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Found 51 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'arlington':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Arlington LVN1 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket W/ Nails, 1-Gang, Black, 25-Pack 018997002617 0018997002617 Arlington
"Arlington LVN1 Low Voltage Mounting Bracket 1-Gang, 4.170 Inch x 2.810 Inch, Nail-On Mount, Non-Metallic, Black," 018997002617 Arlington
"Arlington LVN2 2-Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket 5.492 Inch Width x 1.500 Inch Depth x 4.170 Inch Height, Nail-On Mount, Plastic," 018997002754 Arlington
"Arlington 441 Plastic Insulating Bushing 3/4 In," 018997004413 Arlington
"Arlington 610 Porcelain Wire Holder with Clamp Adjustable, Fits 1 1/4 - 3 Inch Pipe," 018997006103 Arlington
"Arlington RTSE409 Roof Topper Conduit and Raceway Support 9 Inch Width x 5-5/8 Inch Height, Steel, Black," 018997009142 Arlington
"Arlington RTSE1209 Roof Topper Conduit and Raceway Support 9 Inch Width x 12 Inch Height, Steel, Black," 018997009159 Arlington
"Arlington 4003 Adjustable Throat Liner 1 In," 018997040039 Arlington
Arlington FSC405R Non-Metallic Low Profile Sconce Box 4 Inch x 0.5 Inch 5 Cubic-Inch 018997040947 0018997040947 ARLINGTON
"Arlington GPP60LB Pagoda Light Black," 018997046055 Arlington
Connector,Straight,1-1/4In,1 In Min Open 018997084132 ARLINGTON
Mounting Bracket, Low Voltage, 3-Gang 018997096005 0018997096005 ARLINGTON
"Arlington 8091FB 8091F Box Only," 018997109453 Arlington
"FA101H ARL HORIZ SCREW MOUNT," 018997111029 Arlington
Arlington PVC109 PVC Combo Entrance Cap 4 Inch 018997125132 0018997125132 Arlington
"Arlington PVC109 ARL 3IN PVC ENTR CAP," 018997125132 Arlington
Arlington DBVS1C InBoxTM Weatherproof Receptacle Box Vertical Clear Cover, qty 4 018997143174 0018997143174 Arlington
"Arlington DBVS1C Weatherproof Low Profile Recessed Electrical Box 1 Gang," 018997143174 Arlington
Connector,Saddlegrip,3/4In,NonInsulated 018997180803 ARLINGTON
"Arlington FLB5330MB 1-Gang Floor Box Cover With Two Flip Lids Brass," 018997220172 Arlington
"Arlington FLBT6615MB Trapdoor Cover Brass," 018997220301 Arlington
"Arlington FLBT6615NL Trapdoor Cover Brass," 018997220318 Arlington
Arlington TVBU810-1 TV Box with Flange for Home Theater Installations, 8 x 10, White, 1-Pack 018997220660 0018997220660 Arlington
"Arlington L17 Take All Screw Connector 1/2 Inch," 018997342782 Arlington
Arlington 4040AST Die Cast Zinc Duplex Connector With Insulated Throat 3/8 Inch Snap2IT 018997403513 0018997403513 Arlington
"Arlington 4040AST Duplex Insulated MC/AC Connector 3/8 in., Insulated Throat," 018997403513 Arlington
Duplex Connector,3/8In,(2).485In Opening 018997403513 ARLINGTON
Arlington MM23 Plastic Non-Metallic Meter Mounting Base 17.625 Inch Width x 1.125 Inch Depth x 23 Inch Height 018997422828 0018997422828 Arlington
"Arlington MM23 Meter Mounting Base 17.625 Inch Width x 1.125 Inch Depth x 23 Inch Height, Plastic," 018997422828 Arlington
"Arlington DSHB1BRC Inbox Steel WSleeve C," 018997436122 Arlington
"Arlington BES1 1-Gang Box Extender 3.336 Inch Width x 0.625 Inch Depth x 5.117 Inch Height, Plastic, 5.3 Cubic-Inch," 018997489760 Arlington
"Arlington 9120 90 Degree Pulling Elbow With Cover and Gasket 1 Inch, Threaded, Die-Cast Zinc," 018997501653 Arlington
Pulling Elbow,Zinc,1-1/4 In. 018997501738 ARLINGTON
"Arlington DB1 Door Bell Button Mounting Block," 018997515148 Arlington
Arlington NM2000 Rated Plastic Pipe Hanger 3/8 - 1/2 Inch QuickLatch 018997545152 0018997545152 Arlington
"Arlington DHB1C While-In-Use Horizontal, Nonmetallic, Siding Box with Clear Cover," 018997548801 Arlington
"Arlington WH1 1/2 In Die Cast Insulated Knockout Hub," 018997581006 Arlington
"Arlington WH10 ARL 4-IN D/C INS KO HUB," 018997581013 Arlington
"Arlington LV1 Low Voltage Non-Metallic Device Mounting Bracket 1-Gang, 5.460 Inch Length x 2.500 Inch Width x 1.690 Inch Depth, Plastic, Black," 018997581754 Arlington
Arlington LV1-1CS Low Voltage Mounting Device 018997581822 Arlington
"Arlington 6A9 3/4 Inch Offset Nipple 3 Inch, MNPT, Die-Cast Malleable Zinc," 018997619006 Arlington
"Arlington CS6 Cable Support For Support Clips," 018997710062 Arlington
"Arlington 718DB ARL GROUND ROD CLAMP," 018997720009 Arlington
"Arlington 720S Bare Wire Grdclamp Dc," 018997720108 Arlington
"Arlington NM96 1 In Black Button Non-Metallic Push-In Connectors For NM cable," 018997721587 Arlington
Arlington FBS415S Steel Ceiling Fan/Fixture Mounting Box 1.5 Inch 14.6 Cubic-Inch 018997752062 0018997752062 Arlington
"Arlington FB900 Non-Metallic Fan and Fixture Mounting Box Ceiling Mount, 14.5 Cubic-Inch," 018997752505 Arlington
"Arlington FBRS420SC ARL FAN/Fixture BOX ADJ BKT," 018997753007 Arlington
"Arlington GPP60B Gard-N-Post Pagoda Style Decorative Landscape Light Fixture 40 Watt Incandescent/40 Watt Halogen/13 Watt Compact Fluorescent, Black, Post Mount," 018997770462 Arlington
"Arlington DBHB1BRC IN-BOX 2-Gang Recessed Electrical Box for New Brick Construction, 1-Pack, Brown," 018997776709 Arlington
Arlington LVS1 Screw On Single Gang Low Voltage Mounting Bracket (10/pack) 741725932916 0741725932916 Arlington