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Bulk UPC extractor, validator and submitter

How to extract/validate/submit a large number of UPCs:

  1. Paste any block of text that you think contains UPCs (12-digit US-type unique product codes) into the field below.
  2. Press Extract UPCs
  3. Wait a few seconds (especially if you pasted a lot of text) and a validated, clickable list of extracted UPCs will appear below (validated just means that the checksum checks out, NOT necessarily whether the UPCs correspond to any products).

Note that this will also automatically add all of the UPCs you submit to our database for indexing and log your IP address. If you don’t want this happening for any reason, please do not use this service, we may add an opt-out of some kind in the future.

Due to some problems with server resources we have had to disable the indexing feature for now, the tool will only validate your UPCs for now.

You can just copy-paste any web page or any list of products you may have in Excel etc. and our UPC extractor will find everything that looks like a UPC (no spaces or weird formatting).

There is a 128Kb limit (about 130,000 characters – around 10,000 UPCs). EANs and other codes aren’t supported right now.

We’ve temporarily enabled comments so you can give your feedback on this tool below, any suggestions appreciated!

Comments 7

  • Does not work, using Firefox

    • Really?! Thanks for the feedback, and for letting me know which browser you used, that helps a lot, you are the first person to mention a problem with Firefox, I will get it checked out!

    • I just tried a sample batch of UPCs in Firefox and it SEEMS to work fine. Maybe you had a random glitch – any more info on the nature of the bug would be appreciated (you can do CTRL+SHFT+K when the page has finished doing it’s thing, and see if there are any JS bugs in the console there).

  • tool works well on firefox 87.0 64-bit. Is the intention to eventually include pricing, etc? Would definitely be interested in using that tool. Nice work so far!

    • Thanks for the feedback, glad you find it useful. We haven’t really collected enough feature requests etc. yet to see how we could expand the service and make it more useful. We are not planning to charge for it for the foreseeable future, that would only happen if the load on the server started increasing significantly, or people expressed an interest in submitting a lot more UPCs per month than is allowed right now.

  • I tested 100 UPC codes as a bulk request. It worked fine, except I already knew what the products were. I was looking for the manufacturers suggested retail price for each. Are there plans for adding that? I don’t need competitive data, just the MSRP. I think you could charge for that if it was reasonable.

    • Hi, sorry, didn’t see your message the other day. We haven’t included price data thus far because it’s just a bit unreliable. There’s always the possibility of a rogue seller getting in there and listing the wrong item under that UPC, and then when we retrieve the price we end up with something completely off and there is no way to know if it’s the real item or not. A typical example is this, where you go to the UPC for the new XBox Series X ( and the price is $120 (which is impossible!), but when you click through to eBay you see someone has listed a controller under that UPC, which is scummy (or just careless, we don’t know), but there’s no way to weed those out automatically. Now, if you could retrieve MSRP, that would be something, but I don’t think any of the services we use provide that information – however, we’ll look into it and get back.

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