UPCs for Apple AirPods Pro earbuds

Apple’s AirPods Pro earbuds came out last year but somehow we only just got round to adding them to our database. We were kind of expecting some more color options but it seems that white is all there is right now.

The known UPC we have for the white AirPods Pro is 190199246850 – but just beware, people are listing all sorts of stuff under the same UPC which is annoying but we can’t do much about it. The price at time of writing should be around $250 – much less and it’s probably a mis-listing, malicious or otherwise.

Although white is the only officially available color we hear tell that there are third-parties who have filled the niche and are using some voodoo to provide them in different colors. Rumor also has it that a black model will be coming out in spring, so we will try to update this post then with any new UPCs for the black AirPods Pro.

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