Found 12 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'alesmith':

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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
AleSmith .394 San Diego Pale Ale 6pk 12oz Btl 812465000309 AleSmith
AleSmith Nut Brown Ale 6pk 12oz Btl 812465000392 AleSmith
AleSmith .394 San Diego Pale Ale 6pkc (6PKC 12 OZ) 812465000644 AleSmith
AleSmith Brewery Subime Mexican Lager 6pk 12oz Can 812465000804 AleSmith
AleSmith .394 San Diego Pale Ale 12pk 12oz Can 812465000941 AleSmith
Alesmith Oktoberfest 6pk 12oz Can 812465001108 AleSmith
Alesmith Bloody Valentine 6pk 12oz Bottles 812465001191 AleSmith
AleSmith Brewing Sublime Mexican Lager Single 19.2oz Can 812465001375 AleSmith
AleSmith Brewing IPA 4pk 16oz Can 812465001788 AleSmith
AleSmith Brewing Black Velvet Nitro Stout 6pk 12oz Can 812465001948 AleSmith
AleSmith Brewing Co. Cloud Stream IPA 4pk 16oz 6.9% abv 812465002037 AleSmith
Alesmith Brewing Co. Party Tricks IPA 6pk 16oz Cans 812465002167 AleSmith