Expanding our database

It’s been a while since we made a significant effort to add more UPCs to our database – we have been fairly static around the 2 million mark for more than a year now. We were not actively pursuing the goal of ‘as many UPCs as possible’ because we were more interested in quality rather than quantity, and also because of technical reasons: we wanted to make sure our site could scale.

However, we think it’s high time we started importing new UPCs again and so in the last few days have started adding tens of thousands of new ones, with the goal of maybe hitting the 3 million mark in a couple of months’ time.

So apologies if you feel the site is a little less responsive than it should be, it might be the extra load of importing/indexing new UPCs, although we don’t think it should have a significant impact.

Also, if you have UPCs you want to submit for indexing, you can just paste them straight into our Bulk UPC tool and they will be put in the queue for addition to our site and processed probably within a few days.

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