Found 13 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'assorted candy':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Madelaine Chocolate Mini Soldiers Solid Milk Chocolate (1 Lb - Approx 55 Pcs) 000609106103 0000609106103 Assorted Candy
Valentine Multi-color Mini Lips Solid Milk Chocolate (1/2 Lb) 000609206001 Assorted Candy
Andes Creme De Menthe Thins, 4.67-ounce -28 Pieces Each Pack (Pack 4) 041186000415 0041186000415 Assorted Candy
Million Dollar Milk Chocolate Bars - 2 Oz - 12 Bars Case 053847239652 0053847239652 Assorted Candy
Bit O Honey, 1LB 616641650803 0616641650803 Assorted Candy
1970's Retro Candy Gift Box-Decade Box Gift Basket - Classic 70's Candy, net Wt. 8.75 oz.(248g) 618645219185 0618645219185 Assorted Candy
1980's Retro Candy Gift Box-Decade Box Gift Basket - Classic 80's Candy 618645219192 0618645219192 Assorted Candy
1990s Nancy Adams Nostalgic Candy Mix Gift Box 9.75 Oz. Gift Basket Classic 90's Candy 618645262853 0618645262853 Assorted Candy
Raindrops Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box 630855114005 0630855114005 Assorted Candy
Andes Crme de Menthe 3 POUND Bulk After-Dinner Chocolate Mints 741807792544 0741807792544 Assorted Candy
Andes Creme De Menthe Thins - 28 Pieces (Pack of 2) 742386971672 0742386971672 Assorted Candy
Starburst Bulk Candy Wholesale (1) 767563691495 0627124146386 Assorted Candy
Box of Famous Idaho Spud Chocolate Candy Bars - Full Size Bar, Bulk, Specialty Candy Boxes, Soft Marshmallo Center Drenched with a Dark Chocolate Coating Sprinkled with Coconut 820103658812 0786173961422 Assorted Candy