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Product name UPC EAN Listed as
Celebrate With Clifford (Clifford The Big Red Dog) 012236123729 0012236123729 A&E HOME VIDEO
Benny Hill - Golden Greats 026359924521 9780783119434 A&E Home Video
Dance Moms - Season 2 Volume 2 [DVD] 031398164166 A&E Home Video
Bible Stories From The Old Testament [DVD] 031398165217 0031398165217 A&E Home Video
Tb: Stories New Testament 2 031398165224 A&E Home Video
Storage Wars: Volume 4 [DVD] 031398165231 A&E Home Video
Swamp People: Season 3 [DVD] 031398165248 0031398165248 A&E Home Video
MLB Superstars: Impact Players [DVD] 031398166245 A&E Home Video
The Real Vikings Collection [DVD] 031398166542 A&E Home Video
Best of American Pickers: Mike And Franks Picks [DVD] 031398166641 0031398166641 A&E Home Video
Counting Cars: Season 1 [DVD] 031398166658 A&E Home Video
Citizen Hearst 031398168485 A&E Home Video
Fear Files [DVD] 031398174936 0031398174936 A&E Home Video
Giants: Hometown Heroics [DVD] 031398175063 A&E Home Video
Highlights of the 2013 Masters Tournament [DVD] 031398175087 0031398175087 A&E Home Video
Prayers For Bobby [DVD] 031398177432 A&E Home Video
Bonnie & Clyde: The Real Story 031398178521 0031398178521 A&E Home Video
Robotech: The Complete Set [DVD] 031398180111 A&E Home Video
Civil War: Gettysburg/ Lee & Grant - Double Feature [DVD] 031398181088 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Seasons 1-3 Collectors Set [Blu-ray] 031398181422 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Season 1 [Blu-ray] 031398182115 0031398182115 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Season 3 [Blu-ray] 031398182320 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Season 5 [DVD] 031398195665 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Duck Days Of Summer [DVD] 031398196198 A&E Home Video
Houdini - 2 Disc Extended Edition [Blu-ray + Digital HD] 031398196662 0031398196662 A&E HOME VIDEO
Taken From Me/ Fantasia Story - Double Feature [DVD] 031398199618 0031398199618 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Quack Or Treat [DVD] 031398200642 A&E Home Video
Duck Dynasty: Seasons 46 Giftset [DVD] 031398203728 A&E Home Video
Julius Jr: Pirates and Superheroes [DVD + Digital] 031398214700 0031398214700 A&E Home Video
Barbarians Rising 031398232254 A&E HOME VIDEO
History Bible Collection [DVD] 031398233831 A&E HOME VIDEO
Ring Of Fire/William & Kate/Love Notes Triple Feature [DVD] 031398238751 0031398238751 A&E HOME VIDEO
The Making of Trump [DVD + Digital] 031398242727 A&E HOME VIDEO
The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story [DVD] 031398248248 0031398248248 A&E HOME VIDEO
Six [Blu-ray] 031398250517 A&E HOME VIDEO
Hamilton: Building America [DVD] 031398265924 A&E HOME VIDEO
High School Lover 031398274216 A&E HOME VIDEO
Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. 031398275725 A&E Home Video
Mankind The Story Of All Of Us [Blu-ray] 031398851110 0031398851110 A&E HOME VIDEO
Biography: Brooks & Dunn 073396113739 A&E Home Video
That's Impossible:mind Control 073396122892 A&E Home Video
Pawn Stars: Season 2 073396122908 A&E HOME VIDEO
The Real National Treasure [DVD] 073396123202 A&E HOME VIDEO
Monty Python's Flying Circus, Disc 4 073396170046 9780767018869 A&E Home Video
The Prisoner - Set 2: Checkmate/ The Chimes of Big Ben/ A, B and C/ The General (Bonus) 073396170138 A&E Home Video
Thunderbirds - Set 3 073396170329 9780767040501 A&E Home Video
The Saint, Set 4 073396170350 A&E Home Video
Secret Agent AKA Danger Man, Set 5 073396170534 A&E Home Video
