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Found 59 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'ans records':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Hagada For Passover 043011205422 Ans Records
Famosos Dibujos Animados en Espanol, Vol. 1 043011400193 Ans Records
Famosos Dibujos Animados en Espanol, Vol. 2 043011400292 0043011400292 Ans Records
Famosos Dibujos Animados en Espanol, Vol. 3 043011400391 Ans Records
Famosos Dibujos Animados En Espanol, Vol. 4 043011400490 Ans Records
Superman 043011400599 Ans Records
Porky 043011400698 Ans Records
Popeye & Olivia 043011400896 Ans Records
Betty Boop Lulu and Friends: Personajes Famosos 043011400995 Ans Records
Gladiadores del Espacio, Vol. 1 043011411090 0043011411090 Ans Records
Gladiadores del Espacio, Vol. 2 043011411298 Ans Records
Kamui: El Ninja Desertor, Vol. 1 043011412097 Ans Records
Super Magnetron, Vol. 2 043011413292 Ans Records
La Cenicienta 043011414091 Ans Records
La Bella Durmiente (Sleeping Beauty) 043011414190 0043011414190 Ans Records
El Gato Con Botas 043011414299 Ans Records
Tom Sawyer 043011414497 0043011414497 Ans Records
Moby Dick 043011414596 Ans Records
Senor Calabaza 043011414695 Ans Records
Juanito Manzana 043011414794 0043011414794 Ans Records
Principe y Mendigo 043011414893 0430114148938 Ans Records
Aladino 043011414992 0043011414992 Ans Records
Flautista de Hamelin 043011415098 0043011415098 Ans Records
Hansel & Gretel 043011415197 Ans Records
The Brave Little Taylor 043011415395 Ans Records
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Blancanieves Y los 7 enenitos) 043011415494 Ans Records
Gladiadores del Espacio y Super Magnetron 043011440298 Ans Records
Cuentos Clasicos Animados 043011440496 Ans Records
How to Dance Tango: Como Bailar Tango 043011499098 0043011499098 Ans Records
Toquinho and Friends 043011500190 0043011500190 Ans Records
Maria Bethania - Maricotinha Ao Vivo 043011500299 Ans Records
Bethnia, Caetano, Gil, & Gal : Outros (doces) Brbaros 043011500398 ANS Records
Toquinho: So Tenho Tempo Pra Ser Feliz 043011500497 0043011500497 ANS Records
Latino America Su Arte y Cultura 043011501029 Ans Records
Ecuador Y Sus Imagenes 043011501128 ANS Records
Colombia Y Sus Imagenes 043011501821 ANS Records
Old McDonald and Friends: Kinder Songs 20 Video Clips 043011510199 Ans Records
Horizons Collection: Peru y Sus Imagenes 043011521522 Ans Records
Horizons Collection: Argentina Y Sus Image 043011527524 Ans Records
Latino America: Su Arte Y Su Cultura 043011601095 Ans Records
Ecuador Y Sus Imagenes 043011601194 0043011601194 Ans Records
Colombia y Sus Imagenes 043011601897 Ans Records
Horizons Collection: Chile - Sus Imagenes Y El Vino 043011602399 Ans Records
Horizons Collection: Cuba, Tabaco Musica y Ron 043011602597 Ans Records
Horizons Collection: Cuba y su musica 043011604096 Ans Records
Horizons: Panama, El Canal y Centroamerica 043011604195 Ans Records
Morocco: Marrakesh & Its Traditions 043011604294 Ans Records
Nepal: Himalaya's Mystical Valley 043011604393 ANS Records
Horizons Collection: Egypt - Nile & It's Civilization 043011604492 Ans Records
Peru y Sus Imagenes 043011621499 0043011621499 Ans Records
Horizons Collection: Paraguay y las Misiones 043011623790 0043011623790 ANS Records
Argentina y Sus Imagenes 043011627491 Ans Records
MONKEY BUSINESS MUSIC 602498804803 0602498804803 Blutreinheit Productions/Antihumansim Records
Forever & a Day 828027900222 0828027900222 DC3 Entertainment/Orphansake Records
Buckle Up Its the Law 634479009129 0634479009129 Ephesians Records
Mississippi Maserati Breakdown 669910205624 0669910205624 Mansion Records
Love Again 656613280720 0656613280720 Ren-e-sans Records