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Found 240 unique UPCs from manufacturer 'a& e':

Not a complete list, just a sample from our database (currently limited to 250 items). Also, manufacturer names can have different variations, so the product you are looking for could be listed under some other manufacturer name - e.g. 'P&G' products could also be found under "Procter & Gamble".

Product name UPC EAN Listed as
MLB 4 Los Angeles Angels Team Logo Stickers Set Individual Official Major League Baseball Helmet Emblems of Anaheim LA California 673463903142 0673463903142 A&A Global Industries
A&B American Style Pepper Sauce, Original, 8 Fluid Ounce 851063005002 0851063005002 A&B American Style
A&B American Style with Garlic Pepper Sauce, 8 Fluid Ounce 851063005057 A&B American Style
A&B Home 1137 White Flamingo Accent, Small, 15-Inch 805845011378 0805845011378 A&B HOME
A&B Home Earthen Ceramic Planter Pots, Set of 2 805845015277 0805845015277 A&B Home
A&B Home Louis Fleur-de-lis Tea Set with Stand, Set of 10 Classic Vintage/White 805845350781 0805845350781 A&B Home
A&B Home 39692 Rustic Metal Garden Buckets With Handles, Set of 2 805845410638 0805845410638 A&B HOME
A&B Home Decorative Vegetable Buckets, Set of 4 805845428961 0805845428961 A&B Home
A&B Home Group Bellamy Chandelier D18.5x29.5 805845434887 0805845434887 A&B Home Group
LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor for Extra Large Arms - Each, Pack of 4 093764600623 0093764600623 A&D ENGINEERING
D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses, Foldable, Black 011012346604 0011012346604 A&D Futon Furniture
A&D Medical Premium Talking Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-1030T) 093764602931 0093764602931 A&D Medical
A&D Medical Wireless Connected Weight Scale, Black (UC-352BLE) 093764603334 A&D Medical
A&D Medical Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor UB-767F, Pack of 3 093764603365 0093764603365 A&D Medical
A&D Medical Multi-User Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-767F) 093764603365 0093764603365 A&D Medical
A&E Ancient Aliens: Season 9 [DVD] 031398237754 0031398237754 A&E
Texas Rising/ Sons Of Liberty Double Feature [DVD] 031398253822 0031398253822 A&E
50 Years of Star Trek [DVD + Digital] 031398254690 A&E
Beyond Top Secret: Iran 733961108361 A&E
Zombies: The Unexplained 733961117370 0733961117370 A&E
History Presents: The 60's Megaset 733961144789 0733961144789 A&E
The Greatest Tunnel Ever Built 733961155686 0733961155686 A&E
Farscape the Archives 733961169485 A&E
How the States Got Their Shapes 733961237511 0733961237511 A&E
2010 Texas Rangers: It's Time! 733961241082 0733961241082 A&E
The Magic Inside: The 2010 Season of the World Championship San Francisco Giants 733961241266 0733961241266 A&E
History Classics: WWII - The War Chronicles [DVD] 733961245561 0733961245561 A&E
Wilderness Warriors 733961259551 0733961259551 A&E
Monty Python's Flying Circus Dvd 11 Season 3 733961700862 0733961700862 A&E
The Prisoner Set 2 733961701388 A&E
Weapons at War: Special Forces 733961723021 0733961723021 A&E
The History Channel: Banned From The Bible II 733961774191 A&E
Daytona 500 - 50 Years of the Great American Race 733961110555 A&E (INGR)
Great Depression, The 733961154887 A&E (INGR)
Ancient Disc:death Weapons Est 733961252088 A&E (INGR)
New Mexico State Penitentiary 733961252163 A&E (INGR)
Duel: Hamilton Vs. Burr, Dvd 733961264685 A&E (INGR)
Megaquake 10.0, Dvd Archive 733961264753 A&E (INGR)
The Best of The Original Avengers 733961701036 A&E / Studio Canal
A&E Bath and Shower Dive Abzu Seamless Freestanding Tub with Floor Faucet, White High Gloss Acrylic 772349558657 0772349558657 A&E Bath and Shower
A and E Cage 25"x21" Slant Top Cage Black Case of 2 644472555943 0644472555943 A&E Cage
32"x21" Flight Cage & Stand Metal 644472925036 0644472925036 A&E Cage
A&E Cage AE-CB-L White Large Corner Rest Shelf 644472991888 A&E Cage
A&E Cage 732217 Black Play Top with Plastic Base, 22" x 17" 644472005356 0644472005356 A&E Cage Co.