Paul McCartney - Live in Red Square 073396171104 9780767060370 A&E HOME VIDEO
Mail Call - The Best of Season 2 073396171159 9780767060738 A&E Home Video
Biography - Tennessee Williams: Wounded Genius (A&E DVD Archives) 073396171838 9780767078788 A&E Home Video
Biography - Roy Rogers (A&E DVD Archives) 073396172804 A&E Home Video
MLB Vintage World Series Films - St. Louis Cardinals 1964, 1967 & 1968 073396174129 A&E Home Video
Danger Mouse - The Complete Seasons 5 & 6 073396174679 0733961746792 A&E Home Video
Genghis Khan: Terror and Conquest [A&E Biography Series] (VHS VIDEO) 091131656570 A&E Home Video
Peter Pan 733961000115 A&E Home Video
Peter Pan 733961000122 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Railroads Dvd 733961100112 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Automotive Dvd 733961100129 A&E Home Video
Cotu:dracula's Underground 733961100228 A&E Home Video
Heroes Under Fire:urgent Fry 733961101096 A&E Home Video
Cotu:secret Pagan Undergrnd 733961101133 A&E Home Video
Cotu:underground Bootleggers 733961101140 A&E Home Video
Cotu: Rome: The Rise Dvd 733961101157 0733961101157 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Aluminum Dvd 733961101171 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Sticky Stuff Dvd 733961101188 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Aircraft Dvd 733961101195 0733961101195 A&E Home Video
Dogfights: Kamikaze Dvd 733961101225 A&E Home Video
Dogfights: Jet Vs Jet Dvd 733961101232 0733961101232 A&E Home Video
Dogfights: Thunderbolts Dvd 733961101249 A&E Home Video
Dog Bounty H: Smak/baby Lyssa 733961101256 A&E Home Video
Dog Bounty H: A Friend In Need 733961101263 0733961101263 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon: Muay Thai Dvd 733961101287 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon: Eskrima Dvd 733961101294 0733961101294 A&E Home Video
Bon Jovi - Lost Highway: The Concert 733961101355 A&E HOME VIDEO
Night of the Fox 733961101591 A&E HOME VIDEO
The First Days of Christianity (History Channel Ultimate Collections) 733961101607 A&E HOME VIDEO
Dallas Swat: Episode #24 Dvd 733961101690 A&E Home Video
Bio: Cameron Diaz Dvd 733961101829 A&E Home Video
Kansas City S.w.a.t. Ep #25 733961101836 0733961101836 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Ships Dvd 733961101850 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Mines Dvd 733961101867 A&E Home Video
Dtbh:your Lyng Eyes Ep#88&89 733961101881 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon: Karate Dvd 733961101928 A&E Home Video
Dallas Swat: Episode #26 Dvd 733961101935 A&E Home Video
Two Coreys:surprise Party 733961101959 0733961101959 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:seven Wonders Of 733961101966 0733961101966 A&E Home Video
La Dodgers 1988 World Series 733961102338 A&E HOME VIDEO
Dtbh: A Man Called Dog Dvd 733961102741 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Traps Dvd 733961102819 A&E Home Video
Dogfights: First Dogfights 733961102826 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon:savate Strtfigh 733961102857 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon:judo:samurai Lg 733961102864 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon:pankration: Or 733961102871 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon:krav Of.israe 733961102888 0733961102888 A&E Home Video
Dallas Swat: Episode #30 Dvd 733961102895 A&E Home Video
Two Coreys:battle Of Band 733961102925 0733961102925 A&E Home Video
