Found 9 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'basic ayurveda':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Basic Ayurveda Gooseberry Juice 480mL 816262010011 0816262010011 Basic Ayurveda
Basic Ayurveda Bitter Gourd Juice 480mL 816262010035 0816262010035 Basic Ayurveda
Basic Ayurveda Sugar Free Aloe Vera Juice 816262010073 0761898634578 Basic Ayurveda
Basic Ayurveda Basil Juice 480mL 816262010080 0816262010080 Basic Ayurveda
Basic Ayurveda Aloe Vera Juice-H 480mL 816262010097 0816262010097 Basic Ayurveda
Basic Ayurveda Wheat Grass Meal 816262010851 0816262010851 BASIC Ayurveda
Aloe Amla Mix Juice 480 Ml 816262017317 0816262017317 Basic Ayurveda
Neem Leaf Juice Margos Juice Indian Lilac Leaf Juice First Press Virgin Juice From Basic Ayurveda 816262017362 0816262017362 Basic Ayurveda
Basic Ayurvedic, Neem Leaf Juice (Margosa/Indian Lilac Leaf), 480 Milliliter(mL) 816262017362 0816262017362 Basic Ayurveda