A&E Cage Co CC3232 Platinum Corner Bird Cage, 32"/Large 644472017076 0644472017076 A&E Cage Co.
Corner Aviary Bird Cage Size: Large (74" H x 42" W x 52" D) 644472017168 0644472017168 A&E Cage Co.
Small Double Stack Bird Cage Color: Black 644472018233 0644472018233 A&E Cage Co.
A&E Cage 600A White Economy Dome Top Bird Cage, 20" x 20" 644472101430 0644472101430 A&E Cage Co.
Corner Aviary Bird Cage Size: Small (61" H x 30" W x 37" D) 644472116595 A&E Cage Co.
A&E Cage 703 Black Victorian Top Bird Cage with Removable Stand, 22" x 18" 644472151039 0644472151039 A&E Cage Co.
A&E Cage 9001818 Black Dome Top Bird Cage, Small 644472225037 0644472225037 A&E Cage Co.
Extra Large Dome Top Bird Cage Color: Platinum 644472300024 0644472300024 A&E Cage Co.
Medium Dome Top Bird Cage 644472300079 0644472300079 A&E Cage Co.
A&E Cage 8002422 Green Play Top Bird Cage with 5/8" Bar Spacing, 24" x 22" 644472400014 0644472400014 A&E Cage Co.
a&e 24"x22" Play Top Cage with 5/8" Bar Spacing 8002422 Green 644472400014 0644472400014 A&E Cage Co.
Medium Play Top Bird Cage Color: Green 644472400014 0644472400014 A&E Cage Co.
A&E CAGE CO Extra Large Corner Cage, Platinum 644472850055 0644472850055 A&E Cage Co.
A&E CAGE CO 32-Inch by 21-Inch Flight Cage and Stand, Sandstone 644472925029 0644472925029 A&E Cage Co.
A&E Cage Co. 32-Inch by 21-Inch Flight Cage and Stand, Black 644472925036 0644472925036 A&E Cage Co.
A&E CAGE CO 32-Inch by 21-Inch Flight Cage and Stand, Black 644472925036 0644472925036 A&E Cage Co.
Bird Cage Color: Platinum 644472925050 0644472925050 A&E Cage Co.
A&E CAGE CO 32-Inch by 21-Inch Flight Cage and Stand, Platinum 644472925050 0644472925050 A&E Cage Co.
Large Rope Swing with Rope Knots and Wood 644472990287 A&E Cage Co.
(2 Pack) Java Wood Multi Branch Perches 644472011166 0644472011166 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company Acrylic Rings, Stars & Rubber Things Plastic/Acrylic/Rubber 644472013252 0644472013252 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company Almond Nut Ring - 6.5" x 6.5" x 1" Almonds 644472014020 0644472014020 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage AE1814H Charcoal House Top Cage, Black, 4 Pack 644472017281 0644472017281 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company Large Pitched Roof Aviary 32'x28 x72 Metal 644472017816 0853585212036 A&E Cage Company
A and E Hexagonal Bird Aviary 644472017830 0644472017830 A&E CAGE COMPANY
A&E Cage Company 24"x22" Double Stack Cage with Play Top Metal 644472018233 0644472018233 A&E Cage Company
A and E Cage Co. Single Java Tree 644472018233 0644472018233 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company The ?O Parrot Play Stand Metal 644472100839 0644472100839 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company Sandstone Straight Perch, Small 644472111316 0644472111316 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company 22"x18" Victorian Top Cage with Removable Stand Metal 644472151039 0644472151039 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company Black Classico Dometop Small Bird Cage, 18" L X 18" W X 51" H 644472225037 0644472225037 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company 36"x28" Dome Top Cage in Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 644472300079 0644472300079 A&E Cage Company
Play Top Bird Cage with Plastic Base Color: Platinum 644472350050 0644472350050 A&E Cage Company
Elegant Style Flight Cage Color: Black 644472804010 0644472804010 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company 32"x21" Flight Cage & Stand Metal 644472925029 0644472925029 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cage Company 32"x21" Flight Cage & Stand Metal 644472925036 0644472925036 A&E Cage Company