Kansas City Swat: Episode#31 733961102932 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:a-bomb Factories 733961102949 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:henry Viii Mega 733961102963 A&E Home Video
Detroit S.w.a.t. Ep #29 733961102970 A&E Home Video
Dog Bounty H: Wild Things 733961103571 0733961103571 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Batteries Dvd 733961103595 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds: Herod The Great 733961103656 A&E Home Video
Armageddon last stand 733961103663 A&E Home Video
Digging For Truth:pirates Of 733961103670 A&E Home Video
Digging.truth:angkor Wat: 733961103687 A&E Home Video
Mega Disast:krakatoa's Revng 733961103700 A&E Home Video
Baghdad Diary: Special Prese 733961103717 A&E Home Video
9/11 Conspiracies: Fact Or Fic 733961103793 0733961103793 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Garbage Dvd 733961103991 A&E Home Video
Boneyard: Demolition Dvd 733961104059 A&E Home Video
Dtbh:no Love Still Ep#93 733961104080 0733961104080 A&E Home Video
First 48:double Life Ep #82 733961104097 0733961104097 A&E Home Video
Modern Marvels: Deep Freeze 733961104103 A&E Home Video
Mdrn Mar:extreme Aircraft Ii 733961104110 0733961104110 A&E Home Video
Dogfights: P-51 Mustang Dvd 733961104141 0733961104141 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:sin City Of West 733961104332 A&E Home Video
Digging.truth:hunley Secre 733961104431 0733961104431 A&E Home Video
Mega Disast:new York Earthqk 733961104509 A&E Home Video
Mega Disast:comet Catastroph 733961104646 A&E Home Video
Biography - Pat Tillman 733961105124 A&E HOME VIDEO
Busting the Mob (History Channel) 733961105131 A&E HOME VIDEO
Biography - The Hiltons 733961105155 0733961105155 A&E HOME VIDEO
Biography - Whoopi Goldberg 733961105162 0733961105162 A&E HOME VIDEO
Alexander Graham Bell & the Telephone (History Channel) 733961105179 A&E HOME VIDEO
Modern Marvels: Video Games - Behind the Fun (History Channel) 733961105186 A&E HOME VIDEO
Alexander the Great and the Catapult: Man, Moment, Machine (History Channel) 733961105193 A&E HOME VIDEO
A&E Investigative Reports: Columbine - Understanding Why 733961105209 A&E HOME VIDEO
Declassified: Viet Cong (History Channel) 733961105223 A&E HOME VIDEO
Biography - Anna Nicole Smith 733961105230 A&E HOME VIDEO
Declassified - Tiananmen Square (History Channel) 733961105247 A&E HOME VIDEO
History's Mysteries - The True Story of Gladiators (History Channel) 733961105254 0733961105254 A&E HOME VIDEO
Biography - Paris Hilton 733961105261 A&E HOME VIDEO
Iran - The Next Iraq? (History Channel) 733961105278 0733961105278 A&E Home Video
Counter Terrorist Teams 733961105285 A&E HOME VIDEO
Investigative Reports - Inside the Killer's Mind 733961105292 0733961105292 A&E HOME VIDEO
Decoding the Past: Secrets of the Playing Card (History Channel) 733961105308 0733961105308 A&E HOME VIDEO
Ancient Aliens: History Channel 733961105339 A&E HOME VIDEO
Nazi Spies in America (History Channel) 733961105346 0733961105346 A&E HOME VIDEO
True Story Of Hannibal:dvd A 733961105353 A&E Home Video
Weird Science - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 733961105414 0733961105414 A&E Home Video
Dtbh: Twisted Love Ep #91 733961105483 A&E Home Video
The Vietnam War (History Channel) 733961105803 0733961105803 A&E HOME VIDEO
A Woman of Independent Means 733961105995 0733961105995 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Acid Dvd 733961106428 A&E Home Video
