MASSIVE bug fixed with dead links

SERIOUSLY?! You mean to say that links to about a third of all the retailers we list here, including Wayfair, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Zoro, and THOUSANDS OF OTHERS haven’t been working for months, and NOT A SINGLE USER INFORMED US! That’s actually incredible!

There was a straight-up error in the code caused when we had to upgrade some APIs (mumbo-jumbo for – “we done screwed up”) and so all those links to 3rd-party sites mostly weren’t leading anywhere. In fact, only Amazon and eBay were unaffected.

Nope, still can’t believe no-one reported this problem! Not even Google warned us about dead links on the site!

Well, it’s fixed now (literally one line of code) and our site now doesn’t have a gazillion dead links on it! It may take a while for them all to get flushed out of the system, but we feel this might be a new era incoming for UPCZilla 🙂

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