Bulk UPC submitter – now retrieve results of your queries (BETA!)

Since its launch our users have run thousands of UPCs through our bulk UPC submitter/validator – if you haven’t tried it yourself yet, check it out! Clearly people are finding it very handy! But we are not stopping there. We want to launch UPCZilla to the top of the pile of UPC indexing sites, and so we have taken our service up another level!

The shortcoming of the bulk UPC submitter has so far been that you couldn’t retrieve or view the results of the indexing process for the UPCs you submitted. That is set to change! Now, (on a limited basis for now, and mostly for techie people!) if you submit UPCs to our submitter, you will be given a link. Clicking it will return a JSON-formatted list of all your submissions – currently just the UPC with a sub-array containing a timestamp, the product title and a flag indicating whether the product has been indexed or not.

Now we won’t lie, this won’t be all that useful for the average user who isn’t familiar with JSON, and the data supplied isn’t exactly comprehensive right now either! In the coming few weeks we hope to roll out a much prettier interface for this data, and also to greatly expand the data that is returned – though we can’t guarantee all of these services will remain free of charge, server resources cost us money and must be limited for various other reasons too (we’ll be watching carefully for any abuse).

But this is just a proof of concept, so have a play with it and tell us what you think, and look out for new features coming soon!

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