This is a new feature we are working on, still not available to regular users but we hope to roll it out soon. It allows you to quickly (with a single click) save items/UPCs you are interested into a “collection” which you can then save, share or export. This would have multiple uses:

  1. It makes up for the lack of a “shopping basket” – so if there are multiple items you are interested in buying you can just clip them to your collection and then browse them later for purchase or whatever you want.
  2. It helps people hunting for UPCs to quickly collect the UPCs they are interested in, easier than copy-pasting from the page to Notepad or whatever.
  3. It means you can share your collection with others. This has many potential uses, for example collectors can quickly create a list of a new range of Star Wars figures and then share it to their forum via a link or by exporting the collection in text or other form. Or maybe you are putting together a parts list for a hobby project and you want to share the list with other enthusiasts (so we will let you add quantities, too).

We will be implementing this with a super-friendly GUI which allows you to just click-and-save with minimum fuss. A few sample pages will be appearing here soon so you can see how the feature might look. Any suggestions are welcome.