UPCs for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

In addition to UPCs for Sony’s latest-gen console, we somewhat belatedly have UPCs for Microsoft’s new Series S and Series X Xbox models – always the bridesmaid, never the bride, some might say. At least they have something in common with Sony’s offering – shaky availability, especially of the Series X.

In our opinion, Microsoft has given rise to more confusion than anything else with the issue of two very different-looking and differently-lettered Xbox models. Below we have the UPCs for the Xbox Series S and X, but just in case you are still wondering what the difference is between them, we have briefly explained that too:

  • Xbox Series S – UPC: 889842540727
    This is the cheaper of the two options, but also perhaps the less sought-after model, hence the better availability. It lacks the Blu-Ray drive with its 4K UHD video capability, so for 4K you will have to stick with online streaming services, and games can only be downloaded online, not loaded from a physical disc. 120fps is only achievable in games at a 1440p resolution due to its poorer specs (4 teraflops processing power vs. the 12 of the X model). It also has only a 512Gb SSD for storage. The case is also quite a bit more compact than the X model and is white.
  • Xbox Series X – UPC: 889842640731
    This is the model (pictured at the top of the article) that is most in demand despite its higher price-tag and you may find it to be out of stock at time of writing. It has a built-in Blu-Ray drive allowing games to be installed from disc and also movies to be played in 4K UHD. It can manage the full 4K at 60fps due to its beefier processing power. The Series X also has a 1TB SSD allowing more games to be installed at one time.

Whatever Xbox Series X/S model you opt for we hope you will find the UPCs useful, and you may rest assured that you should have got a Playstation 5 anyway *runs for cover*.

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