Faster load times

Today we rolled out a much-needed update intended to incrementally speed up page load times. Users don’t want to wait too long to get the information they want, and Google likes faster pages as well.

We implemented an update that was meant to parallelize some tasks when fetching or refreshing product info. This basically means using the abilities of modern servers/programming languages to perform tasks simultaneously, thus hopefully reducing overall page loading times.

While some of the changes didn’t bring quite the performance increase we were hoping for, overall we think that these and some other tweaks we have introduced have shaved around a second off the load time of an average page, which is actually quite a lot. We’re certainly glad we made the changes in any case, since they will allow us to implement more features in the future without greatly impacting load times.

We have a whole list of further tweaks we are planning to make, and we will gradually be implementing those over the next few weeks, so we hope UPCZilla will feel even snappier going forward.

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