Finished indexing almost half a million UPCs!

Over the last couple of months, our bulk UPC submitter has been working overtime to process nearly half a million new UPCs – indexing them and adding them to our database!

Finally this long job is over, and we have also cleared the backlog of UPCs submitted by users while the big batch job was being processed. Normal service is now restored, meaning that you can now once more submit your own jobs and get the results back in reasonable time.

Most of the time we avoid growing our database so rapidly – we don’t want to destabilise our servers and also Google doesn’t seem to like you adding a LOT of new pages to a site. Indeed, our Google traffic fell through the floor for a while, though we’re back now, stronger than before, actually.

Now we are at a little under 2.7 million UPCs in our database and will probably take another break from adding large numbers of UPCs for the time being to see how things go before we push for the big 3 mill!

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