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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Set of 100 - CMS Magnetics Name Badge Magnets Made of Neodymium Magnets 3MAG 819060012409 0819060012409 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics Ceramic Magnet Hook 1 1/4" in Diameter with 18 LB Holding Power 6-Count (Red) 819060014571 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics 35 LB Holding Power Round Base Magnet RB50 2" Cup Magnet One Piece 819060014786 0819060014786 CMS Magnetics
1 ct CMS Magnetics 50LB Holding Power Round Base Magnet RB60 2.37 Cup Magnets 819060014793 0819060014793 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics Levitation Magnet Set, OD 115mm x ID 45mm x 20mm - 2 Piece Bottom Magnets and One Piece Top Magnet 819060016209 0819060016209 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics Powerful Disc Neodymium Magnet, 1.5 Diameter x 3/8" Thick Black Epoxy Coated One Piece 819060016247 0819060016247 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics 24 Sets of DIY Magnetic Name Badges w/ 3Mag-1 Badge Magnets and Top Loading Premium Plastic Badges (2-1/2" x 4") - Reusable 857671001146 0857671001146 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics 4" x 6" Green Magnetic Field Viewing Film, Fun! 857671001580 CMS Magnetics
CMS Magnetics 12 oz Iron Powder for Magnet Education Iron Filing 819060014083 CMS Magnetics, Inc.
One Piece of CMS Magnetics Super Strong Neodymium Magnet 3"x 1/2"x 1/8" Grade N45 819060014656 CMS Magnetics, Inc.
1 ct CMS Magnetics up to 210 LB Holding Power Round Base Magnet RB90 4 7/8" Cup Magnet 819060014816 CMS Magnetics, Inc.
24 Sets of Blank Name Badges w/ Magnetic Badge Attachments - White PVC Inkjet Printable, 2 1/8 x 3 3/8", Magnets Assembled 819060015608 0819060015608 CMS Magnetics, Inc.
CMS Magnetics N50 Neodymium Bar Magnet 2" X 1" X 1/2" w/ Two #8 Countersunk Holes on North Pole - Wind Turbine, Science Projects and Hobbies, One Piece 819060016216 CMS Magnetics, Inc.
12 Count Super Value Pack CMS Magnetics Neodymium Cup Magnets with 88 LBS Pull Capacity Each - Dia 1.26" - w/ Matching Strikers and Screws - Strongest Round Base Magnets 819060016278 CMS Magnetics, Inc.
CMS Magnetics Neodymium Cup Magnets with 88 LBS Pulling Power 12 Count Super Value Pack Each - Dia 1.26" - Matching Strikers and Screws 819060016278 0819060016278 CMS Magnetics, Inc.