Found 9 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'brouk & co.':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Blue & White Fix-It Tool Kit 814620020009 Brouk & Co.
Camping Cutlery Set 814620020535 Brouk & Co.
Blue The Sharp Leather Canteen 814620021389 Brouk & Co.
Black Carbon Fiber Beer Mug 814620021761 Brouk & Co.
Clear Cocktail Shaker 814620022232 Brouk & Co.
Blue Lacquer 200-Chip Poker Set 814620022393 Brouk & Co.
Black Card Case 814620023642 Brouk & Co.
Brouk & Co Fix-It Kit 859100005046 Brouk & Co.
The Animal Print Box Set 859100005602 Brouk & Co.