UPCZilla hits 4 million

We’ve hit another milestone – we now definitely have four million unique UPCs/products in our database. The number has been fluctuating a bit because, as we have mentioned before, determining the exact number can be oddly inexact, and also we have to clean out invalid items etc. every now and then so it takes a while for the number to stabilise at a certain level.

But we’re pretty sure we’re there now – the next milestone will be a big one! We’ve always said, though, we’re not in any huge rush, the database currently grows mostly organically (though if you use our bulk UPC indexer you are helping use grow by effectively submitting new UPCs we may not have seen before). We want to be able to scale our infrastructure up gradually and keep things stable, otherwise we would have created a bot that trawls the Internet looking for UPCs and we don’t really want to do that.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with us, let us know if there are any more features you think we should add. One plan is to start listing other types of product code – EANs etc., but that’s a little way off right now.

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