Major update to Amazon product data

We have just rolled out what is for us a major update, and pretty relieved we are too to see that everything seems to be working fine.

The update should change practically nothing for you, the site user, but it involved some pretty big changes on the back end to do with the way we retrieve Amazon data.

Amazon recently completely overhauled the format and method for retrieving product and price data which the techies can read about here, but which basically meant most of our Amazon-related code had to be rewritten to handle JSON instead of XML and various stuff like that. The deadline to make these changes before the old system is shut off was some time in March, so we are relieved to have got that done well before time.

One thing we have noticed is a product (this one) being reported as a ‘multipack of 5’, which it wasn’t doing before and is obviously ridiculous. This is a case of incorrect data on Amazon’s end, and it messes with our price comparisons, but there’s nothing we can do about it because we can’t curate every single product out there.

Other than that, everything seems to be working fine, but if you do notice anything weird – especially with Amazon results, please let us know.

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