Mega Disa:hawaii Apocalypse 733961106435 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:al Capone's Scrt 733961106442 0733961106442 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:lost Superpower 733961106480 0733961106480 A&E Home Video
The Boston Red Sox 2007 World Series Collector's Edition 733961106992 0733961106992 A&E HOME VIDEO
Dogfights: Of Desert Storm 733961107203 0733961107203 A&E Home Video
Special Pres:/stalking Jihad 733961107227 A&E Home Video
Dtbh: Day Of The Dog Ep #96 733961107234 A&E Home Video
Dtbh: Time To Cry Ep #94-95 733961107241 0733961107241 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon: Kung Fu Dvd 733961107319 A&E Home Video
The Lost Book of Nostradamus (History Channel) 733961107739 A&E HOME VIDEO
The Iraq War (History Channel) 733961107760 A&E HOME VIDEO
Criss Angel Mindfreak: Season 3 [DVD] 733961107807 A&E Home Video
Human Wpn:sambo Russias Ex 733961107821 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:jekyll &hyde Dvd 733961107838 A&E Home Video
Mega Disast: Mega Drought 733961107852 A&E Home Video
A Global Warning? (History Channel) 733961107944 0733961107944 A&E HOME VIDEO
1968 with Tom Brokaw (History Channel) 733961107951 A&E HOME VIDEO
Modern Mar: World's Sharpest 733961108088 A&E Home Video
Mdrn Mar:engineer Disast #21 733961108170 A&E Home Video
Monsterquest:americas Loch N 733961108187 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon - Hand to Hand Military Combat (History Channel) 733961108194 A&E HOME VIDEO
Mdrn Mar:enviromental Tech 2 733961108224 0733961108224 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon:cambodian Blood 733961108231 0733961108231 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:ivan.terrible' 733961108262 A&E Home Video
Mega Disast:super Swarms Dvd 733961108286 A&E Home Video
Mega Disast: Oil Apocalypse 733961108293 A&E Home Video
Monsterquest: Sasquatch Attack (History Channel) 733961108309 0733961108309 A&E Home Video
Monsterq: Giant Squid Found? 733961108316 0733961108316 A&E Home Video
Billionaire Boys Club (artisan) 733961108323 A&E Home Video
Gangland:you Rat You Die Dvd 733961108347 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: The Pig Dvd 733961108392 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Rocks Dvd 733961108408 A&E Home Video
Human Wpn:silat:martial Art 733961108415 A&E Home Video
Bio: Cecil B. Demille Dvd 733961108446 0733961108446 A&E Home Video
Bio:george Eastman:kodak Dvd 733961108453 A&E Home Video
Special Pres:/sunset At Saipan 733961108507 A&E Home Video
Lost Worlds:pirates.caribbe 733961108606 A&E Home Video
Monsterquest: Unidentified F C 733961108675 0733961108675 A&E Home Video
The True Story of Charlie Wilson (History Channel) 733961108804 0733961108804 A&E HOME VIDEO
The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (History Channel) 733961108811 A&E HOME VIDEO
Shockwave: Episode #1 733961109122 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar:most Shocking Dvd 733961109238 A&E Home Video
Modern Marvels: Cold Cuts 733961109245 0733961109245 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Fast Food Tech 733961109252 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon: Ninjitsu Dvd 733961109306 A&E Home Video
Monsterq: Mutant Canines Dvd 733961109337 A&E Home Video
Monsterq: Giant Fish Dvd 733961109351 0733961109351 A&E Home Video
Monsterq: Swamp Beast Dvd 733961109368 A&E Home Video
Monsterq:russia's Killer Ape 733961109375 A&E Home Video
Shockwave: Episode #2 733961109429 0733961109429 A&E Home Video
Anc Disc:chinese Warfare Dvd 733961109573 A&E Home Video