Double Flight Bird Cage with Divider Color: Platinum 644472950052 0854585507047 A&E Cage Company
A and E Double Flight Bird Cage Platinum 644472950052 0644472950052 A&E CAGE COMPANY
The Giant Squid 644472990270 0644472990270 A&E Cage Company
Wood Tabletop Play Station 644472990973 0644472990973 A&E Cage Company
Large Corner Rest Shelf Color: Platinum 644472991857 0644472991857 A&E Cage Company
A&E Cages Home Pet Birds Supplies Round Play Top Bird Cage and Stand Platinum 644472005356 0644472005356 A&E Cages
Aqua Salt Marine Microbe - AEC CAGE OCTAGON 32X32X61 BK 644472017830 0644472017830 A&E Cages
Secrets Of Christianity 073396125442 A&E Entertainment
The Real Face Of Jesus [DVD] 733612538639 A&E Entertainment
The History Channel: Targeted: Osama Bin Laden 733961105315 A&E Entertainment
Jacked! Auto Theft Task Force: Season 1 733961134407 A&E Entertainment
Modern Mar: Bathroom Tech Ii 733961138726 0733961138726 A&E Entertainment
Criss Angel Mindfreak: Season 4 [DVD] 733961144185 0733961144185 A&E Entertainment
Conspiracy? Dvd 3-disc Set 733961147964 A&E Entertainment
New York Yankees Perfect Games and No-Hitters 733961149791 0733961149791 A&E Entertainment
Decoding the Past: The Templar Code (History Channel) 733961154870 0733961154870 A&E Entertainment
Hunting Hitler 733961155310 A&E Entertainment
Biography: Sherlock Holmes - The Great Detective 733961157499 A&E Entertainment
Women In The White House 733961157529 A&E Entertainment
Essential Games Of The Detroit Tigers [DVD] 733961158205 A&E Entertainment
Ax Men: The Complete Season 2 733961158625 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: 70s Tech (History Channel) 733961163438 0733961163438 A&E Entertainment
Rome: Rise And Fall Of An Empire [DVD] 733961168754 A&E Entertainment
The Five Lives of Criss Angel Mindfreak 733961168907 0733961168907 A&E Entertainment
Century Of Warfare 733961171693 A&E Entertainment
The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After 733961210873 0733961210873 A&E Entertainment
Sherri: Season 1 733961217537 A&E Entertainment
Rita Rocks: Season 1 733961217544 A&E Entertainment
Girl, Positive 733961218428 A&E Entertainment
To Be Fat Like Me 733961218435 0733961218435 A&E Entertainment
The Two Mr. Kissels 733961218442 0733961218442 A&E Entertainment
Racing For Time [DVD] 733961218466 A&E Entertainment
More Of Me [DVD] 733961218473 0733961218473 A&E Entertainment
I Do (but I Don't) 733961223163 A&E Entertainment
How I Married My High School Crush [DVD] 733961223194 A&E Entertainment
Joy Fielding's The Other Woman 733961224733 0733961224733 A&E Entertainment
Plain Truth 733961224740 A&E Entertainment
The Mermaid Chair 733961225136 0733961225136 A&E Entertainment
The Dive from Clausen's Pier 733961225150 0733961225150 A&E Entertainment
What If God Were The Sun 733961225167 0733961225167 A&E Entertainment
The Haunting Of Sorority Row [DVD] 733961227567 A&E Entertainment
Hush Little Baby 733961227574 A&E Entertainment
Devil's Diary 733961227598 A&E Entertainment
The Gathering [DVD] 733961227604 A&E Entertainment
Biography: Bob Saget 733961228816 A&E Entertainment
Rachael Ray 733961228953 A&E Entertainment
Gangland: Season 5 733961229103 0733961229103 A&E Entertainment
Holiday Switch 733961230079 A&E Entertainment
The Road To Christmas [DVD] 733961230123 A&E Entertainment
Home By Christmas 733961230161 A&E Entertainment
The Battle History of the United States Military 733961231168 A&E Entertainment
Child Warriors 733961236156 A&E Entertainment
Cults 733961236170 A&E Entertainment
Day After Disaster 733961236194 A&E Entertainment
Lost Worlds: Kama Sutra 733961236231 0733961236231 A&E Entertainment
Lost Worlds: City/aphrodite 733961236255 A&E Entertainment
Return Of The Pirates 733961236262 0733961236262 A&E Entertainment
