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Found 80 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'chelsea home':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Chelsea Home 397240F10-S-LCB Tyngsborough Lake Como Bliss Sofa 024606351526 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 312500 Mahogany Stain Twin Triple Bunk Bed 029882743768 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 312004-415-S Mahogany Stain Twin Over Twin Bookcase Bunk Bed with Storage 029882743850 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 31500 Mahogany Stain Computer Desk with Storage Door 029882744154 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 360025-011 Honey 5 Drawer Chest with Recessed Handles and Mirror 029882745878 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 195302-EA Worcester Elizabeth Ash Loveseat 029882748114 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 189460-5860-PWR Laguna Columbia Mushroom Power Recliner 029882748893 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 189460-5861-PWR Laguna Columbia Indigo Blue Power Recliner 029882748909 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 730348-61713-42518 Newport Laredo Mocha 2 Piece Sectional Sofa Set with Searider Hazelnut Pillows 082045100174 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 472120-LS-MC Astrid Mix Cafe Loveseat 082045102185 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 196704-AC Payton Aruba Chocolate Queen Innerspring Sleeper Sofa 082045105520 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 478700-TBG Grace Tahoe Burgundy Handle Rocker Recliner 082045106855 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 478700-ABN Grace Apache Chocolate Handle Rocker Recliner 082045106879 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 391117F40-50-GR-TP Hamal Trelor Putty Chair & Ottoman Set 723540942547 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 392495F42-SW-CMN Iain Chunky Monkey Natural Swivel Chair 723540942691 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 36TF750-S White Twin Over Full Mission Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage and Ladder 728943266153 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 424170-07S Cira Sierra Chocolate Sofa with Chocolate Body and Beige Accent 728943269239 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 479745-R-HP Orange Hillel Pewter Recliner 741533992997 Chelsea Home
Chelsea Home 294170-L-VC Cynthia Denver Black Loveseat with Victory Cardinal Pillows 765857330884 Chelsea Home
312500 Twin Triple Bunk Bed in Mahogany 029882743768 Chelsea Home Furniture
Twin Triple Bunk Bed by Chelsea Home 029882743768 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
Twin Over Twin Bookcase Bunk Bed with Storage by Chelsea Home 029882743850 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
31500 Computer Desk Mahogany 029882744154 Chelsea Home Furniture
3534524-4547 Full Over Full Bunk Bed Black 029882744826 Chelsea Home Furniture
3534542-C 029882744994 Chelsea Home Furniture
3544710-4711 Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed 029882745083 Chelsea Home Furniture
3544720-4739 Twin Over Full Bunk Bed 029882745144 Chelsea Home Furniture
3544783 Toy 029882745281 Chelsea Home Furniture
36055 5 Drawer Chest 029882745373 Chelsea Home Furniture
Extra-Tall Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed 029882745588 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
Twin-over-Twin Reversible Stair Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage 029882745960 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
360134-011-D 3 Drawer Dresser with Storage Door Recessed Handles and Mirror 029882745984 Chelsea Home Furniture
362000 Twin Trundle Bed in 029882746363 Chelsea Home Furniture
3641140 4 Drawer Chest 029882746431 Chelsea Home Furniture
3641150 6 Drawer Chest 029882746479 Chelsea Home Furniture
Alpha 2 Piece Sectional by Chelsea Home 029882747513 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
194904-CC Dorchester Queen 029882747995 Chelsea Home Furniture
195303-EA Worcester Sofa 029882748107 Chelsea Home Furniture
Worcester Loveseat 029882748114 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
195302-EA Worcester 029882748114 Chelsea Home Furniture
189460-5860-PWR Laguna Power 029882748893 Chelsea Home Furniture
189460-5980-PWR Laguna Power 029882748916 Chelsea Home Furniture
R-22 082045100563 Chelsea Home Furniture
R-22-C Recliner 082045100570 Chelsea Home Furniture
1002-TB Ambrose Reclining 082045101133 Chelsea Home Furniture
1003-AC Ambrose Reclining 082045101171 Chelsea Home Furniture
Chelsea Home Serta Ronalynn Sofa 082045101256 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
6768511-S Serta Ronalynn 082045101256 Chelsea Home Furniture
FS702-AG Dayton Accent 082045104332 Chelsea Home Furniture
Geneva Sofa by Chelsea Home Furniture with Floral Throw Pillows 082045104462 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
Chelsea Home Big Buck Chair 082045104806 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
6703-RB Payton 082045105575 Chelsea Home Furniture
Chelsea Home Rocker Recliner 082045105643 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
2100-TG Rocker 082045105643 Chelsea Home Furniture
1120-C-LC Peter 082045106596 Chelsea Home Furniture
192600-MC Berks 082045106787 Chelsea Home Furniture
Grace Leather Handle Rocker Recliner by Chelsea Home 082045106879 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
478700-ABN Grace Handle Rocker 082045106879 Chelsea Home Furniture
Verdad Shaker 465129B 39" Hope Chest with Hidden Storage Compartment Tapered Legs and Pine Wood Construction in Black 082045107890 Chelsea Home Furniture
76LPS010 Bronze Table 082045108361 Chelsea Home Furniture
76LPS071 Pink Zebra Table 082045108453 Chelsea Home Furniture
76LPS156 Tall Chain Floor 082045108552 Chelsea Home Furniture
5-Drawer Chest with Recessed Handles 082045108835 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
791418-C-BK Jessa Accent 728943262735 Chelsea Home Furniture
Zoe 4650203CR 22" Pie Safe with 1 Door 1 Drawer Simple Knobs Proudly Made in the U.S.A. and Premium Grade Pine Wood Construction in Cranberry Red 728943271348 Chelsea Home Furniture
294170-L-VC Cynthia 765857330884 Chelsea Home Furniture
278000-491 Esse Round 765857332703 Chelsea Home Furniture
278000C-011 Tiffany Accent 765857332772 Chelsea Home Furniture
183203-4820 Union 765857333090 Chelsea Home Furniture
185107-3430 Rockland Sofa 765857333236 Chelsea Home Furniture
Duck Commander Recliner 765857334783 CHELSEA HOME FURNITURE
20R35DC-ET Duck Commander 765857334813 Chelsea Home Furniture
726305-CH Lolita 765857334936 Chelsea Home Furniture
100-Otto-BR Suzzy 888173056693 Chelsea Home Furniture
Chelsea Home Furniture Worcester Loveseat, Elizabeth Ash 029882748114 0029882748114 Chelsea Home Furniture, Inc. - DROPSHIP
Chelsea Home Furniture Laguna Power Rocker Recliner, Columbia Mushroom 029882748893 0029882748893 Chelsea Home Furniture, Inc. - DROPSHIP
Chelsea Home Furniture Rocker Recliner, Tahoe Green 082045105643 0082045105643 Chelsea Home Furniture, Inc. - DROPSHIP
Chelsea Home Furniture Payton Sofa, Aruba Chocolate 610585381410 0082045105568 Chelsea Home Furniture, Inc. - DROPSHIP
Chelsea Home Furniture Cynthia Loveseat, Denver Black/Victory Cardinal 765857330884 0765857330884 Chelsea Home Furniture, Inc. - DROPSHIP