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Bulk UPC extractor, validator and submitter

This tool is for people working with large lists of UPCs. It allows you to:

  1. Paste any block of text that you think contains UPCs (12-digit US-type unique product codes) into the field below.
  2. Press Extract UPCs
  3. Wait a few seconds (especially if you pasted a lot of text) and a list of extracted UPCs will appear below, with an indication of whether they are valid UPCs or not. They will also be linked to the relevant page on our site so you can check what products they are connected with (if any).
  4. Press submit to submit the entire list for indexing by UPCZilla. This feature is coming soon! In the meantime, clicking through to the product will be enough to get it indexed and added to our database, but we are adding a bulk-add feature soon!

This way you can just copy-paste any web page or any list of products you may have in Excel etc. and our UPC extractor will find everything that looks like a UPC (as long as there are no spaces or weird formatting). Invalid UPCs are marked with a ❌.

There is a 128Kb limit (about 130,000 characters) – more than that slows browsers down too much, but that should be plenty to extract thousands of UPCs at a time. It’s not perfect because it will try to extract 12-digit numbers from longer sequences of numbers, including EANs, which aren’t supported right now so they will be reported as invalid 12-digit UPCs, which is kind of dumb, we’ll fix that soon. But as a quick and simple way of extracting UPCs we think it’s pretty useful.

If you want to try how it works, go to this page (a Star Wars collector’s site), View Source in your browser (because the UPCs are hidden behind collapsing sections) and Select All, Copy and paste into the bulk checker!

In the future we will allow you to submit an entire list of UPCs to our search engine this way, so you can easily add your products.