UPCZilla Android app updated for Android 13

UPCZilla app screenshot

The UPCZilla Android app was not working on Android 13 phones for a while, apologies for that and thanks to the users who let us know about this. The app has now been updated to work on Android 13 phones and you can install it from the PlayStore. It is still backwards compatible with most older versions – we tried it on a Android 5.1 Lollipop emulator and it seemed to work OK, but let us know if the update causes any problems.

If you are still using an older version of Android the app will update itself to the latest version (1.0.8) at some point but you should not notice any difference as we did not actually change anything to the visuals or functionality of the program at this time.

We will still consider improving the functionality of the app in the future but it was always meant to be a very simple, bloat-free way to simply scan a product UPC barcode and get a price comparison on UPCZilla (as long as the product is available from online stores). Go and read the original release notes for a bit more information on how it works etc.

All feedback is appreciated.

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