We hit the big 3,000,000!

Over the last few days, UPCZilla hit a new landmark, 3 million products in our database! Actually it was a little weird because if you know anything about databases, it can be strangely difficult to get an exact count of how many items you have in it. In fact, for months it turned out we were showing a figure that was well below the real number. Once we had fixed that, we realised that we were extremely close to 3 million, and all it took was the addition of 20-30,000 new products to get us past the line! And, the 3-millionth product is… taa-daa… this one!:

Bulova Men's watch black strap

Although we are well over the 3 million mark now, you may occasionally see the UPC count dip below that number because of the aforementioned oddities of databases, but rest assured we are well over that number now and forging ahead! Although we are more interested in the stability of our service than pure numbers we would love to have 10 times that one day!

In the meantime, because of the way UPCZilla works, you can actually look up UPCs that aren’t even in our database and our engine will try to find them online and aggregate the price data, creating a new entry in our database, so we’re actually growing all the time!

Thanks for using UCPZilla!

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