The Works: Steel (History Channel) 733961236323 A&E Entertainment
Lost Worlds: Taj Mahal 733961236330 0733961236330 A&E Entertainment
Women Combat Pilots:right Stuf 733961236361 A&E Entertainment
Greening of Southie 733961236545 0733961236545 A&E Entertainment
How The Earth Was Made: The Complete Season 2 [Blu-ray] 733961238211 A&E Entertainment
The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Season 2 733961238938 0733961238938 A&E Entertainment
The Capture of the Green River Killer 733961240122 0733961240122 A&E Entertainment
History Classics: Dinosaurs [DVD] 733961240764 0733961240764 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Dirt [DVD] 733961242010 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: The Egg (History Channel) 733961242027 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Mega Meals (History Channel) 733961242058 A&E Entertainment
What Went Down: 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (History Channel) 733961242119 A&E Entertainment
Unsung Heroes Of Pearl Harbor 733961242157 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Winter Tech 733961242171 A&E Entertainment
The Universe: The Mega Collection 733961242980 0733961242980 A&E Entertainment
Bringing Ashley Home 733961243055 0733961243055 A&E Entertainment
Honeymoon With Mom 733961243062 A&E Entertainment
Sex & The Single Mom 733961243079 A&E Entertainment
More Sex & The Single Mom 733961243086 A&E Entertainment
Playing House 733961243093 A&E Entertainment
Mom, Dad And Her 733961243109 0733961243109 A&E Entertainment
Brad Meltzers Decoded: Season 1 [DVD] 733961243192 A&E Entertainment
Yankeeography Collectors Edition DVD Megaset 733961243499 0733961243499 A&E Entertainment
Highway to Heaven: Season 1 DVD SET 733961243581 A&E Entertainment
Iwo Jima: Fight to the Death 733961243598 0733961243598 A&E Entertainment
Wild West Tech: Alamo Tech (History Channel) 733961243604 A&E Entertainment
Reagan 733961244212 0733961244212 A&E Entertainment
The kids in the hall. Death comes to town 733961244434 A&E Entertainment
Kids In The Hall, The: Complete Series Megaset 733961244496 0733961244496 A&E Entertainment
Angels Memories: The Greatest Moments In Angels Baseball History [DVD] 733961244502 0733961244502 A&E Entertainment
Fall Classic at Fenway Park [Blu-ray] 733961244519 A&E Entertainment
The Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series CollectorS Edition [DVD] 733961244533 A&E Entertainment
Last Days of the Civil War 733961244694 0733961244694 A&E Entertainment
Billy The Exterminator: Season 3 [DVD] 733961244717 0733961244717 A&E Entertainment
Prime 9: MLB Heroics [DVD] 733961244724 A&E Entertainment
Ancient Aliens: Season 2 733961244816 A&E Entertainment
Underwater Universe: Season 1 733961244854 0733961244854 A&E Entertainment
Dog The Bounty Hunter: This Family Means Business [DVD] 733961244878 A&E Entertainment
Swamp People: Season 1 733961245226 A&E Entertainment
Patricia Cornwell's At Risk 733961245233 0733961245233 A&E Entertainment
Patricia Cornwell's The Front 733961245240 A&E Entertainment
Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy [DVD] 733961245257 A&E Entertainment
Reviving Ophelia 733961245264 0733961245264 A&E Entertainment
Hc: Barbarians 733961245288 0733961245288 A&E Entertainment
Civil War Combat 733961245462 0733961245462 A&E Entertainment
A Year In Provence DVD SET 733961245523 0733961245523 A&E Entertainment
History Classics: The Revolution [DVD] 733961245530 A&E Entertainment
History Classics: Decoding The Past 733961245547 0733961245547 A&E Entertainment
History Classics: Ancient Mysteries - Lost Cities [DVD] 733961245554 0733961245554 A&E Entertainment
Baseball's Greatest Games: Collector's Edition [DVD] 733961245578 0733961245578 A&E Entertainment