Anc Disc: Machines Iii Dvd 733961109580 A&E Home Video
Para State: The Name Dvd 733961109641 A&E Home Video
Para State:devil In Syracuse 733961109658 A&E Home Video
Para State: Darkman Dvd 733961109665 A&E Home Video
Cotu: A-bomb Underground 733961109696 0733961109696 A&E Home Video
Cotu:hitlers Last Hideoutdvd 733961109702 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Carbon 733961109771 A&E Home Video
Modern Marvels: Superhighways 733961109788 A&E Home Video
Ancient Disc: Super Navies 733961109801 0733961109801 A&E Home Video
Shockwave: Episode #8 733961109863 A&E Home Video
Para State: Man Of The House 733961109887 A&E Home Video
Paranormal State: Beer, Wine, and Spirits 733961109894 A&E Home Video
Para State:haunted Piano Dvd 733961109900 A&E Home Video
Para State: The Cemetary Dvd 733961109917 A&E Home Video
Para State:woman In.window 733961109924 A&E Home Video
Para State:paranormal Interv 733961109931 A&E Home Video
Para State: School House Dvd 733961109948 A&E Home Video
Para State: Mothman 733961109955 A&E Home Video
Paranormal State: Season 1 733961110173 A&E HOME VIDEO
Dogfights: Tuskeegee 733961110180 A&E Home Video
Monsterq: The Real Hobbit 733961110371 A&E Home Video
Monsterq:amercn Werewolf Dvd 733961110388 A&E Home Video
Cotu:vietnams Secret Tunnels 733961110401 A&E Home Video
Cotu: Viking Underground Dvd 733961110418 A&E Home Video
Cities/underworld: Maya Underg 733961110425 0733961110425 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Locomotives 733961110432 0733961110432 A&E Home Video
Para State:freshman Fear Dvd 733961110487 A&E Home Video
How the Earth Was Made (History Channel) 733961110548 A&E HOME VIDEO
Monsterquest: Complete Season 1 (History Channel) (Steelbook Packaging) 733961110913 0733961110913 A&E HOME VIDEO
Gangland: Season 1 733961110999 0733961110999 A&E Home Video
Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters (History Channel) 733961111064 0733961111064 A&E Home Video
Cotu: Mob Underground Dvd 733961111125 0733961111125 A&E Home Video
Cotu: Prophecies From Below 733961111132 0733961111132 A&E Home Video
Cotu:new York Scrt Societies 733961111149 A&E Home Video
Mdrn Mar:world's Strongest 3 733961111156 0733961111156 A&E Home Video
Mdrn Mar:strange Weapons Dvd 733961111163 0733961111163 A&E Home Video
Modern Mar: Whiskey Dvd 733961111170 A&E Home Video
Modern Marvels: Bread 733961111187 A&E Home Video
Quest For The Lost Ark Dvd 733961111224 A&E Home Video
Shockwave: Episode #12 733961111286 A&E Home Video
Shockwave: Episode #13 733961111293 A&E Home Video
Cotu: Underground Apocalypse 733961111460 A&E Home Video
Ufo Hunt: Ufo Before Roswell 733961111484 A&E Home Video
The Romance Collection: Special Edition (Pride and Prejudice / Emma / Jane Eyre / Ivanhoe / Tom Jones / The Scarlet Pimpernel / Lorna Doone / Victoria and Albert) 733961111798 0733961111798 A&E HOME VIDEO
NASCAR: Full Throttle Adrenaline- Volume One and Two 733961111989 0733961111989 A&E HOME VIDEO
Batt 360:battle.leyte Gulf 733961112238 0733961112238 A&E Home Video
Batt 360:enterprise Vs Japan 733961112276 A&E Home Video
Batt 360: Hammer Of Hell 733961112283 A&E Home Video
Human Weapon: Season 1 733961112634 0733961112634 A&E Home Video
Poor Little Rich Girl - the Barbara Hutton Story 733961112849 A&E HOME VIDEO
The Boston Red Sox: Essential Games Of Fenway Park [DVD] 733961112979 0733961112979 A&E HOME VIDEO
The New York Mets Essential Games Of Shea Stadium 733961113150 A&E HOME VIDEO
King (History Channel) 733961113402 0733961113402 A&E Home Video