UPCs for Sony Playstation 5 console, DualSense Controllers, Media Remote and HD Camera

PlayStation 5 Console

The latest iteration of Sony’s wildly popular gaming console, the Playstation 5, has been out for a few months out now.

But unsurprisingly supplies are being snapped up quicker than Sony can manufacture the consoles and so unless you want to get price-gouged by an unscrupulous reseller you are probably going to have to wait along with the rest of us for supply to catch up with demand.

Additionally, this has meant we have struggled to source definite UPC/s for the PS5 console (both regular and Digital editions) but they are confirmed now (whether they are in stock or not is another matter). Please also be aware that unfortunately unscrupulous eBay sellers will list items under the PS5 UPCs that are only in fact accessories, or even have nothing to do with the PS5. There is nothing much we can do about this right now as we cannot individually curate all the millions of products on our site. Report falsely numbered products to eBay if you see them:

We also have UPCs for some of the PS5 accessories (this is only for official accessories, i.e. the ones manufactured by Sony/Playstation):

  • 711719541080 – Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller
  • 711719541097 – Playstation HD Camera, Black (there don’t seem to be any other colors right now)
  • 711719541103 – Playstation Media Remote

We will provide full price comparison listings for all items as soon as we have them listed in our database, i.e. when the suppliers start getting stocks in again.

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