, 1.27 OZ Pouch 041409002288 Concord foods
Concord Foods, Salsa Mix, Mild, 1.06oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002295 0767563083313 Concord Foods
Concord Salsa Mix Mild - 3 of 1.06 oz pouches 041409002295 0041409002295 Concord Foods
Concord Foods, Salsa Mix, Hot, 1.06oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002301 0041409002301 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Mild Guacamole Seasoning Mix 1.1oz packages (VALUE Case of 18 Packages) 041409002431 0778554543280 Concord Foods
Concord Foods, Smoothie Mix, Chocolate Banana, 1.3oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002455 0041409002455 Concord Foods
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix/ Concord Foods(Pack of 12) 041409002455 0041409002455 Concord Foods
Chiquita Banana Bread Mix - 3 Boxes 041409002479 0041409002479 Concord Foods
Concord Foods, Coleslaw Mix, 1.87oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002486 Concord Foods
Concord foods Cole Slaw Mix, 1.87 OZ Pouch 041409002486 Concord foods
Concord Foods, Guacamole Mix, Classic Spicy, 1oz Packet (Pack of 6) 041409002509 0041409002509 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Microwave Caramel Apple Kits (VALUE Pack of 3 14oz Boxes for 18 Total Apples) 041409004039 0041409004039 Concord Foods
Concord Caramel Apple Wrap 6.05 oz Package (Value 3 Pack - Makes 15 Fresh Caramel Apples) 041409110020 0041409110020 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Mild Guacamole Seasoning Mix 1.1oz packages (VALUE Case of 6 Packages) 053722007208 Concord Foods
Italia Garden Italian Lemon Juice with Pure Lemon Essence, 4.23 Fl Oz, 125 Milliliter 709951693483 0709951693483 Concord Foods
Concord Foods Smoothie Orange 041409002110 0041409002110 Concord Foods Inc
Concord Foods Mushroom Batter Tempura Style 041409002158 0041409002158 Concord Foods Inc
Concord Foods Apple Crisp Mix (Value Pack of 6 Boxes) 041409004107 Concord Foods Inc