The World Series: History Of The Fall Classic [DVD] 733961245585 0733961245585 A&E Entertainment
St. Louis Cardinals: 2011 World Series Collectors Edition 733961245608 A&E Entertainment
2011 World Series Champions: St. Louis Cardinals [DVD] 733961245615 0733961245615 A&E Entertainment
2011 World Series Champions: St. Louis Cardinals [Blu-ray] 733961245622 0733961245622 A&E Entertainment
Breaking Vegas: Dice Dominator (History Channel) 733961247060 0733961247060 A&E Entertainment
Declassified: Godfathers of Havana (History Channel) 733961247084 0733961247084 A&E Entertainment
Hot and Spicy 733961247091 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Keep Out (History Channel) 733961247107 A&E Entertainment
King's Highway: El Camino Real 733961247114 A&E Entertainment
Investigating History: Mountain Massacre (History Channel) 733961247138 A&E Entertainment
Next Big Bang, The 733961247145 0733961247145 A&E Entertainment
Next Big Bang 733961247145 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: The Tool Bench: Power Tools (History Channel) 733961247152 A&E Entertainment
Risk Takers / History Makers 733961247176 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Soft Drinks (History Channel) 733961247206 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Top Ten (History Channel) 733961247237 A&E Entertainment
William & Kate 733961248142 0733961248142 A&E Entertainment
Gone (Lifetime Movie) [DVD] 733961248159 0733961248159 A&E Entertainment
Paranormal State: Season 5 733961248166 A&E Entertainment
Robotech:cmp Orig Ser Dvdst 733961249026 A&E Entertainment
Lee & Grant 733961249088 0733961249088 A&E Entertainment
How the States Got Their Shapes: Season 1 733961249118 A&E Entertainment
Yes Sir, Jack Nicklaus and the Historic 1986 Masters Victory 733961249125 0733961249125 A&E Entertainment
Fall Classic At Fenway Park 733961249194 A&E Entertainment
Sept 11th Memorial Edition 733961249354 A&E Entertainment
History Classics: Americas Most Haunted Places [DVD] 733961251036 A&E Entertainment
Baseballs Greatest Games: 1975 World Series Game 6 [DVD] 733961251388 A&E Entertainment
Baseball's Greatest Games: 1986 World Series Game 6 [DVD] 733961251395 0733961251395 A&E Entertainment
Baseball's Greatest Games: 2004 ALCS Game 4 [DVD] 733961251401 A&E Entertainment
Baseball's Greatest Games: 1993 World Series Game 6 [DVD] 733961251418 A&E Entertainment
Baseball Gr Games:91 Ws Game 7 733961251425 A&E Entertainment
Baseball's Greatest Games: 1992 NLCS Game 7 [DVD] 733961251432 A&E Entertainment
Baseball's Greatest Games: 2003 ALCS Game 7 [DVD] 733961251449 0733961251449 A&E Entertainment
Baseballs Greatest Games: 1979 Wrigley Field Slugfest [DVD] 733961251456 A&E Entertainment
Baseballs Greatest Games: 1985 NLCS Game 5 [DVD] 733961251470 A&E Entertainment
Danger UXB 733961251883 A&E Entertainment
Edward & Mrs. Simpson 733961251890 A&E Entertainment
Ancient Secret Agents 733961252033 A&E Entertainment
Ancient Disc: Ancient Tank Tch 733961252040 0733961252040 A&E Entertainment
Biography-Celebrity Ghost Stories 733961252064 0733961252064 A&E Entertainment
Modern Marvels: Christmas Tech 733961252071 A&E Entertainment
Biography: George Clooney 733961252095 0733961252095 A&E Entertainment
High Impact: M-16 733961252101 0733961252101 A&E Entertainment
World Of Jack The Ripper 733961252125 A&E Entertainment
Biography: Kurt Cobain 733961252149 A&E Entertainment
Mega Disasters: Tsunami 733961252156 A&E Entertainment
Mega Movers: Sinking A Ship 733961252187 A&E Entertainment
Robotech: The Macross Saga [DVD] 733961252279 A&E Entertainment
Robotech: The Masters Saga [DVD] 733961252286 A&E Entertainment
Robotech: The New Generation [DVD] 733961252293 A&E Entertainment
Storage Wars: Season 1 733961252323 A&E Entertainment
Royal Wedding Of A Lifetime 733961252552 A&E Entertainment