Found 27 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'allied':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Quantrill's Raiders 000050012244 Allied
King of the Wild Stallions 000090494024 0000090494024 Allied
Gunfight at Comanche Creek 010682500064 Allied
It Happened On 5th Avenue - DVD [ 1947 ] - Drama Movies on DVD 012569422926 Allied
Allied Precision Industries Allied Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl, 5-Quart 022102011500 0022102011500 Allied
Allied Stainless Steel Heated Pet Bowl, 5-Quart 022102011500 0022102011500 Allied
Allied Heated 23-Inch by 29-Inch Pet Mat, Large 022102098136 0022102098136 Allied
Allied Heated 14 1/2-Inch by 17 1/4-Inch Diameter Pet Hutch 022102111682 0022102111682 Allied
Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 1-Quart 022102123456 0786714403169 Allied
IMC Conduit,1-1/4 In.,10 ft. L,Steel 091111000041 ALLIED
Rigid Conduit,1 In.,10 ft. L,Steel 091111001031 ALLIED
EMT Conduit,1-1/4 In.,10 ft. L,Steel 091111020049 ALLIED
Allied SL-8320BTX 300W 24 Pin 4 Pin +12V Switching ATX Power Supply AL-A300ATX 640626037075 0640626037075 Allied
Allied 83B FWD Black Mod 16X6 682108178722 0682108178722 Allied
Allied EMT Conduit, 3 in, 10 Ft. L, Steel 696333961165 0696333961165 Allied
The Disembodied [Remaster] 743252239445 0743252239445 ALLIED
Allied Bucket Heater 120 V 1000 Watt Stainless Steel Boxed 784497043220 0022102074215 ALLIED
Purity Villa Cotton Mattress Pad 815584024751 Allied
Polaris Window Pane Medium Pillow - Set of Two 815584025093 Allied
Allied Telesyn SL-8320BTX (AL-A300ATX) ATX12V V2.2 300W 80mm Fan PSU Bulk 835712000013 0835712000013 Allied
PAY OR DIE 883316204863 ALLIED
Green Fire 883316237007 0883316237007 ALLIED
Hot News 883316276389 ALLIED
The Hypnotic Eye [Remaster] 883316280416 ALLIED
Macabre [Remaster] 883316288436 ALLIED
Twenty Plus Two 883316313183 0883316313183 ALLIED
Allied Plastic Heated Pet Bowl, 5-Quart 885152789962 0022102931129 Allied