Fixed bug with $1 prices

If you browsed our site over the last month or so you might have come across some ‘bargains’ that were too good to be true! A Samsung S20 Ultra costing $1.00, that kind of thing!

Well, unfortunately it was too good to be true. There was a regression in some recently rolled-out code. In programmer-speak that means “We broke something that was previously working whilst trying to fix something else”. It meant that high-priced items were getting rounded down to zero, and then rounded back up to $1.00. Yeah, don’t ask how that happens.

Anyway, so we fixed it now and have culled those prices from our Price Tracker history. However, the disclaimer remains – to get a definitive price you need to click through and visit the retailer as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of prices we display here.

There is another small quirk where Amazon prices are being displayed without ‘punctuation’, but that’s not a deal-breaker and we will get that fixed in a day or two, those prices should still be right.

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